white= one hit
red= two hits
green= (don’t worry about until higher level)
blue= two hits; they attack in both directions- same time
– hit and duck hit and duck, after throwing a sword, duck until it comes back to you, that helps you not get hit at the same time
– you can be hit, and you can hit others on the top, so aim correctly and you won’t have to be on the same level floor to hit a guy

when you see red on the wall
– it’s about the fire, make sure you are 5 squares from that wall; once the flame comes out- advance
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First – I once told a friend of mine that I play Stupidly Fast on my maximum bet – she tried it, she lost all four times. That’s a really bad idea. Try it slowly. Try slow, medium, and then fast. The next day try fast at your maximum bet, you should be doing good. You may loose once or twice as some of my friends have, but in the end you’ll still be flyin’ high.

The BEST secret to beating Stupidly Fast, though, isn’t to cheat. It’s to PRACTICE. I lost the first time I tried Stupidly Fast, then kinda chickened out on it, always playing Fast. The next time I tried Stupidly Fast, I won. I had to watch it like a HAWK and I was sure I had it wrong, but I didn’t. After a month or so of heart-pounding sessions, I was getting better. For a few more months, I had to sit almost nose to the screen, sometimes having a good blink before hand so I wouldn’t have to blink as much during the game (it really helps when he’s doing his faster moves), but I was becoming more confident.
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Shrine Cheats

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There’s a shrine called Coltzan’s shrine! I figured out what times to go a day to get the prizes! You can only do this once a day! so choose wisely:

To raise speed its every five minutes after an hour but remember you can only use the shrine once a day! to get up ten you must click exactly on the fifth second none above or below if it is one above or one below you’ll only get stat raised by 1.

That goes with the following times

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance (hit points) : Every hour of the day
Level: Every two hours of the day!
Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST
Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute

It is also alleged by many Neopians that visiting the shrine at exactly midnight will result in 1,000,000 neopoints but there has been no evidence to support this and appears to be just simply a rumour.

Also note that these may not always work.

Out of all the guides here, I would probably agree with Curtis S. Play offensively.

First of all:
Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Captain

The ball comes out at different speeds. But the idea is to break up each of those speeds into what I call as ‘rebounds’. When the ball hits a wall, that’s a rebound. Easy. Sometimes you will get a very slow ball. I call it 0.5 rebound or 0 rebound. 0.5 meaning it went half way down. These are obviously bad rebounds because the Mirgle will intercept.

Other rebounds you will get are:
1 – Bad rebound
1.5 – Very good rebound
2 – Good rebound
2.5 – Bad rebound
3 – Good rebound
3.5 – Bad rebound
4 – Good rebound
4.5 – Good; ball goes straight through mirgle.
5 – Good rebound
5.5 – Bad rebound
6 – OK rebound, difficult to judge.

Given a good rebound and accurate shot at goal (Normally face around 45 degrees on contact with the ball. Face 45 degrees up if ball is on the upper end, 45 degrees down on lower end. You can adjust angle accordingly), you should be able to score at least 14 points every game. – Thang

Hot Wheels Tips

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Basic Tips

1. When you go into a fire patch, GO TO A WATER PUDDLE IMMEDIATELY! If the fire stays on too long your car will go BOOM.
2. Cars that I recommend:
Screaming Hauler
Hammered Coupe
3. Avoid Patches of Black Oil! They make you spin and waste precious time! – Samuel Joseph Teo

Cutting corners

On the tracks (the first one mostly) turn a second before the corner it will cut off time it will slow you down a lot if you do it wrong but most likely you won’t mess up. it will get you more points. – Ken & Bev

Water is good

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