Caption Competition Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

Winning Captions

I have noticed a few things about the winners of the caption contests. Here are the things that I have noticed

1: They are funny
2: The winning captions sometimes refer back to previous caption contests
3: A lot of the winning captions pick on the tiniest details

Keep these in mind when you write your captions. – Kirk Langsjoen

Hidden level

On the main screen select continue game then type in gwylsgreatestescapeever then press submit and you will play the ‘hidden level’. – Grace Nicholas

Stowaway Sting is very similar to the classic Deckswabber. Each level consists of an 8×8 grid of crates of three different heights, and the bare dock surface. Your goal is to change the tops all of the bare crates to the color designated in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the first three levels this is not a problem the crate changes blue once you step on it and stays that way. However, once you hit level four landing on a crate more than once toggles the color on and off, complicating things. You have 60 seconds to complete each level, or its game over.

Remove the pop ups

Type in nopopups during the game. All the advertisements on the current screen in Advert Attack will disappear. Only one use per game. – by knd1994123


I dont have a miracle method to making NP, so if you want a guide to make 1,000,000np in a day, youll have to go elsewhere as this is not one of them. Im just your average neopian, Im not too good at the games or restocking, but I still make a lot of np.


So theres that new paintbrush thats just been released, and your pet looks really cute in that color. You NEED that paintbrush! Not so. You WANT that paintbrush! But is it really worth blowing your hard earned millions on a paintbrush that will drop in price in a few months when youll be richer anyway? Not really. So you just have to try and resist the temptation. Its hard, but in the long run, its the best decision.