Cooty Wars Tips

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How to score 8 points every hit

When playing cootie wars, if you wait until their chute are fully opened, then aim for the bottom of the tails, and wait for their chute to get into your aimer. You’ll score 8 points every hit. Takes a bit of practice, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough. – jthm420

Maximize your points by waiting

While the Mootix are dropping; the longer you wait to hit them, the more points you get. – stonepony

They should really call this game the attack of the jelly blobs, for not only are they abnormally huge, they have a liking to sucking you into their gelatin bodies and carrying you for a ride. In a jelly world where everything is made of jelly, this world is a dog-eat-dog world. Playing a Chomby made of jelly, the only way to survive is to eat smaller jellies. Doing so will make you grow larger and hence, increase upwards in the food chain – enabling you to eat even larger jellies!

Now I must admit, I am rather jealous, because I love jelly (except for the incident in grade 2 where I ate too much jelly and it threw me off jelly for two years, but I digress), however, there is a certain satisfaction one can gain from watching his/her Chomby grow from all that jelly guzzling.

FurReal Friends Tips

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Some Tips by GambitsJami

  • Always use the two dogs GoGo and Puppy. If you use the cat then the bones, if caught by the cat, are only one point and the yarn balls, when caught by the dog, are also one point. But if you use only the dogs every bone is five points.
  • The sandwiches (20 points) and pie slices (10 points) restore part of your health.
  • If you catch the letters F U R R E A L and spell FurReal you get 50 points. Every letter is four points apiece.
  • Try to wait until an item is either close to being right below you or right above you before jumping. Don’t waste jumps.
  • (more…)

Chia Bomber 2 Secrets

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Extra Life

After the game starts in Chia Bomber II type geoffrey for an extra life. – knd1994123

Start in the top left hand corner

If you hold down the right key when pressing ‘start’ or ‘next level’, you will start in the top left corner. – knd1994123


To collect all 12 McDonalds stamp imprints. Doing so will result in a 5,000 neopoints reward and a rare neopian image.

Cheeseburger Imprint

Score exactly 300 points in the Secret Image game.

Cup Stamp Imprint

Go to the McDonalds Shop and refresh By Holding DOWN the F5 Button.

Cybunny Stamp Imprint

** Note: How to get this stamp is currently unknown. The myth on how to get this is provided below, but so far, no one has been able to attain it. If anyone has more information, please contact and provide details.

To get the Cybunny stamp, you have to get all the McDonalds items (McDonalds Hamburger, McDonalds Beverage, McDonalds Happy Meal, McDonalds Apple Dippers, McDonalds Milk, McDonalds Chocolate Milk, Dollar Menu Double Cheeseburger, Dollar Menu Hot Fudge Sundae, Dollar Menu McValue Fries, Dollar Menu Side Salad) and keep them in your SDB. Go to the McDonalds Shop Page. Then Click On the Kyrii with Chicken McNuggets in hand, Usul with Fries in hand, Blumaroo with the Beverage in hand, and the Bruce or Kougra with the Burger in hand. It may not show up as a pop-up.