The trick to scoring high in Toontown: Cannon Shot is to count the running characters steps. In the mode with Running Speed: *** and Velocity: **, count 8 of the ducks steps (1 step = the time in the animation where his foot is at its lowest point), including the step that occurs immediately after you click to run. On the 9th step, click to aim. Let that 9th step be the first step in the countdown to shoot: between the 5th and 6th steps, click to fire the cannon. In other words, your counting should sound something like this:

RUN & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 & 6 & 7 & 8 & AIM & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 SHOOT 6

If you times it right, the duck should slide a little ways over the foul line (duck, foul, fowl, haha), and the dog should shoot off the top of the screen and then land right in the barrel. You can score between 40 and 125 points every shot once you get the hang of this technique (it only took me about 3 games to figure out and master); I usually score 60 to 90. Also be careful not to overshoot the barrel! – by Natalia Skrzyniarz

Big thanks beapbop, Frstflower, ChloeBlack101 and catfreak14 for the solutions!

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The moves for Seventh Inning Fetch are:

Throw: Tap the Left and Right arrows rapidly, then press up arrow twice Run: Tap Left and Right arrows Jump: Run, Press Up Forward Flip: Run, Press Forward, Press Up Twist-n-Grind: Run, Press Back, Press Up – by fruit_cake_8

This is an easy game. All you have to do is shoot pies and robots.


Clown chia’s head-2 points.

Clown chia’s arm-4 points.
*If the chia is crawling and missing one of its arms, watch out! It will explode and take one of your lives.

Clown chia’s shorts-1 point.
*If it falls, these are VERY explosive, so it might blow up.

Clown chia’s umbrella-3 points
*If you shoot the chia when it’s really high up, it usually explodes. This will not take one of your lives.

Clown chia’s inside-1 point
*You only get to shoot the skeleton if you shoot it’s head first.

Pie-5 points.
*If it hits you, it will take away one of your lives.
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When Neopets’ Adam first asked the members of PPT Forum what they thought of the possibility of a Neopets movie, most if not all of us, wanted to believe it was a joke while knowing in the back of our minds that it was an all too real possibility, especially more so considering Doug Dohring, the company which acquired Neopets in it’s ‘infancy’ had expressed his intent to bring Neopets into an offline medium.

One of the most compelling arguments against a Neopets movie draws analogies between the Pokemon fad. Many gamers fear that once Neopets breaks into the movie medium, it will suffer the same fate such Pokemon. Pokemon arguably lost its appeal once it moved into the movie and merchandising market. People claimed to be over exposed to the Pokemania phenomenon. Additionally, many of the merchandising and movies which was contingent on the original Pokemon concept seemed to be poorly thought out, poorly executed and poorly designed. The perception of poor quality and inflated prices all for the quick buck that many great things seem to eventually entail, turned consumers off and Pokemon spectacularly became a thing of the past as quick as it had ascended into public recognition.
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