Well you’ve taken your first step into the big wide world of Neopets and your overwhelmed by the many worlds to explore, the many stores and the many other opportunities Neopets has to offer. The problem is you have no clue where to start and what to do! Well this guide will make things a bit clearer for you with a few hints and tricks on the way.

Keeping Things Cheap

Your pretty much strapped for neopoints for awhile until you’ve made some (more on that later). It would be best to keep to one neopet until youv’e made some cash. But even with that one neopet its going to need to eat and keep healthy but as your probably thinking these are going to cost Neopoints! But there are a few ways to keep your pet happy and healthy for next to nothing. Every two hours visit the healing springs in faerie land and you will be granted health, a full pet or even a snowball. If the faerie does not fill your pet up then you can go to Tyrannia and pick from the huge omelette. You can go back to the omelette once a day so your pet will never be hungry!
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So you want to learn about Plushie Tycoon eh. Ok lets get started.. First you gotta do these things or you’ll get confused later.

1st: Rent Store. Rent Factory. Rent Warehouse.

2nd: Hire some staff. Go to Your Factory-Personnel-Hire Workers. I suggest about 50 – 70 total made up of either Journeymen, Trainees or both. Dropouts don’t do much work until you hire a LOT of them so don’t bother with them. Then about 2-3 Managers (If you don’t want them slacking off)

3rd: Buy Cloth, Stuffing, and Packing, also if you want a too make a species that needs accessories, youi will need 1 set for every 100 you make !
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Every one in a while, Neopets goes on a promotional quest and winds up in unknown places. Swamped by fans, they often please their fans with free items. For example, not very long ago, Neopets along with two of it’s artists went to myEPB Bookstore in Suntec City (Singapore)! There, they were met by thousands of NeoPet enthusiasts and someone was kind enough to scan a picture sketched for her by the artist Anthony to add on to the site :)

Drawn for and sent in by sylvia thong gentle_goodnight@yahoo.com.sg (all credits go to this lucky person), Sylvia was lucky enough to have Anthony draw her a Poogle amongst thousands of screaming fans. (Note, Anthony also signed it, it’s authentic) A big thank-you to Sylvia for sending this in ^_^
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GRAND CANAL – Luigi, Mario
Which of these can you not find on the board? Bowling Alley.
What is Blooper juggling? Balls.
What is on either side of Blooper? Water fountains.
How many balloons are on the board? Four.
What is it he name of the Orb Shop? Orbistro.
What does Bowser use to destroy the bridges? Bob-ombs.
What happens when you’re on the leaning tower? You fall off.

PADOGA PEAK – Peach, Bowser, Toad
What special vehicle does Toadsworth operate? Bottle rocket.
What is the maximum price for a star? 40 coins.
What do you do at the flaming statue? Put out the fire.
What type of Kung-Fu does Master Koopa practice? Mushroom style.
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If you do not want to stand in front of a goal and waste time watching a ball bounce around, than it is time for you to enjoy the full experience of the game Deckball. Even though standing infront of your goal might keep your opponent from scoring on you, I find it very boring and time consuming. It’s time we get in the game.

The successfully play of Deckball is dependent of the managing of many small skills. Deckball skill comes with practice, and the key to Deckball is anticipation. One has to know how the ball moves, how your opponent moves, and what you should do to either score or avoid being scored upon.


– Always stay in between your goal and the ball. While it is not required for you to remain in your goal area, it is important that you stay on that side of the ball. You want the ball to go the opposite ways anyways, it only makes sense. It is sometimes tempting to position yourself on the side of the ball especially when Mirgle has the ball. Just try to stay on your side.

– Corners are the most difficult but also the most helpful way to manage your play.
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