Episode 28 of The PPT Show focuses on pertinent issues such as the Snow Faerie quest and the cooking pot, Neopets 3D – a virtual world where you can walk around, Neopets merchandise and host opinion on neopoint ratios for games. Finally, the hosts talk about a brand new feature on Neopets; ratings which allow you to rate other people’s pets. Joining us today is Dave from Colorado, Siobhan from Canada, Jonny from Holland and Meepitman who says he’s from Mars.


This is a guide about addiction to Neopets and when it affects your life. I would like to point out the things I’ve seen on users who play Neopets. They might not even realize what they’re doing, so here it is:

*Have you ever achieved a goal, for example, bought that paintbrush you’ve always wanted? You were so happy that you even went to the boards and told everyone about it, but what happens when this happiness goes too far?*

Trophies: A Neopets poll states that a user lookup shines more because of painted pets, NOT trophies. Trophies are nice. I mean who doesn’t want to get one because of the hard work! Trophies are nice to have, but don’t go around making people feel bad when you have about 20 trophies and they have only 2. Bragging isn’t always a good thing. Feel good about what you’ve achieved, but don’t make it part of your whole life. Trophies are just virtual pictures. Not real life. Keep in mind most people get those trophies through cheating, and the rest because of hard work, so really you might think “woah, he has 25 trophies” because you thought he earned them himself, but in reality, he might’ve only earned 10 by himself, the rest through cheating or who knows how (yes this is actually true, ever wonder why most users agree that one of the games it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to get a 20,000,000 on? Unless it’s through cheating?) But hey, some people actually ARE good at games. Don’t let the fact of having 50 trophies control your life. When you grow up or quit Neopets, those trophies won’t matter anymore and hopefully you won’t lose them through hacking.

Meerca Chase II is, in my opinion, one of the most lucrative games on Neopets. I always play on Hard in the Classic Mode and average 400-450np a game, but it is very easy to get higher scores- with practice! The Maze and Freestyle modes were added to spice things up and to replace the secret levels that the original Meerca Chase enjoyed. Although they are fun and help you work on essential skills, they are too difficult for serious earning.

When you have chosen your mode and difficulty, you can choose your background colour. I personally stick with the grey, both because it was in the original and because it’s easiest on the eyes. Different colours make different Neggs stand out; experiment to see which is best for you.

Species Cloth Complexity Accessories
Acara 300 5 None
Aisha 100 6 Trinket
Blumaroo 200 2 None
Bruce 300 4 Bow Beak
Buzz 300 9 Fins Wings
Chia 300 3 Hair
Chomby 200 3 Fins
Cybunny 300 5 Collar
Elephante 300 7 Trinket
Eyrie 200 7 Fur Beak
Flotsam 200 4 None
Gelert 200 5 None
Grarrl 300 5 Teeth
Grundo 100 3 None
Jetsam 300 5 None
Jub Jub 200 5 None
Kacheek 300 2 None
Kau 300 7 Horns
Kiko 300 5 Bandaid Hair
Koi 300 7 Fins
Korbat 400 7 None
Kougra 300 5 Moustache

Now, this one is a tad tricky. I have a few tips, however, if you want to win it (which I have done, twice):

1.) The more time on the site the better. If you only get on to feed your pets, play games, and get money, then forget about winning. You have to be updated on everything, like new items and other games.

2.) Things that have just been introduced will be on there a lot. When I won the last time, I just got on and said “Oh! That’s Hubert from the Hot Dog Place!” I just typed it in, and happened to be one of the first 500.