Hello all! I have made a guide of 10 things to avoid on Neopets. These 10 are in no particular order of importance, but if you don’t want to be hacked/scammed/frozen, I suggest you avoid the following 10:

1) If you are on the message boards and you see a board called something like “My pass is google5” for instance
Ok, if you ignore it, you have lost nothing and you made the right decision. If you do decide to login to their account, yours may get frozen because the person will report you for hacking. Don’t, under any circumstances, login to any other Neopians account unless you have permission. It is a definite nono. If in doubt, always say no!

Once upon a time there was a neopet named kandyforeva a mutant Kiko that was abandoned in the adoption center. A kind hearted General of ninjas happened to walk in, see such a pet, and proceeded to adopt it. When the general got home he was overjoyed to see that this pet was quite the strong one, levels beyond even his favorite Nimmo’s. He fixed the poor guy up and even got him a nice paint job where he became a cloud Grundo. Amazed at the progress he made in the battledome he decided to trade this pet to his new account toodiddy2. While trading it away the unthinkable happened someone swooped him up and took him. And as if to make things worse the person who adopted him got frozen! The young general could not believe his eyes. He would never be the same innocent little general again instead he would turn into one of the most feared people along side of his new pet who he now loves possibly even more. And do you know who that general is now. Well I leave you to just take a guess.

Babaa Adoptables Set 1

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Looking for some free Neopets adoptables to spruce up your website, pet page, guild layout, shop layout, user lookup or whatever else you may have? Of course you are.

Contained here are some free-to-use adoptables. Download and use at will. Enjoy.

Cellblock Tips

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100,000 neopoints in one day

– Step one: Open this link in one window: http://www.pinkpt.com/index.php?page=cellblock_sec3
– Step two: Open Cellblock in another window.
– Then, always head for the ‘Diagonal Win’. If your opponent blocked that, you can always do the above one.
– At tournament 11 and above, you start with zero pieces on the board, and some stones spread.
– Then, search for some open space and then try to make 5, then if he blocks it try to make another diagonal, usually that’ll work. – by rapasitas

Wingoball Guide by flute_freak

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This is a very easy game that will earn you 700 – 8,00 neopoints if played all the way through. There are 20 levels. The object of Wingoball is to toss the ball across the playing field.

There Are a Few Obstacles

  • Green-hatted gnomes: do not trigger game over, but the ball bounces off these.
  • Red-hatted gnomes: take the ball, forcing you to start over.
  • Walls, plants, trees, etc.: stand in the way for the ball to bounce off.

Sometimes the gnomes move, and you have to plan exactly when you’re going to release the ball. There are a few tricky levels, but after a few times playing, you can easily catch on. Additionally, there are a few weird circumstances where if your ball gets caught it will sort of disappear off the side of the course. This is no big deal, you just start over.