Don’t focus too hard on the potatoes

I have found that if you practice just enough, you can focus yours eyes on one spot and use your peripheral vision to catch most all the potatoes. – cnunger

Potato counts in the first two levels

In the first level, the potato count is NEVER greater then 10. In the second level, the potato count is NEVER greater then 20 (although, I never get more then 15). Hope it helps! – vmpyrbg1

Bag of neopointsSo you’re wondering, how can I be serious? Well how do you think the neorich got neorich? It’s really quite simple. This guide will teach you how to make at least 1 million NP / month, 2 or more if you put the time in.

The first thing you need to make neopoints is… neopoints!

In addition to all the free dailies, there’s a handful of games I keep on my favorite list. I hardly play them now, but when I started up they came in handy to raise revenue.

All of these games earn quick and big NP. For more information on strategy for these games, look at the relevant guides under the game section of PPT.
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It’s been a constant struggle for me to get rich on Neopets. I haven’t much talent in games, and I usually spend my money in a second the minute I get 1,000 NP. That’s why I’ve made a stricter spending regimen, as well as a few tricks and tips. I’m willing to share them, of course.

First thought: Stop spending! You have to pay less attention to your pets and more to your Bank account. Use the bank. It is GOOD. You get interest (depending on how much you have in the bank, of course) AND there is a less chance you’ll spend it. If you have NP on hand, you will obviously spend, but no one wants to take the time to get money out of the bank, and search for that perfect weapon item that’s probably already been bought. Also, tell yourself this: “I will only spend up to ______(NP amount of your choice) today.” I think 200 NP is good enough, though everyone has different spending habits on Neopets.
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Most would say things like “play games” or “buy low and sell high” as ideas for making neopoints. Though they make excellent points, there is still one thing to be said. What items to buy low and sell high? What kind of shop to run? When to know that the games you’re are playing have been “outdated slightly” by the fact that your shop is just plain awesome. Well, this guide is here to show you how!

The Art of Not Spending Neopoints

We’ve all heard about the difference between needing and wanting, why not to buy paint brushes, and everything like that. However, it’s difficult to know why you “need” an item. What needs do you have? Food, medicine, fun, and money. The first 3 are easy enough to get, and there are guides out there tuned specifically for those needs. But money is harder to come by. Here’s a good idea for newbies and experts alike: Don’t withdraw from your bank account. NEVER DO IT. EVER. This forces you to make money instead of reaching into your bank account and thinking it’s some kind of “infinite well of neopoints”. I usually keep 1000 with me and then deposit my NP’s when I get over 1000.
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The Basics

Okay, this is a really easy game! You are in control of 2 Hasees, the orange one “Woogy”, and the purple one ‘Jimmi”. Okay you have them one on a balance board and the other on a tree branch. Only the one on the tree branch can move, the other one is idle until the other jumps, and lands, from the tree branch.

Confused? Okay, say Woogy is on the tree and Jimmi is on the balance board. Jimmi can not jump until Woogy lands on the board. When the other one goes up, Jimmi, he can only move side to side and he jumps immediately once Woogy lands. Then he can walk till’ you see a doughnutfruit, then jump!
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