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Shop Wizard Cheats

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How to use the Shop Wizard during a faerie quest!

If you keep a separate window open with the Shop Wizard on it while you’re doing other stuff, you can still use the Shop Wizard when you get a faerie quest. Then, if you use the back button instead of “try again” on the shop wizard you can search over and over again to get the best price and still not be told that you can’t use the Shop Wizard since you’re on a faerie quest. Hope it’s as useful for other people as it’s been for me! – Deidra Kunin

I see many people asking, How many neopoints should I put into the Stock Market? Well that is a fairly easy question to answer. The more you invest, the more the profit. So try to buy 1,000 shares every day. Of course then I hear people complaining, I dont have enough neopoints to buy that many! There is an easy solution to this, work hard every day. In the next 2 paragraphs Ill explain how to raise your portfolio.

Ok, first off. As I said before, always buy 1,000 shares a day. The hard part is getting the money. Go to the shop wizard and (just as in the stock market) buy low and sell high in order to make a profit. Look for things people want like dubloons, codestones, ect. If you find one cheap, rush, rush, rush to buy it before someone else gets to it. Once you have the item, put it in your shop at a higher price so you make a profit. The second way to make neopoints is to play games. I personally make about 4,000 a day off of games alone. Find some youre good at (for me its Volcano Run, Meerca Chase, and Gadgadsgame) and play until you hit the max amount of times you can play a day.

Negg Values

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To be honest, I don’t know what the heck neggs are for and what happens to them after the neggery, and while I’m on the subject, how the by products are used, but what the hey, here is a list of their current exchange points.

The First Neggs

1 Negg
2 Purple Negg
3 Green Negg
4 Orange Negg
5 Pink Negg
5 Blue Negg
6 Yellow Negg
6 Rainbow Negg

Easter Neggs

32 Lemon and Lime Easter Negg
28 Luxury Chocolate Easter Negg

Jhudoras Faerie Quest Levels

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When you complete certain levels of Jhudora’s quests you recieve certain items, below is a list of these items, what level you get them and what they are. You need to remember if you do this quest, you cannot do Illusens’s Quests on the same day, you see the two faeries are rivals and wont give you quests if you are helping out the other one.

New: We have added some information about each item, enjoy. – Sam

Thanks to Cari Harper for the original list.


Item Info

Poisonous Lollypop

Beware of this venomous looking lollypop…



Item Info

Noxious Nectar

This noxious potion will make most any pet turn his head in disgust. Just make sure you dont open it too close to yourself…