Flycatcher Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  June 26, 2019 — Leave a comment

Eat more flowers to go faster

This works for me every time! What I do is as soon as the game starts I start eating all of the flowers, do that as fast and as much as u can and start catching the flies once they’re in the middle. It works for me because every time I start eating the flowers for some reason the Quiggle starts to eat fast so when the flies get to the middle I can eat them all in one second. Try it! The more you eat the flowers, the faster you will get, at least that’s what happens to me every time, and also try eating the bees before you eat the flies. – lupes_are_kewl2

Switch-A-Roo Tips

Shoyru_Lover —  June 26, 2019 — Leave a comment

Keeping track of the ball
I have found the secret to beating Switch a Roo, even on Stupidly Fast! Put your mouse over the coconut that has the marble and when it looks like he even slightly switched them, he most likely did; the odds are very high, even though it doesn’t look it, he did. So continue to follow that coconut. I haven’t lost yet. I have been doing this for several days now so I think that it’s pretty credit worthy. – Dan Baierl

Keeping trace of the ball 2
If you have 5-10 pages loading when you play this game it goes slower and if you have music on etc… also when this is happening its easier and although its messy press your finger to the screen and keep track!! (don’t eat anything sticky at this time 🙂 – Jenny Hurst

Just wanted to share my story so other folks won’t be fooled. I’d like to think of myself as pretty smart, heck, I do have a college degree, but that didn’t mean diddly-squat when I fell into this scammer’s trap. And trap it was.

I’m minding my own business using the Shop Wiz to find me a relatively inexpensive orn codestone. I was hoping to find one under 3,000 NP. Guess what, I did, 2300 NP, I’ll take it! I clicked on the username and it took me to their shop. Well, their shop has lots of codestones, but not for 2300, but for 500 NP!! What a dope, I’m thinking, so I quickly click on a codestone before someone else discovers these treasures. Well, instead of getting a little box asking me if I’m sure I want to pay 500 NP, I suddenly get pop-ups popping up all over the place which distracts me. When I get rid of the boxes, I have a new screen. It’s the official Neopets sign-in page, so I’m thinking I got kicked out of the system, and I’m also thinking I got to hurry and get those cheap codestones. WRONG. Turns out what looked identical to the sign-in page of Neopets wasn’t really authentic. (Not that anyone could tell) I discover all this the next day when I go to get on Neopets and my account is frozen. As soon as I signed in that screen disappeared. I have no way to remember who it was.

Bumper cars promotion imageA game of quick intuition, rough speed and banging, bumper cars will not only help you ease your frustration, it will also earn you neopoints on the side! and possibly, a shiny new trophy to display and bragging rights. This game is played rodeo style, four cars locked in a ring where they crash and bang each other to victory. The victor, the last one standing.

There are many hints and tips to this game. To effectively beat this game and receive a higher score, you must aim not to lose hp, even though you still gain a little bit at the start of each new level. Even though you may be at full health, the extra health at the new level will add to it. When you hit a car, immediately back away as the opponent car often charges you straight after doing major damage. A good strategy is to hit the opponent car front on, then reverse, and hit another car boot first. Most people play this game by running in circles in the center, letting other cars bang into them but hurting themselves while others dodge the other cars and finish off the last one. Any method is fine but remember that you can only score points for as many hits as you do.

Shopping is an activity which neopians practice to purchase for their neopets toys, food and various other items. Many people also use this option to stock their own stores so they can resell their bought items. Unless you don’t mind watching your neopoints unnecessarily spill down the drain, learning haggling and shopping skills is a must – at official shops anyway.

Shop Restocking

Often when a neopian visits official stores, they will find that the store is empty of items. This is usually because the store items were so popular, that they were cleaned out (the book shop is a classic example of this)! Neopets shops usually restock their items every eight minutes, so stick around and you’ll have a chance of being one of the first people with first pick of items when they do restock. Just ensure you buy the items quickly before anyone else can!