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Coconut Shy Tips

Kym Huynh —  January 25, 2015 — 2 Comments

The best coconuts to hit

The best coconuts to hit are the dark brown circular ones. They’re medium sized, you can’t miss ‘em. And you’re probably thinking, “But I can’t aim!” No problem! Before aiming, click the outside part of the playing screen somewhere on the white space, hold the mouse button and move your mouse to the desired place. It’s best to aim it in the middle of the brown ones, or line the knuckle of the pointer finger with the pole. The hand doesn’t move with the mouse as your aiming, but it will zip right to the cursor when you release the button. Once it’s aimed, simply click as you usually would. Note: The brown ones almost always almost fall. – kermittyluver2
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You can win a lot at this game with just 5 steps:

Step 1

Each time you shoot try to make the arrow line up with the bullseye.

Step 2

Hold the space bar until the power is half way between a bar.

Step 3

Release the space bar and watch the arrow fly into the bullseye.

Step 4

Claim your bonus out of:

  • Fire
  • Apple
  • Bigger bullseye
  • Closer target
  • Step 5

    To win with your bonus do the same, except use less power for closer, and aim at the ring for fire.

    And that is how to win at Ultimate bullseye! – lil_gem_gal

    The key to Faerie Racers is strategy

    Here are the 3 best winning combos.


    At the start of the game (level1), go up and right, forcing your opponent to go down. A lot of the time, your opponent will go in a circle, trapping himself. If not, make sharp turns and go strait across the screen*. He will do more compex and space wasting patterns until he crashes into the wall/his own tail.

    Repeat on all levels, but be aware that you don’t run into him at the beginning.



    (level 1 only)
    Go strait, then up, then left, and then down**.

    Opponent will ALWAYS crash (if there’s no interference)! Make sure you don’t run into the wall/your tail.
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    XweetokHosted by Dave, Kelly, Jonathon and Kym, this welcome back edition of the PPT Show talks about all the drastic changes that have occurred on Neopets over the past few months including Neopets TV, the increase in banner advertising, Neopets’ plots, the plot prizes, the second round of the Altador Cup, the new daily puzzle, Neopets Cash and the customisation of your neopet.