You get a stamp for:

Sending 1 score;
Sending 2 scores;
Completing the game;
Starting 3 times;
Sending a Challenge
Visit the website twice.

Its gets you a bonus 500np – arogance1

The good Neopian lifeWhen I first started to play Neopets, it took me awhile to figure out what I should do daily. Here is a guide to a healthy Neopian life.

Every day, when I first log in to Neopets, I go to some areas that offer free items. I first go to Tombola, which is located on Mystery Island. It hands out things like bottled faeries, codestones, and neopoints. After that, I go to Coltzan’s Shrine, which is in the Lost Desert. Coltzan can raise your pets level, defense, intelligence, or she will give you neopoints. Then I visit the Giant omelette, Jelly World, and the Fruit Machine for free food.

Basic tips to keep in mind
When playing the game, make sure to put away everything that could possibly bother you. Turn off phones and make sure you’re relaxed. I usually play the game at night, when I’m not so tense or hyper. Hyper isn’t good. Playing the game to get 1000nps is pretty hard. I usually play till I get 805 points (603nps).

Getting a higher score is pretty hard. Grabbing every item does score you the extra bonus, true. Just the same, you’ll have to make really, really fast decisions like when there’s that one in every game time that you are trying to grab an item but see another, and you know you won’t be able to get both! Also, remember what each item is worth!! Say if the dubloon is dropping, really fast (usually does) and the chia pop is falling really fast as well, fast pace yourself under the dubloon as you will lose 2 points for the chia pop, but gain back 50 from the dubloon.

This game has many levels and its a great game if you want to sit down for a long time and earn 1000np every play (that’s if you follow my guide). It may take along time and can get boring through every level but it is worth it, especially if you get the trophy for this game.

The main aim of this game is to stay alive while killing all the monsters in each level. The game is relatively easy if you know what your doing and what each monster does.

Here are the list of main monsters in the game:

Kacheek: This is the most common monster in the whole game, and it is the most easiest to kill, it only walks and climbs up ladders on each platform/s.

Neopets is a virtual pet site, home to over 70 million users. When I first came to this site, I was one of the first users. When Bruce was a man, and a Gelert was called a Polypup. It was a site where you could have these creatures, that were beyond your imagination, play games, and just have fun. Neopets still is that site, bigger and better.

They now have 53 pets that you can adopt, and there are more to come. Some pets you cant even get, they are so rare, thats where the challenge is. You can even give your pet a pet called a petpet, there is even a petpetpet!