So youre new to the stock market, and have NO idea whats going on? That was what I felt like a while ago. I started off buy shares at about 30np a piece, just to see my money slowly slip down the drain. That is a very bad feeling, my hard earned neopoints being forced out of me. But, there were several things I didnt know when I started that I think I should share with you.

First of all: Lets get acquainted with The Stock Market. For those of you who dont know, the point of the stock market is to buy shares at a low price and then sell them at a high price in order to make a profit. Easy enough, right? Ok, now I bet you wonder, How do I know what stock will make me the biggest profit? That is a hard question to answer, but if you read the rest of my guide Im sure it will help.

The best way there is to make neopoints, as most of us know, is to run a successful shop. However, knowing the best methods on how to make a profit by selling things in Neopia. Thus, I have written an easy-to-follow 5-step guide on how to buy low but sell high.

1. Choose a few items for your shop to specialize in. These should be items that are in high demand, to ensure that they will sell, and they should also be one-time-use items, to ensure that people keep coming back for more. Some suggestions are codestones, faeries, and neggs.

2. Find out which section of the market you are in. This is determined by the first character of your screen name, because when the shop wizard makes a search it searches one section at a time. Find out which section you are in by searching for an item on the shop wizard and pressing refresh (and clicking yes when it asks if you want to resend the information) until some of the screen names it comes up with start with the same letter as yours. The other screen names that come up will begin with the other letters in your section. This step is necessary because prices will vary from section to section, and this way you will be able to price your items so that your shop appears first on the list when people search for your items, but are still able to price your items high enough to make profit.

Having been a Neopets fan for four years, I decided to check out the Neopets Mall Tour in Santa Rosa, California on Sunday. I brought up the subject up to my father, who agreed to drive me. The car trip was long and tedious, but it gave me enough time to put together a makeshift card deck from my stash of Neopets cards. By the time I arrived at Santa Rosa Plaza I had put together a Neopets deck and knew the basic rules of the game. Like most other Neopians who have the TGC, I had never played the card game before.

I have lots of strategy when it comes to Faerie Cloud Racers to get the gold trophy. First off, let’s start with being patient, let the opponent come towards you. This is one of the key to coming up on top of this game. Then after first faerie, they start getting smarter, so don’t follow, make yourself the leader.

There’s lots of ways to be tricky which the computers will fall for 99.9% of the time. Act like you are going to crash into them but at the last second, go the other direction, but not too fast, this game was developed to be slow till Dark faerie, so if you press it too fast you will crash and lose.

We’re back everyone! Lee, Ella Cumber and Kym Huynh snuggle up pretty darn close to Neopets’ creators Adam Powell and Donna Williams to find out what they really think about Neopets today and to find out what really happened when they left Neopets! (Exclusive! Exclusive! Exclusive!)

  • The departure of Adam Powell and Donna Williams.
  • NeoHomes 2.0: Bringing back the Neopets!
  • What Adam thinks Neopets’ biggest strength lies.
  • An update on “Neopets the Movie”.
  • Adam Powell and Donna Williams locked out of their accounts?!
  • Adam tells us what really happened to the Brucey B plot ending.