Ultimate Bullseye II Tips

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Ultimate Bullseye II powerups by anonymous

Powerups in order from left to right across the bottom of the game screen:

  • Target with 4 blue arrows: The target grows larger and smaller. Try to hit it when it’s big. (Power up while it’s little.)
  • Ring of fire: A ring of fire. If you shoot through it doubles your score for the round. (Unlike the original, if you shoot a 10 with a power-up it does not count as a bullseye, you just get ten points, no extra power-up.)
  • Target with 1 arrow: Target moves back and forth (nearer and farther from you).
  • (more…)

Super Dudes Tips

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Character play

This is a simple game, so it’s all about being able to play for a long time at a normal level, like Korbat’s Lab and Ice Cream Factory.

– There are 3 “super dudes” to choose from. One is good at defense, one good at offence and one very fast. These things affect game play a lot, so choose carefully. You shouldn’t pick defense, because offence is the best defense, and you don’t usually use all your shields (a defensive ability). Personally I like the speedy best, but the offensive one is good too.
– I suggest you fly a bit left, so you can see what’s coming.

Thanks to Kristin for providing us with the solutions!

This is a very easy game if you already know the solutions. Each puzzle is the title of one of the songs on the Kidz Bop 9 album. Just count the number of letters in the puzzle to know which song it is.

1. Behind These Hazel Eyes
2. Beverly Hills
3. Don’t Lie
4. Wake Me Up When September Ends
5. Listen To Your Heart
6. Just The Girl
7. Pon De Replay
8. Cool
9. Photograph
10. These Words
11. You And Me
12. Feel Good Inc.
13. Chariot
14. Boyfriend
15. Speed Of Sound
16. We Belong Together
17. Wake Up
18. The Frog Song

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Neopets at Hamleys

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On the 24th and 25th of May 2003, Adam, Donna, a handful of Neopets artists and some of the Neopets crew made their way into London to a dinky little toy store called Hamleys for the promotional launch of the latest Neopets merchandise! Also there, fans were able to have images of Neopets drawn for them, each image unique, and signed by the artists themselves! Of course, no event is complete without its advertisements, so [Click Here for the advertisement about Hamleys] to check it out ~_^

From the general gist of things, the queue at Hamleys was enormous and waits for 3-4 hours at a time were not uncommon. However everyone reported back saying that Adam, Donna and the rest of the Neopets crew were really looking after them, listening to their suggestions, showering them with gifts and just having a good time! Below is the best report sent in and reported by Katy (tinysaiyan) about her day at the Neopets promotional launch and on the subsequent pages are another 5 reports from various other users! Most of them have images of the artist’s drawings and various other scans and they have also been included in this article. A big thank you to all who have contributed, especially Katy (tinysaiyan), Blobbi_kid, ab2002ab, Clotho, 21 and aardvark for making their way down to London and reporting back to PPT.