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Welcome to the fandom section of PPT. This area contains anything and everything to do with content created by Neopians and can relate to off-the-wall to fan fiction to created artworks. If you have something which you wish to contribute to this section, please email Kym at and we’ll add it up if it is appropriate.

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In-Fusios Neopets game allows Neopets players to take their online pets for a walk literally. Synchronized with online Neopets, players will be able to alternate seamlessly between playing at the computer and on their mobile phone.

The mobile phone version of Neopets will offer exclusive content not available to the online game including a new Neopet and an island. They are both called Lutari.

In-Fusios version is allegedly very similar to the online version so people who are no strangers to the online game will have no trouble picking up the function of the In-Fusio Neopets game.

This game will be available around September or October 2005.

Kiko Petpage Layout

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Kiko Petpage Layout preview

Pretty up your Neopets petpage using our pre-made petpage layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Kiko Petpage Layout

This article I wrote almost one year ago, but the information is still relevant. At the time I was the owner of Free Stuff 4 The Poor Guild, the largest Soup Kitchen guild there was but then it vanished overnight. Hopefully this article will help those guild master wannabes out there!

The Guild Headquarters is an exciting and busy area to work in! I, myself, run a large guild located in the Soup Kitchen. We are at the top of the list, and receive many extra members each day. There is always the hustling and bustling of members chatting and helping each other, and the scamper of council members doing their daily guild routines.

Pterattack Cheats

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JASON Secret
In Pterattack, start a game and press and hold J A S O N. You get a new character and weapon (Boogie Sweeper). It shoots a big blast! If you want to see what it looks like, here is a screenshot thanks to the_frozen_fly! – mewtoo13

If you cannot get this to work
Just a note, if anyone runs into trouble with working this secret, I figured out this morning its all the matter of THE KEYBOARD. I switched my keyboard to my ergonomic keyboard that I used on my other computer (cause it would let me on that) and now it is letting me on this computer! – ladysobe