When the Tamagotchi first crossed the Pacific in 1996 and entered the pockets of schoolchildren across America, the fascination with virtual pets hit its big take-off. But with approximately 128,547,909 pets cared for by around 90,170,375 owners [statistics as of Jan. 20, 2005], the world of Neopets boasts a world whose complexity is a far cry from the whining, beeping, feed-me, play-with-me universe of the early keychain pets.

Most users would call Neopets a game, a massive multi-player online roleplay game constructed in a world that is so comprehensive it can hardly be called a game at all. Economically, the world of Neopia, where the Neopets game is set, is more thorough than perhaps any other game in existence, including its own currency, a stock market, and even a rate of inflation. In order to survive in Neopia and keep ones pet happy and healthy, one must feed it, play with it, read to it, and give it a good home. Feeding a pet requires food; playing with it, toys; reading, books; and a home requires purchasing a plot of land, hiring a construction crew, selecting materials, and having a house built to your exact specifications. This house should then be wired with electricity, carpeted, furnished, and insured. Just like in the real world, acquiring these necessities in the world of Neopia requires the most basic element of any economic system: money.
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In this game you can choose to play either Hamtaro, Beauty, Bijou, or Bo. Each of these characters have a separate corner. You use the left and right arrow keys to ward off the balls.

This game is much like the other bumpers that Neopets had released – Monsters Inc. Bumpers, etc.

I usually choose to play Hamtaro, the default player. The benefits of playing Hamtaro vs. the rest of the characters is that you’ll get the hang of playing Hamtaro after a few games rather than playing Beauty, Bijou, or Bo.

I advise you to play intermediate mode, gives you 2x the neopoints. If you beat this level, you can advance to hard mode – which gives you 3x the neopoints.
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If you were wondering why I have wrote this article it is because I have been getting fed up with people offering me items on the trade which are no where near that real price. Also when I have been searching the trades I see a lot of trades which have no description so I have no idea what they would like or even if they want anything (some people do store things there). So to sort it out, and to give me a chance to calm down a bit, I have wrote this article to help those on both sides of the trades.

Starting a trade

When you want to start a trade you can of course just put nothing in the box and just tick the items that you want to trade. This method is quick but I have found with expensive items such as a Red Ixi Morphing Potion (which is about 200,000np in trades at the moment), will get silly offers such as a couple of strawberry jellies and 1000np, which is no where near its real price. In order to stop these offers appearing you need to put a description, for example: around 200k in Np or items this is very specific and unlikely to get very many offers, but if you want that much for the item and nothing less then its fine to use although be around the real price. If you dont want to be that specific try putting or ono at the end this means or nearest offer giving those posting a trade to you a chance to go a bit lower or maybe even higher if they are nice!
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First off, unless you have a superfast computer, play this in low quality. It’ll run much smoother, which is VERY important considering how much timing matters in this game.

In levels one through four, make sure that two of your vats are full before you make your first toy (that is, make sure that if your first toy must be red, fill the yellow and blue vats to the top first). And don’t drop anything into that final vat unless you’ll have at least enough left over after that first toy to make one more of the same color(s).
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I started playing Neopets about 2 years ago. It became very addictive very quickly, AND WITH GOOD REASON! The site was INCREDIBLY fun. I started out like most Neopians, getting very excited when I hit my first 10,000 nps (which we all NOW know isn’t much) and was able to get my first painted pet, a mutant Grundo named hank_6698. Those days were great, I couldn’t wait to get home and play Neopets. And then, I discovered the discussion boards.

The discussion boards made Neopets THAT MUCH BETTER. Meeting great friends such as sugarypixiestix and many others made my Neopets experience that much more enjoyable. Little did I know things would not stay that way.
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