This is a very easy sponsor game about surfing starring Kellogg’s Crackle and Pop. The limit of neopoints is 1000 per game, so with a little practice you can easily be making 3000nps per day. A game that earns 1000nps takes about 5 minutes. There is no Trophy available for this game, but if you want the Grand Master on your Games Table, play will be longer than 5 minutes.

This game is played using the arrow keys. When you start, choose Pop as he seems to have better balance on the surfboard. The first few times you play don’t try any tricks; just practice avoiding the obstacles in the water. You will see rocks, green vines, shark fins and other various objects. If you hit one of these you will loose a life. The game gives you 3 lives and you cannot earn any more (that I’m aware of).
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This is a guide to Edna’s Shadow. This isn’t a complete guide, but the levels listed so far should be a little easier if you read it.

You move around with the arrow keys and attack enemies with the space bar.

The levels vary a little with every game, like which ingredient is where or how the enemies move. There are no major changes.

The premise of the game is to collect all ingredients in the level and have both Edna and her shadow touch the cauldron AT THE SAME TIME.

Careful: If either Edna or her shadow touches an enemy, the other half cannot collect items until she touches the trapped one.
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Spotlight on Dave

Kym Huynh —  September 15, 2014 — 2 Comments

Hi Dave! Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get your name? What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What’s the most random thing you’ve done?

I’m 14, and I talk. That’s all there is to it! My name has a deep spiritual meaning. It means, “Amazingly attractive person who will grow up to make millions and give out over 4,000 autographs a day.” Okay, not really. To be honest I’m not really sure how I got my name!

I’m easily amused. Give me internet and I’m happy. I also believe that comfy chair + TV + your own can of Pringles = happiness.
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1) Coltzan’s Shrine in the Lost Desert

This handy little spot will never do something bad to your pet. You can drop by every twelve hours and try to get blessed with something. Sometimes nothing will happen, but it’s worth trying because according to Neopets, every day the Shrine will give one lucky Neopian 1 million neopoints.

Here is the general breakdown for times, since some times are better than others:

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance (hit points) : Every hour of the day
Level: Every two hours of the day
Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST
Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute

In other words, if you want a dubloon, drop by at 09:01:55. The 55 indicates the 55 seconds past the minute.

2) The Healing Springs in Faerieland

This great little spot will help heal your pet once every 45 minutes. Sometimes it may only restore one hit point for one pet, but sometimes it will completely heal and feed all of your pets. It sure beats spending np on Healing Potions or really expensive cures. If you are lucky, you may also pick up free snowballs or healing potions.

3) The Money Tree in the main shop area
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