First you will want to know that the max NP you can get from this game is 1000. So once you get over 1000 points in game you can quit unless your going for a high score. If you use my tips getting 1000 isnt a problem at all. So this game will give you an easy free 3000pts a day a tidy sum if I say so myself

Tip #1: ALWAYS keep your mouse at the top of the screen this will help you stay right under the target your trying to bubble. Often you will over or under shoot a target when the mouse is by the turtle.
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NeggSweeper a new Neopets game. The concept is the same as Mine Sweeper on most windows computers. You click a tile and what ever number comes up is how many mines (red neggs) are next to it. Whether it be up, down, right, left, or even diagonal, be careful of the mines. If you click one you lose, that’s basically the only things I have to say about it. Oh if you’re new to the game start on the easy level till you fully understand the game. And keep an eye on how many tiles are left. It just might affect the choice of the tile you click.

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Kiko Match Guide by TV Diva

Kym Huynh —  February 28, 2015 — Leave a comment

Think of the Kikos by their body colors: Blue, Green, Grey, Peach (or Orange, whichever you prefer, but I don’t use that because it’s not as snappy and short as Peach), Pink, Red, Teal, Yellow. There are two multi-colored Kikos: the one that is sort of white-faced and red-bodied I call “Cute” and the other who is yellowish with a funky plaid-like pattern I call “Ugly.”

The Kikos start out on blue backgrounds. However, as the levels progress, they’re on other shades, too. When you reach that point in the game, start referring to each Kiko as its body color and background color. For example, I call a blue guy on a yellow background “BlueonYellow” as opposed to his friend, the blue guy on the standard blue background, who–after level 4 or so, when the other background colors start to show up–I call “BlueonBlue.”
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Go! Go! Go! Guide by nyla77

Kym Huynh —  February 27, 2015 — Leave a comment

Background: This is a simple game (if you use your thinking cap). It will be easy for you if you have played other card games like Cheat or even Pyramids. Keep in mind that you need to try A LOT to win.

Objective: Your aim is to get rid of all your cards (in hand, face ups, and face downs) before all three opponents to advance to the next level. This is where you need to use your own game plan to get ahead.

What happens in the game? When you start playing Go! Go! Go! It will automatically be your turn. You place a card on the existing pile (up to four cards of the same type depending on how many cards you have) and the game continues. If a player does not have a card of equal or higher value then the cards have to be picked up by that player. Below are a few hints and tips to help you win:
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