Pterattack Cheats

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JASON Secret
In Pterattack, start a game and press and hold J A S O N. You get a new character and weapon (Boogie Sweeper). It shoots a big blast! If you want to see what it looks like, here is a screenshot thanks to the_frozen_fly! – mewtoo13

If you cannot get this to work
Just a note, if anyone runs into trouble with working this secret, I figured out this morning its all the matter of THE KEYBOARD. I switched my keyboard to my ergonomic keyboard that I used on my other computer (cause it would let me on that) and now it is letting me on this computer! – ladysobe

The main aim of this game is to ALWAYS be alert. It’s fine if you want to just go for the 1,000 neopoints.

Level 1

Just slash your enemies. Simple enough right?

Level 2

Cannonballs are now available. This is good practice for later on. ALWAYS have a cannonball in hand, that’s important. Firstly, if you throw a cannonball at your opponent, you get twice the points. Same goes for the water bucket, however, the cannonball has more uses and it’s better to have a cannonball in your hand.

Level 3

Hurray, the cannons are finally here. The moment you click “Start, LOAD EM UP, because if you don’t constantly load them up, they’ll burn when Jacques the Kyrii comes down to light ’em, which means you’ll have to use the water bucket to put it out. This may seem fine at first, but in later levels, when everything goes FAST, you don’t want to waste any time, because using the bucket uses a lot of time, so that’s why I said to keep a cannonball in hand. So you can either load the cannons or kill the enemies.

This is my guide to get 15,000 neopoints in one day. I have tried this before for three days in a row and had 45k. It’s so simple that your neopoints will multiply in a second! It also doesn’t take a long time to get all these neopoints.

The first thing you should do is play Faerie Crossword. You can get the answers from the news page from this site and there is a free 600 neopoints right there. The fastest time it took me to just copy and paste was about 1-2 minutes.

The next thing you should do is play Pyramids. It’s pretty easy, you have instructions if you don’t know how to play. You can only earn 5,000 max per day so you should try to get at least 4,500 to 5,000 neopoints from this game. That takes me about 15-20 minutes.

First off, ALWAYS PLAY AT THE HARDEST LEVEL. I find this applies to all games, as it means your points are usually increased, and there is no problem if you do choose to change level later. If you start easy, then try to change to hard, you may have trouble adjusting. In Turmac Roll, the differences between the levels are the combination of obstacles rather than anything else, and this is easily dealt with:

However tedious this sounds, it neednt be. If you do your three games of Turmac Roll per day, then that would be enough, as very quickly youll start to notice the patterns the obstacles come in. The start, for example, is always the same, so work out the best way to get all the berries. Other patterns go in seemingly random cycles, but since you know what is coming, to a limited degree, itll soon be easy to get 700NP+ per play.

** Please note that the following game statistics are correct at the time of writing – February 2004.
– Fun Level: 6/10
– Average Neopoints: 300/1000
– Pros Neopoints: 500/1000
– Good for Neopoints?: Yes, if you are good.
– Difficulty: Medium
– Addiction Level: 5/10

What the game is: Choose your favorite Faerie or Faerie Petpet, and fly around (using your arrow keys) avoiding collision with your smoke trail, and your opponents smoke trail.

Like Meerca Chase, Faerie Cloud Racers is a game meant for speedy fingers. In fact, this game is a lot like Meerca Chase. You Just dont collect anything, your tail doesnt follow you, and there is another player on the screen.