Imperial Exam Tips

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Game overview
Simply press the up arrow key when the word in the speech bubble is spelled correctly and the down arrow key when it’s wrong. This dictates whether the neopet is allowed into the exam hall or not. The exam hall must be filled with a different number per stage – 10 in the first stage, 20 in the 2nd, then 30, then 35, then 40 – there are 5 stages before the end of the game.

Once you fill the exam hall you move to the next stage and the timer is restarted. You are awarded points for every neopet you send into the exam hall or send away so long as you were right to do so – when you make the wrong choice the guard will tell you, and if you let in a neopet whose word was spelled incorrectly you will loose a life, or “chance”, of which you have 3 for the whole game.

From the start, go all the way left, collecting the diamonds, then go all the way right until your over a balloon. Press down 1, then quickly go 1 up and 1 left/right. Which ever way you went push the balloon to the other corner. Now go back, there’s a boulder above you, go one up, then go all the way down and quickly 1 left. Get the torch and light the TNT (stay well clear) and get the other torch

Go right to the key, go one up, one left, then one right. Get the chest, push the boulder of the sense pad and go left to the balloon (in the picture) when your under the TNT, press up. Now get underneath the boulder, go one up then quickly go one down one left, now push that boulder onto the sense pad.

This is a guide to Piper Panic. This isn’t the “get the highest score ever” guide, but it is a solution guide that will get you 1,000 neopoints every time you play the game.

The levels vary a little with every game, but they generally have the same solution (note: I don’t know exactly how the levels are different. If need be, substitute “row” for “column” and vice versa as appropriate). The premise of the game is that you are the Jubjub snake charmer who has to guide the Cobralls to the baskets.

The Cobrall will go in a straight line in the direction of the key that you press until it hits a basket. If it doesn’t hit a basket, it will keep going to the edge of the board and you will lose a life. The other way to lose a life is to run out of time. You get bonus points for picking up the gems and getting the baskets with stars on them last, but it won’t matter much. If you finish the whole game, without trying you will get over 3,000 points. At the time of this writing, the NP ratio is .50, which means you need only 2,000 points to get 1,000 NP per play.

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Today I am here to tell you how I am going to reach my goal and how you can reach yours just by following these instructions.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is to start earning money. You can earn money either by playing games or selling items in your shop, which I’ll talk about later. The order of games I usually play each day is Turmac Roll, Hasee Bounce, Meerca Chase and Jelly Blobs of Doom. After those four games, I play whatever random games give me a good reward, such as Dubloon Disaster, Koeda-Chan: Basket Burden, Devo 20: Personality Quiz (easy 600 NP daily if you play three times!), Extreme Herder and Sophie’s Stew. Try playing all those games daily. Aim for getting 3000 NP each day from games. If you get more than that, you’re well on your way to becoming rich, but that’s not our major concern right now. Gaining money is only half of the battle.