The PlayStation website for The Darkest Faerie ( has hidden desktop goodies for you to download if you’re able to unlock them. Provided here are instructions as to how to access them.

Desktop Backgrounds

Tormund Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Illusen’s Glade.
3) Click on the box near one of the bridges.

Roberta v. Werelupe Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Brightvale.
3) Click on the bush located at the edge of the cliff on the left portion of the map.

Roberta & Tor Desktop
1) Visit the Characters section.
2) Browse around the section until you see a red Juppie. When it appears, click it.

What better way to learn not to gamble then by playing this game? The game play, the sounds, and buzzes as you hit a rare card directly reflects a real slot machine, and even though it provides better chances of winning than a normal slot machine, this game is quick to teach you that 99.99% of gamblers lose all their money in the end. Now these types of games, my friends, is what Neopets is about. The educational value that a person can derive from such games is amazing. I for one, have learned that slot machines are evvvvvvvvil! Apart from the previous rant, I often find myself playing this game, not to gain money, but to gain the trophy! So a word of caution for anybody who does attempt to play this game, do not play it if you are looking to make a quick buck. You could spend an hour making just 1,000 neopoints overall when it could take 3 minutes to make that much in a different Neopets game.

Cellblock Tips

Kym Huynh —  May 26, 2016 — Leave a comment

100,000 neopoints in one day

– Step one: Open this link in one window:
– Step two: Open Cellblock in another window.
– Then, always head for the ‘Diagonal Win’. If your opponent blocked that, you can always do the above one.
– At tournament 11 and above, you start with zero pieces on the board, and some stones spread.
– Then, search for some open space and then try to make 5, then if he blocks it try to make another diagonal, usually that’ll work. – by rapasitas

Overview: Your character has to go through 20 levels collecting parts worth anywhere from a measly 1 point to a whooping 250 points! In some levels the main point-gaining method will be collecting the parts, but on certain levels there are good opportunities for you to smash Moon Rock Monsters for a lot of points!

Max points: I am sure I haven’t found the way to get the maximum amount of points from this game, but I have gotten to the top of the High Score board, so I’ve done something right : I don’t usually spend my time trying to smash as many monsters as I can. I know it is possible to smash monsters on all levels, but I’ve only listed it under the ones I use. Also, you will want all three of your lives in level 20, so if you lose a life anywhere in the game you will have to start over if you want one of those top score! I’ll explain more on that near the end.

A.K.A Demonichunter4
Last Update 11/09/2003 Ver. 0.1
E-Mail –

[01] Introduction
[02] Update Information
[03] The Basics
[04] Requirements
[05] How-To-Do-It (!!)
[06] My Up-To-Date Restocks
[07] Contact Me
[08] The Lists!
[09] Coming Soon!

Also, if you’re looking for a certain part, search for ‘[number] First Letter’ to make it easy to find. For example, to find “Requirements”, I would search for: ‘[04] R’. To enable search, press Crtl + F at the same time on your browser.

Another Note: If you have time, be sure to read my note after “The Lists!” section, as it is important and should be read. If possible, read it first.