Point of the Game

What’s the Point of Chia Bombers you ask? Its to get the Chias out of Geoffrey’s neighborhood by shooting your water balloons at them :) Good luck!


Arrow Keys- Move Geoffrey left, right, up, and down
Space Bar- Fire Water Balloons at those Chias!
M Key- Sets down a bomb (Only 5 for each level!)
Your mines can’t hurt you
Chia bombs can’t hurt those chias
For each level, Chias get 3x the number of bombs (Level 4- 12 bombs)
There are 7 different types of chias
Those chias WILL chase after you after they have fired upon you…


Stay at least 2 spaces from each Chia
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A Word From Kym

Kym Huynh —  October 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

Welcome to the world of Neopets! I am Kym, a Neopets player, who during my time, have experienced everything that there is to experience about this game. This book contains a wealth of information all waiting for you to uncover and read!

As many of you may know, Neopets is a game of magic and excitement, where any decision you make will affect other aspects of your Neopian life. This world is gifted with friends you can make. On the other hand, it is also plagued with scammers and scoundrels, who like doing nothing better than to rob you of your achievements. In my opinion, the risks are worth it, as this game has been a blessing for me. For me, this game, other than its entertainment value, has been an invaluable educational experience. From its scammers and hackers, I have learnt that the world is not a perfect place. Through its integrated commerce system, I have learnt the real value of money. Through its stock market, auctions and trading, I have learnt valuable commerce and haggling skills. These things cannot be learnt in the classroom, and I am thankful that I was able to learn this in a simulated environment rather than learning it in the real world, where results could become nasty. Are you willing to also learn these things?
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Kiko blimp
Type in DIRIGIBLES to see a Kiko blimp fly overhead.

Appearing Turdle
Type in “TURDLE” to make a Turdle appear on your opponent’s side. Note that this can only be used once per game.

I have to admit, even after being on Neopets for more than 14 months, I have realized that everyone needs help in surviving Neopets. Heck, TNT might be having a hard time as well.
So here, is my little mixed of version, of things that you need to know about Neopets, and how to survive.

The dailies are utterly the most easiest things to do to get yourself being filthy rich [yeah bring on the money!].

1. Coltzan Shrine- This daily place is VERY random. At times, you could get rare dubloons and lots of other goodies and at other times, you would get some cheap food or nothing at all =[ There used to be certain timings for when to get what sort of event, but sadly, TNT found out so they made it totally random.

2. Tombola – I swear that’s the coolest name in the world! o: Tombola will get you awesome-ness stuff, depends when you go though. In the hour of 1:00pm NST, the shop is closed.

3. The Wheels- There are so many types of ‘wheels’ around Neopia. For example, ‘The Wheel Of Excitement’. You pay 100np to get a chance to spin. I used to go there, but I figured that going everyday is not really worth it. Most of the time, you land on “?” which only gives you about 60-70np, which is really bogus. I do go there sometimes, but I suggest not to go there every single day. Then there’s ‘The wheel of knowledge’. If I were you, I would go there maybe every other day- unless you were filthy rich. It costs 500np a spin. Even though it’s quite costly, MOST the of the time, the wheel gives you pretty decent items. There are about 3-4 other wheels but I find them quite worthless. So I’m not gonna even bother putting them up ^^
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Romantic Introduction
Based on the tale of Beauty and the Beast, this game is sure to break lose the romantic in you. With wonderful graphics and three lovable characters who bring out the early childhood memories when our mother used to speak to us of this tale, this game reminds us of the same story again.

Romantic Setting and Plot
You may have drifted away in the introduction and come to the assumption that this game will introduce the legendary Beast and Beauty as the main characters, but it will not. You may have assumed that the setting may be that oh-so-unforgettable rose garden that imprisoned Beauty or the famous ball room, but it is not. So what is it? Take a guess. I call it a table,
Neopets calls it a West Wing, so you behold it yourself. Now don’t be disappointed, I think this game overmeasures the sweetness scale. Why? It’s easy – the three main characters (No, Beauty and Beast are only two). Remember Chip, Mrs. Potts, or Cogsworth? Not really? They are the cup, the pot, and the clock that Beauty always used to talk to.

The idea of the game is to first choose one of the three characters and guide them through the so-called West Wing without losing your five lives, also explained as: The Beast has to find true love before all five of the rose petals on his rose fall off. How do they fall off, you may ask. Since they did not have electricity back then, their tables were full of candles. This table is no exception. Each of the candles you touch burn you and you lose one rose petal. There are candles standing up and candles lying on the table, which leads us to.
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