Kwarps Tips

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Neo findings
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Before playing Krawps, make sure you read the rules. It looks very complex, but it’s really easy. Here are some things I found that make the most neopoints:

Only bid 5 on the Bilgeline bet, never more.
Never bid on a ‘Ardway bet.
Never bid on a Hi or Lo.
Always bid 10 on Odds.
Don’t bid on Anchor.
If the Skull isn’t 10 or 4, pick one to place a bet of 5 on.

Submitted by LadyShalott
Both the guide and the other tip mention not to place bets on the ‘Ardway but I have made the most of my money from placing ‘Ardway six bets. The trick is to play Krawps enough to know which, if any, hard numbers you might land.

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Neopets monitors are hot
They are really, really, really hot
They sit at their computers all day
Just so we can all play
Neopets monitors are hot
They’re all ridiculously good lookin’
They are so fine I got a bookin’
For the accident I caused when I was lookin’
What was God thinking when he made you
No no no no no no don’t you go cause

I’m in love with you
I promise that I will be true
And if ever I should tell a lie
Please punish me
With a free Hidden Tower item
Cause then I’ll know that you love me too

Neopets monitors are hot

Hidden level

On the main screen select continue game then type in gwylsgreatestescapeever then press submit and you will play the ‘hidden level’. – Grace Nicholas

Well, I was determined to buy a Tigerfruit smoothie, so on the way home after school today, I rode my bike to Jamba Juice. After parking my bike, I walked into the store. When it was my turn at the cashier, I asked “Is there a Tigerfruit smoothie?”. After a slight pause, she said, “Uhh… yes, the Neopets one eh? It only comes in the 16 oz. (their smallest) size.” “That’s ok, I’ll try it,” I replied. While she entered my order in, she was chuckling a little bit. Well, I would have thought it funny too, a high school Sophomore asking for the Neopets Tigerfruit smoothie. But I was set out to have one; I had the guts to go through with it.

Quick completing laps

I know a hot wheels secret: you only have to touch the yellow bridge in the first course then drive back to the finish, it will count as 1 round do it as long until you win the race! – Henk de Raadt