Faerie Crossword Solutions

Kym Huynh —  April 26, 2015 — 2 Comments

A big thanks to rainbowsparklez379 for updating the solutions for us!

“Eau De _____” is a popular brand of Perfume – NEO
___ ___ Farms – KAU
___ 9000; Space Petpet – VACUMATIC
___ Aisha glasses; funky! – DISCO
___ Beefy Cheese; real meat! – BIG
___ Blurg Bat Game – LADY
___ Bomber; wet those nasty Tyrannians! – CHIA
___ bottle; one-shot spell – NANKA
___ bottles of water – TWO
___ Boy Ice Cream! – YES
___ cheese pizza; rich and fruity! – CHERRY
___ Clown; Battledome hilarity! – CHIA
___ contest; what will it be next? – RANDOM
___ covered sandwich; a Lost Desert delicacy! – DUST
___ Dice; Krawk Island game – BILGE
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Hey I’m dizelda well that’s my sn on neopets. Here’s something to read so you’ll keep safe from getting scammed. Getting scammed really sucks, But there’s NO point of email abuse@neopets.com or support@neopets.com or report@neopets.com, I emailed these places a couple of time they just said “Thank you for submitting your problem we will get to it as soon as we can” Its been about 9 months since then I still haven’t got my account back! So if you ever get an account stolen just remember “Its all part of life” Some times good things will happen, And sometimes bad things. I got scammed 2 times! Here’s some tips how NOT to get scammed:
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Jelly Blobs of Doom is one of the games that came along with jelly world. You cant look it up in the gaming section so for those of you that are wondering what I am talking about you can find jelly world at www.neopets.com/jelly/index.phtml. The basics of the game are that you are a Chomby sliding around trying to eat as many jellies as you can without being swallowed by a jelly that is bigger than you are. If you have ever played Katamari Damacy it is the same basic idea.

The first thing you have to do is blow up the screen in which you are playing the game to as big as your computer screen will show. When you do this it is a LOT easier to see if the jelly you are aiming for is too big or just the right size.
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1. “I’m Hillary Duff/Lindsey Lohan/some celebrity” topics on the boards.

2. The constant redundant topics. People! Look before you post. There’s at least a dozen threads talking about the neocharge, whining about it, saying it’s a joke, telling you to do such-and-such thing to find out the joke.

3. “I rate so-and-so” threads. Do you really think anyone cares what you think of their ID/petpage/profile? Even worse are the people who submit their pages or IDs to be rated and actually listen to the person rating.

4. The character per post limit. Suppose someone actually wants to write something longer than two words? Like this list? It’s a bit inconvenient having to break it down into little posts like that.

5. “I’m reporting you for such-and-such” people. Aww, we hurt your feelings so you’re going to whine to admin and get us <i>frozen</i>. Oh, no, please don’t use your all-powerful 2-month user status to do away with us! We’ll behave! (ha. You’re a joke.)

6. The various neopets that scowl at me when I click a broken link or do something wrong. What happened to an Error 404? Graphics waste bandwidth, people. Waste not . . .

7. The truly horrendous English I have to endure while reading these boards. Would it kill you to write a comprehensible, grammatically correct sentence for once? Obviously you think so, because all I ever see around here is something like: “OMG this is like so totally freaky/weird/cool/awesome me n my bff r like totally goin 2 cali 2morow n we r gonna have so much fun it’s gr8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” *TEARS HAIR OUT*
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It seemed to happen in slow motion. One minute Sloth was aiming the gun at Tommys chest, the next it was flying from his hand. I saw who had stopped him. A brown haired girl was standing there holding the sword of the air faerie. I recognized her as one of my best friends. Her name was Caitlin.

“Caitlin!” I cried relived that my brother wasnt going to be shot. She swung the sword and cut right through our handcuffs. “Get your weapons!” She yelled freeing Tommys pets from their cage. Me and Tommy grabbed our weapons from a nearby table. “Oh no you dont!” Sloth yelled lunging for me. But I was ready. I kicked him as hard as I could across the room. He slammed into a wall. “Quick!” I cried. “Nows our chance!” We ran from the room.
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