I have successfully made millions on neopets and over the course of my time playing, millions of people have asked me how they can make nps. So in an effort to help these people I have writing a little guide:

There are 3 ways of making nps:

1 – Games
2 – Buying and Selling Items
3 – Misc
4 – Scamming

These tow, very broad categories can be broken down even further into:

(1) Games:
(a) The games in the Games Room
(b) The Neopian Stock Market

(2) Buying and Selling Items:
(a) Buying from the main shops
(b) Buying from the shop wiz
(c) Buying from the Auctions
(d) Buying knowing that the item will rise in value

Snow Dogs Tips

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Instructions for higher scores

Instructions : Use the mouse cursor to guide the Gerlerts to victory. Moving the mouse vertically sets the speed of the sled and moving the mouse horizontally turns the sled. Complete the course before the time runs out. Hitting the rock, stump, or boulders will slow down the sled. Hitting a ditch will end the game. Getting the chicken will award you 10 points. In the first heat of the competition, there won’t be as many chickens in the course. As you pass the checkpoints (the snow dogs sign) you will see more chickens. In the second heat, you will find a lot. Try to reach the third heat with a lot of time to spare. The more time you have, the higher the np score will be. – CujoEX

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Most of the games I play Imwell, not so hot at. Some times I even search for hints on the Internet. Fortunate for me I can at least play Turmac Roll. Even though its like the easiest game to play I still feel good about my self for at least getting 300 or less.

When I checked for cheats on 1 site there was about millions of people asking for my password. So I thought I should do it the other way again. It was till I got mad at Neopets for freezing my account for sharing an account with my cousin because if I tried doing Neopets by my self my neopet would commit sue aside for sure! Of course I never got it back but after a couple weeks I eventually got over it.

1. Opening Your Shop

Dont rush into opening your shop. You could take all of the time you need. The best time to open a shop is when you have above 5,000 neopoints because then youll have enough to restock at least once in 2 weeks.

2. Greeting Message

Your greeting message should be something welcoming and not commanding. For example, Come in and buy something, or else… is not a good greeting message. Along with messages that beg people to donate and messages that sound cheesy, like, Buy, Buy, Buy! A good greeting message is something like, Welcome, come in and look around. Or just simply, Welcome to my shop Good greeting messages are short and simple.