Here is a simple guide for finding the first 5 challengers for Defenders of Neopia, however, fighting them is up to you!!!

Mission 1
Enemy: The Pant Devil
Location: Anywhere (wait until he robs you, then fight him)
Tips: None (this is a basic fight for experienced pets)

Mission 2
Enemy: The Ghost Lupe
Location: 131 Soup Alley (Click, in this order: “Pet Central”, “NeoHome”, “Neighbourhood”, “Neopia Central”, “Soup Alley”, then enter 131 as the address and he should appear.
Tips: None

Mission 3
Enemy: Cave Chia
Location: Cave Paintings, page two (You may have to refresh it several times)
Tips: He doesn’t use anything to special, no Downsize Power Pluses or the such

Neggsweeper is one of the few (if the only) Neopets game with a cumulative score. You pay 30 NPs to start the game so have at least that amount on hand.

If youve played Minesweeper, than this game is identical. Clicking on a negg will reveal a number, an empty space or a red negg (Game Over, hombre). By the power of deductive reasoning, you should be able to find all the empty spaces and therefore avoid all the mines.

I assume that there are many starting points for Neggsweeper, but Ill start with the two main ones I can think of.

Clicking in the corner: My personal strategy. You have five possible outcomes.


Grarrl Keno is a game based on luck; there is only one factor in the game you can change: the numbers of eggs you bet on. Using the mathematical formula below I calculated the average NP you get back.

E= number of eggs you selected
H= number of eggs you selected that hatched

(E nCr H)+((80-E) nCr (10-H))
________________________ (divided by)

80 nCr 10
===================== (equals)
(= 1646492110000)

E Average NP
2 0.1820*bet
3 0.07485*bet
4 0.04016*bet
5 0.0217*bet
6 0.004623*bet
7 0.001998*bet
8 0.0000503*bet
9 0.2805*bet
10 0.2411*bet

This proves you can’t really make a lot of NP (unless you’re really lucky; the chance of 30000 times your bet is far less than one in a million(1/8234055100 to be precise)). You should only play this game to get a trophy. When you do play, select 9 eggs. – Allergoeiste

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Now, on first glance this is the simplest game in existence. You load the game up, let a commercial play, and then get the spin a wheel and earn yourself some neopoints.

Not worth writing a guide over, right?

Well, if you pay close enough attention to it, the game is “rigged” (so to speak). The wheel you’re given when you start a video is completely random- there’s no rhyme or reason to what order the numbers appear in on your wheel- however, the number you land on after you spin will ALWAYS be three places down from where your arrow starts.

I’ll explain it again, in a different manner.