Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Get the special jumps first, then start with easy throws and use the specials to get a hang of it, then after a few tries try harder throws and see how you do. If you don’t do well, keep practicing and soon you will get at least 300 neopoints a game! I also found that you could run faster if you tap left and right at the same time. – Daniel Romero

Have you ever felt that Mynci Beach Volleyball is a tough game to beat? Well, I used to feel this way as well until I discovered some tactics and tricks to beat the opponent. Here are some of the tips, tricks and tactics I use that you can adopt to make you good at Mynci Beach Volleyball.

Tips Section

Tip #1: Do NOT keep jumping around.
“Yeah sure… jumping allows me to catch the ball and hit it back…” I’m sure that’s what most of you were thinking. BUT I said to not do it frequently. Jump only when you really need to. Do you realize that every time you jump, you are in mid-air and are VERY vulnerable to losing a point? This is because when you are in mid-air and the opponent suddenly makes a hit, you can’t move back or forth fast enough to receive the ball and it makes you open to the attack. Hence, stay on the ground for as much as possible so that you can rush back and forth to receive the ball.

First, purchase unlimited multi-use weapons. I would recommend two scarab rings but if you are poor two lost desert daggers will do as well. In fact, any weapon, even super cheap ones (as long as they are unlimited use, meaning they won’t disappear) will work, it’ll just take slightly longer.

Then, enter a fight with Punchbag Bob and select your 2 weapons and choose fierce attack. Do not press go yet.

Then, paste javascript: function one_submit() { return true } into your address bar. Press enter once and nothing will happen, then click and hold the go! button. Start to press enter rapidly or hold the button down, depending on your keyboard speed.

Skip to the next level

Type in SUPERBOWL to skip to the next level.

Make the clam laugh

Submitted by wolfganginah
In the start screen, click the pearl in a clamshell. It laughs!