Ice Cream Machine screen shot

The Good Puffs

So you thought that all the ice cream puffs will “eat” Adee? You were wrong, friend. There are couple of puffs which are eatable (what means that Adee can eat/touch them). Each of this puffs has a special effect of it own.

Speed puffs: The green plus puff – This puff speeding up the things, and in simple words makes the puffs move faster. You will probably use it on the easy levels to make it pass faster, but you might do it on the hard levels eve though it’s not really easy as it’s sounds.

The red minus puff – When I understood what that puff was doing, I’ve said that even each minus has it own plus. This puff will slow things down, and in simple words makes the puffs move slower. You need to be careful with it though. On hard levels, the speed is not only higher, it’s also makes more puffs per shooting. So my recommendation for harder levels, take one minus puff, it is enough.
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SOUP KITCHEN- A few days ago, I was at the bank, looking at my happy 700,000 neopoints, thinking of my high-statted robot peophin, and my paint brush gallery. This, I thought, is the life. But then it hit me. Yeah, it was the life for me, but not for my pets! I realized then that being a neopian was so unfun now that I had everything I desired, and a trophy pet I had never cared about. The game was no longer Neo-Pets for me, it was Neo-Points. This completely terrified me, so I made a resolution- I would go out and enjoy Neopets, even if it killed me.
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An addictive and totally fun game to grace the Neopian world, Freaky Factory is an engrossing experience that leaves you wanting more. You play a factory worker employed by Krelufun Industries and it is your job to ensure the correct colored liquid Kreludite blobs fall into the correct colored vats to create the Neopet miniatures that are in high demand. It goes without saying that red blobs go in the red vats, yellow blobs go in the yellow vats and the blue blobs in the blue vats.

The vats are located at the bottom of the screen and the blobs travel horizontally across the screen held by ‘clothes lines’. There are two clotheslines, which determine which way blobs will travel. For example, the top clothesline has blobs travel from the left to the right of the screen and the bottom clothesline has the blobs travel from the right to the left of the screen.
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Gain three consecutive bombs

Type boomshaketheroom to create 3 consecutive bombs in the game. – m1ssprecious

The good Neopian lifeWhen I first started to play Neopets, it took me awhile to figure out what I should do daily. Here is a guide to a healthy Neopian life.

Every day, when I first log in to Neopets, I go to some areas that offer free items. I first go to Tombola, which is located on Mystery Island. It hands out things like bottled faeries, codestones, and neopoints. After that, I go to Coltzan’s Shrine, which is in the Lost Desert. Coltzan can raise your pets level, defense, intelligence, or she will give you neopoints. Then I visit the Giant omelette, Jelly World, and the Fruit Machine for free food.
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