Romantic Introduction
Based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast, this game is sure to break lose the romantic in you. With wonderful graphics and three lovable characters who bring out the early childhood memories when our mother used to speak to us of this tale, this game reminds us of the same story again.

Romantic Setting and Plot
You may have drifted away in the introduction and come to the assumption that this game will introduce the legendary Beast and Beauty as the main characters, but it will not. You may have assumed that the setting may be that oh-so-unforgettable rose garden that imprisoned Beauty or the famous ball room, but it is not. So what is it? Take a guess. I call it a table,
Neopets calls it a West Wing, so you behold it yourself. Now don’t be disappointed, I think this game overmeasures the sweetness scale. Why? It’s easy – the three main characters (No, Beauty and Beast are only two). Remember Chip, Mrs. Potts, or Cogsworth? Not really? They are the cup, the pot, and the clock that Beauty always used to talk to.

The idea of the game is to first choose one of the three characters and guide them through the so-called West Wing without losing your five lives, also explained as: The Beast has to find true love before all five of the rose petals on his rose fall off. How do they fall off, you may ask. Since they did not have electricity back then, their tables were full of candles. This table is no exception. Each of the candles you touch burn you and you lose one rose petal. There are candles standing up and candles lying on the table, which leads us to.
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In Turdle racing you get three bets a day at any time you want. You just click to go the the Betting Page, pick your Turdle, place your bet, and if you want you can feed your Turdle a food item.

The game is mostly chance, but there are a few theories that have worked for me in the past.* For example, since you can place your three bets one right after the other, first pick a Turdle you want to bet on that day. For your first bet, just place a small bet, maybe 10 or 15 NP. Now either your Turdle will lose (which is generally the case) or it will win, in which case you do get at least a small prize.

However, if your Turdle loses, when you place your second bet choose the same Turdle, because these chance games they don’t generally have the same Turdle win multiple times in a row. This way, you have (most likely) eliminated the winning Turdle from your first round, which makes your same Turdle more likely to win in the 2nd round. With this idea, you can raise your NP bet a little more in the 2nd and 3rd rounds because by eliminating the previous round’s winner from the competition, your Turdle has a better chance of winning. Just remember to stay consistent!
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Fly higher

You may fly higher (up to 5 blocks higher) by tapping up instead of holding it. Most useful in levels 9 and 12, though can be helpful throughout entire game. – ddaniiel

Level 19 secret level

19 secret level has no spikes or walls, but rather a never ending freefall where one can claim up to 94 stars (any more is impossible). Unfortunately the only way to die in this level is to wait for the 5 minutes, or 300 seconds, to run out. This level is different to the level 11 bonus in that you have 300 seconds, not 10, to collect stars, and you do not progress onto the next level after finishing, you repeat level 19 again and again until your lives expire. – ddaniiel

Sift through the ground

In the case where there is a ? box, ground 2 squares underneath (so there is a 1 gap square for Valrigard), and ground to the left of the gap and ? box, the player can shift through the ground, very useful for some of the custom games though this glitch cannot be manipulated in the game, as no ? box is ever in this circumstance. For an example level, try Join_Valrigardsguild custom game. – ddaniiel
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As a player on Neopets for approximately 44 months, I have noticed many things that have happened over the years such as many cheats, accounts frozen, and people using it as a dating service. The most disturbing, however is the inappropriate posts on the neoboards.

Neopets is a world wide service, issuing more and more toys, card games, video games, and merchandise all over the earth bringing in more people everyday.

Neopets has even signed a cross-promotional deal with McDonalds (plushies in happy meals) and a contract with Warner Bros. Pictures to produce animated feature films based on the pets and virtual world. The huge amount of advertising brings in many children and adults alike (21% of its users are 18 or older.) It’s a safe place for people who just want a place to play games to parents giving their child a pet and trying to teach them how the world works and discipline. But is it really such a friendly and safe place?
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An Update From Calic0Paws

First, let me know that I love your site, and I’ve used it many times and its great. But recently, I’ve just read an article, “Winning The Beauty Contest” by Neofrog140. I have a great suspicion that this article was written before the “great change” in the Beauty Contest when Neopets changed. If you don’t remember, Neopets once was able to show the “winning” neopets that currently had the most votes, and how much votes your pets currently has. But not very long ago, neopets took that feature off. Now there is no page showing the winning pets and does not show the owner or the entry viewer how many votes that pet has. This was to discourage trading votes. Before the great change, the neopets Beauty contest boards were filled with topics on trading votes, where the traders would trade by their pets vote numbers. Now, Neopets very very strictly prohibit the trading of votes, and now there is absolutely no vote trading going on in the boards. Unlike the writing of the article said, trading votes are BAD, not good. Another problem that I especially disliked, was when the author told the reader to “get a friend who can actually draw” to make your entry for you. This goes against every single code an artist has, and ever since Neopets created any art contests there was a rule that did now allow people to submit another’s picture. Although no one can really tell who drew the original picture, telling people that it is ok makes things a lot worse. I recently checked the author of this article on neopets (if his/her username is indeed Neofrog140) and he or she was not present. Either his/her username is not Neofrog140 or he/she had been long frozen by the neopets staff.
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