Q: If Jenna is 30 years old in 2004, in what year was she 13?
A: 1987

Q: In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Ashton Kutcher?
A: Dude, Where’s my Car?

Q: In which film did Jennifer Garner appear with Leonardo DiCaprio?
A: Catch Me if you Can

Q: What does Jenna think of her parents when she’s 13?
A: They’re dorky

Q: What enabled Jenna to skip all those years?
A: Wishing dust

Q: What game does Jenna play at her 13th birthday party when everyone deserts her?
A: Seven Minutes in Heaven

Q: What is appropriate attire for a magazine editor while at work?
A: A suit

Q:What street does Jenna live on in 2004?

From here go right 3, left 3, then down to the very bottom, collect the key two right. Go 2 left then go up 3 and all the way right to the crumble wall above you (one right of the diamond). Go through that and push the boulder to your right, over the edge. Go one right and two down.

Push the bottom bolder all the way left so it is one right of the sense pad (don’t push it over the edge) go back to the other boulder (go right to the hole in the roof, go up 2, go right 3, down 1, right1, down 2) then push this one 6 to the right exactly, that’s one before the TNT above you, but one after a crumble wall beneath you. Now go one right and down the crumble wall, then left to the balloon. Push the balloon, then go back 1, then push that boulder to the very left as shown in the 3rd picture.

In this guide, I will tell you what the best shops to loiter at are the best, and which are the worst. along with what items you should keep an eye out for. for times sake (and yours) I will only be writing down the good shops. Only go to these if you seek np, go to others if you wish to become poor. This guide will help you see that playing games at Neopets is for suckers who don’t know the ropes and that shops are the best AND easiest way to make np. Now, with that said, here are the best shops 🙂

This game is rather simple, blast away the petpetpets to help Eamann cure his petpets, right?


Well, it’s kind of right, but the catch, you have to keep your ammo level up. This guide will help you get through all six levels and get 1,000 (yes, 3 zeros) each time. People, you’re gonna wanna out this on your favorites list, ’cause this’ll get you 3k EVERY DAY! WHOO-HOO!

Now, when you play this game, there’s 5 kinds of bugs, and two types of robots. We’ll start with the robots, then go through the bugs.

Okay. Well the first kind of robot is pink, it comes up a few times a level, and it clears all the bugs. Let the robot come to you until a second line of bugs appear. Then shoot the pink robot and it clears all the bugs and leaves any robot on the second line alone. Don’t shoot anything until you shoot the pink robot.

This guide is directed largely at newbies who want to learn the basics of starting a shop. The reason it won’t be of much help to advanced owners is because I am not an advanced owner at all! Anyway here goes, but bear in mind that there isn’t a set way to running a shop, much is down to your own imagination and preferences.

1. Getting your shop up and running is cheap, it’s only 150 np at the time of writing this article (May 2004). To start with, your shop can only hold 5 items.

2. You should upgrade your shop size a few times to start with. Each upgrade costs more than the last but their isn’t any need to go any higher than size 3 to begin with.