Invasion of meridell can be quite a difficult game if you do not think things over and properly prepare yourself. With these few tips you will be on your way to beating all of the missions with relative ease.

1. Always go for the items on the earlier missions and mobilize all of your troops so you can get them with some decent attack/defence strength.

2. Always battle near the potions at the center of the level so if you are low on health, one move will take you to a potion.

3. Once your skieth has the amulet, your in the good and you will have an easier time beating the enemy. On the first turn, teleport your skieth so it is able to attack one creature and only one creature may attack back, this will interrupt the movement of the enemy and allow you to get your troops in position. Once you save a skieth invader on the third mission then you should get him an amulet and get rid of your moehog. I strongly recommend two skieths with teleport amulets, they will win you the battles.
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So your wanting to do some quests and make something out of it
well here’ how you can do it!

If you have at least 10k neopoints try doing a snow faerie quest first check to see the items she is wanting. Go to shop wizard and check all of the prices for the items if it is below 9k do the quest. Buy the items and give her the items before time runs out. Most likely you will receive about 2k neopoints a snowball and an item worth a lil bit more than what you paid. So just now you made a reasonable profit.
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Get an extra life

Type “foreverandeverandever” to get an extra life in Neverending Boss Battle. – knd1994123

How to See Your Cursor

If you want to see your cursor type cheese before you start the first level. This makes it much easier to trace a line.
An Easier Way to Trace

This will only work for people who use Windows:

  • Go in to the first level of the game.
  • Click on the green dot, and don’t do anything else.
  • Now, press the windows start menu key. It should have the logo, the wavy Window-ish looking symbol.
  • Then, press the key again.
  • Hold down your mouse and trace over the SHADOW of the wire.
  • This is much easier, and is almost a straight line.
  • Trace to the red dot, then don’t hold down the mouse anymore.
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Hilary Duff game, you are given a time limit in which you have to match Hilary’s song clips to the right description. Points for when you’re right and points taken away for when you’re wrong.

There are 7 tabs (2 fact files) which you drag and drop into the correct labels. Like most sponsor games, this game is incredibly simple and a great way to make quick neopoints. – Shoyru_Lover