Shop Wizard Cheats

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How to use the Shop Wizard during a faerie quest!

If you keep a separate window open with the Shop Wizard on it while you’re doing other stuff, you can still use the Shop Wizard when you get a faerie quest. Then, if you use the back button instead of “try again” on the shop wizard you can search over and over again to get the best price and still not be told that you can’t use the Shop Wizard since you’re on a faerie quest. Hope it’s as useful for other people as it’s been for me! – Deidra Kunin

Plushie Tycoon Tips

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Always Accessorize Plushies

Always accessorize plushies. It should also be noted that the colour red does not mean that they sell faster or they are better. Try different colours on the same plushie to find the one that sales out really fast as there are a few that sell really, really fast. Good luck in the hunt.

Editor’s Note: All the Plushie Tycoon tips below this note are to be considered outdated and no longer applicable to the new changes in Plushie Tycoon. – noneya_7_7

Simple is Better

Buy all necessary supplies and place ONE order at a time. If you buy too much at once, you may not be able to collect all the different types of materials you need (i.e. cloth, packaging, accessories, etc.) and you will be stuck. You will not be allowed to buy any more supplies, and yet you will not be allowed to place an order in the factory until all the necessary items are bought. Also, there’s no real need to waste money on rent for a shop until you have at least one order of plushies ready to go, which could take a few days. Save yourself the expenses! – Erica aka Felicity1085

How to Modify a Report

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An unsuspecting Neopian walks to their computer and sits down. They boot it up, and log on to the internet. The url is put in : The login button is pressed. They type in their user name and password, but it says : This password/username is invalid. Have you forgotten your password? Click here! “No!” They say. “This is my password! I was just here yesterday!”

Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, listen up. You don’t have to sit around and wait for it to happen, or just give up if it already has. YOU can do something about it. Here are some simple steps to follow:

Kreludan Mining Corp. Tips

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Bonus points
Submitted by knd1994123
On the 1st level of Kredulan Mining Corp., shoot the ceiling. A rock will break and you will find a crystal pick it up with the beam for bonus points.

Drop the orb when in danger
Written by marcus aurelius
If you drop the orb by pressing ‘n’ when it swings out of control and appears to collide into a wall, you will save yourself from losing a turn. Simply go back to where you picked up the orb and another one will be in its place!