Now, I bet you’ve looked at this title and thought.. HA! It’s one of those “Get rich quick” guides. You know, the ones that say play this game, play that game and you’ll win all these neopoints & live a happy neolife. Sorry you’re wrong, in fact this guide is much more interesting than that. I’m not going to tell you everything you already know about making NP’s (restocking, playing games, etc..) I’m going to help you enhance your experience on Neopets.

Now, most people think they know what to do every day to make their Neopets life a fruitful one. I bet it goes something along the lines of this:

I see many people asking, How many neopoints should I put into the Stock Market? Well that is a fairly easy question to answer. The more you invest, the more the profit. So try to buy 1,000 shares every day. Of course then I hear people complaining, I dont have enough neopoints to buy that many! There is an easy solution to this, work hard every day. In the next 2 paragraphs Ill explain how to raise your portfolio.

Ok, first off. As I said before, always buy 1,000 shares a day. The hard part is getting the money. Go to the shop wizard and (just as in the stock market) buy low and sell high in order to make a profit. Look for things people want like dubloons, codestones, ect. If you find one cheap, rush, rush, rush to buy it before someone else gets to it. Once you have the item, put it in your shop at a higher price so you make a profit. The second way to make neopoints is to play games. I personally make about 4,000 a day off of games alone. Find some youre good at (for me its Volcano Run, Meerca Chase, and Gadgadsgame) and play until you hit the max amount of times you can play a day.

Feature Game: 625 points for 1000np
Difficulty: Easy
NP Gain: 1250 points = 1000 np
Game Code: frumball (type into screen before starting game, gives 1 extra life)
Game Code: kougra (type into screen during game to skip a level)

The Game

Use the paddle to hit the ball up into the Frumballs and break them. Some Frumballs take more than one hit to pop. You move to a more difficult level each time you clear the screen of Frumballs. Beat all 40+ levels and you might win a trophy!


There are many powerups which fall from popped Frumballs, most of which you want to avoid. In the heat of the game, sometimes reaching for a powerup could mean you risk losing the ball (in which case its best to let the powerup go).

Alright so make the window fairly large and don’t touch the options of the game window.

This game is all about patience, without patience, you wont get the avatar [If that’s what your playing for(850+ to get avatar)].

To make sure you don’t hit any mines, while going for a dubloon, charge at it, so even if they spawn right in front of your path, you go right over them.

If they are in the corner, go into the corner and charge outwards.

After having 2 mines on the board, stop and think. If they are far a part, go right in the middle of them until they get fairly close and then start moving forward till the eventually hit each other and explode.

I read an article called “The Poor For a Week Project” in the neopian times a few months ago, so I tried it, and it made me 25,000 NP richer! Okay, here’s how it goes:

You rid of all of the neopoints in your wallet to your bank account, then the fun begins. Play games that you are a grand master or expert at to gain as much NP as you can, every day. Then put your pet in the neolodge for seven days, this should keep it fed all week. The process of this is to try NOT to deposit money into your National Neopian bank account, still collect your interest every day so you will have more neopoints to save for later on.