Shenkuu Tangram is a fairly easy game that can earn you 3,000 neopoints in about 5 minutes.

The first few times I played I did not do very well but with a little practice you can easily get the hang of it. The key is to remember where the pieces belong.

There are three levels and the three levels each have five tangrams. The tangrams don’t always appear in the same order, but they always appear in the same level. The later tangrams are harder, but if you know where the pieces fit going into the game its easy going.

Well, first you have to know something. You’ve seen those other guides where those people give you simple advice and tell you all random information that you usually don’t even need to know, right? For example: “Don’t log in to a fake log in page!” Well, duh. We aren’t ALL vegetables you know. But I am going to tell you what scammers and hackers REALLY think about when going about doing it, because I used to scam and hack people’s accounts. I stopped since I got frozen and I realized that it really WASN’T worth losing my account over a few thousand np. So let’s start from the basics.

This is a pretty simple game sort of like wheel of fortune. First thing you spin the wheel. Assuming you dont land on bankruptcy, you see a point value. This is how many points you will get for EACH of the letter you choose from the alphabet. For instance, you land on 8pts. You choose E. There are three Es in the puzzle. You get 24pts. You can get up to three strikes, or three wrong guesses before you loose. If you spin and it lands on bankruptcy, you loose all your scored points AND it counts as a strike. Hopefully with my guide youll be able to just get strikes from landing on bankruptcy and not from incorrect guesses.

The object of the game is to make paths of ketchup/mustard/mayo to safely guide the hot dog, unlock, and exit through the door.

Along the way, there are creatures trying to eat you, to kill them, aim, then hit your space bar, to shoot a pickle at them.

Whenever you see pickles, get them, because if you run out of pickles, you can almost consider your game over.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO RE-USE PATHS! Using the same paths, saves condiments.

If your trying to re-use a path, and just cant jump high enough, switch to mustard, and just put a little under your character, because mustard makes you bounce.

Increase your chances of getting a 100 dubloon coin

Type “blackpawkeet” during game play, this increases your chance of getting a 100 dubloon coin in Dubloon Disaster. – knd1994123

Create a whirlpool

If you type scallywags in Dubloon Disaster, you can create a whirlpool but this can only be used once per game. – lijiansheng92