Neopian Riches – No Game Talents Required
Written By xchylerjfk

I’ve been on Neopets for about two months, and recently decided that earning NP from games is too much of a hassle for me. So, I’m trying to get rich on profits. It’s really worked. In the past two days I’ve made over 20,000 NP, so here are a few easy peasy steps to building a fortune:

The first thing you should do at the start of EVERY day, is to collect as many freebies as you can. It’s effortless, consumes little time, and gets you at least 5/6k and some improvements to your pet:
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Hello and welcome to my guide. First, let me introduce myself. I am snowbunny_white. You may call me Snow.

Anyway, I am what I would call the average Neopian. I have about 100,000 neopoints in the bank, not many trophies, have participated in a few wars and have 1 maybe 2 painted pets. I am not amazing at any of the games – I’m just OK, so this guide is perfect for anyone really.

8,000 neopoints is really the average you can get, you may get a *little* less or more, some games require skill but some most certainly don’t.

The first games I advise you to play would be sponsor games, quick, easy and simple sponsor games. The only ones I actually use are:
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The eternal question no doubt (actually not really, but it makes good conversation!!). How much Neopets is too much and is it really good for you?

I once chatted with a lovely girl called Kaorichan and, after a while, the topic of “How much time do you spend on Neopets” popped up. After careful prodding and prying, Kaorichan mentioned once speaking to a man who told her he spent on average about 13 hours a day on it. The response, “Hello! Wake up, have a shave and brush your teeth!” seemed to be on both our minds.

While the example above is an example of someone who clearly spends too much time on Neopets to the point where it is unhealthy, I’ve witnessed some people who are absolute fanatics about the game to the point that it scares me, even more than Cruella Devil on 101 Dalmatians (she did a real good job of terrifying me).
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Marcus, Kym, Eileen, Dan and Emma test their Neopets knowledge in the episode that features the first ever Neopets-related quiz! You’ll be surprised at who actually wins! (And who gets unfairly penalized.) We also debate which is better out of Gormball, Zurroball and Frumball, and consider the Neopets Inc. management change.


The Castle of Eliv Thade is an easy game with help. An anagram solver will help you A LOT. I got 1k when I played my first game. Once, I did get an anagram that wasn’t in the anagram solver. If it isn’t in the anagram solver, you can use the letter hints. If you have used all your letter hints and you STILL don’t know what it is, you can look on Neopets. My word was a pretty easy word, even though I didn’t get it. It wasn’t a Neopets word, so don’t always assume it’s from Neopets. My word was Motts…like the applesauce. I don’t like applesauce and I didn’t think of Motts. Well, anyways, back to the game. Never go on the cracked spaces unless there is nowhere else to go. Some curious people will try to go on the cracked spaces to see if you really WILL fall through, and I’m one of them. Believe me, it definately means it when it says you will fall through 50% of the time. If you fall through you lose a life, so don’t try it. Make sure you spell the word right when you type it in. If you misspell it, you miss it and you lose a life.
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