If you’re an achievements chaser on Neopets, don’t forget to finish The Faeries’ Ruin plot (or try to complete as many plot steps) tonight before the Neopets time hits 12:00 am NST. (Or face a lifetime of regret.)

A complete walkthrough for The Faerie’s Ruin plot is available here.

Escape to Kreludor Cheats

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Destroy enemies within one block

Type in “empulse” during the game. This will destroy all enemies within one block of you but works only once during a game. If you use the “empulse” cheat, be aware that using it will remove the gem for that level. – knd1994123 and fruitrach

Change the text to what you want

On the opening page with the ‘Instructions’ and ‘Play Game’, you can hover your mouse just below the letters so that your cursor turns into the little ‘I’. This allows you to change what is there by deleting and typing. For instance you can change ‘Play Game’ to ‘Play Name’ or you could just get rid of the entire thing and write anything you want! – Frederickliv

I have read so many guides on how to win neopoints easily on Neopets. The truth is, a lot of them are written by people who play the games really good. I’m horrible at most games, so my scores are pretty low. But, I always get a ton of neopoints daily. Following this basic guide will get you thousands of neopoints every day. And you don’t have to follow it exact, these are just suggestions! These are just the top twenty things that I do every day to get points, but I play a lot of other things too!

Step One: The Freebies

Neopets has blessed us with many different freebies to play daily. Make sure to do all of these. Some, you can do more than once a day!

1. Giant Omelette – http://www.neopets.com/prehistoric/omelette.phtml
Get one free slice of omelette daily. Don’t sell it! Use it to feed your pet for free, so you don’t have to buy any food!

2. Mysterious Symol Hole – http://www.neopets.com/medieval/symolhole.phtml
You have to have a petpet to play.

3. Underwater Fishing – http://www.neopets.com/water/fishing.phtml
Play twice a day, be patient! Wait a while between times you fish, or it won’t work. You get a fish or trash item from this.
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So. You want to get rich on Neopets eh? Well I have some tips that might help you…


Always play the ‘featured’ game daily or when ever you can. It is often unknown games that hide away, but play them anyway as they get you double np. This means you get twice as much and a lot faster so you have time to get more! Always send your score as you get more that way. I recommend you play a couple of games 3 times each because 3 times is the maximum times you can send your score for each games daily. (Once you have played the featured game, try ‘Hasee bounce’ as it’s ratio is 300np per 100 points. After a bit of practice, it shouldn’t be too hard to get 100 points every time.) After that, you might want to play some of your own favorite games.
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Scams by jman987654567890

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***In the world of Neopia, there are many bad Neopians. They use these specified scams to trick innocent users into nothing.***

Fake Login Pages/Shop Scam

These are probably the oldest scams in the book. Lets say you’re browsing a shop. You see a codeston/faerie/negg for a very cheap price. You click on it and are brought to the Neopets homepage. Actually, you’re not. Usually, when this happens its a fake login page. If the URL at the top doesnt start with http://www.neopets.com, it’s fake. DON’T ENTER YOUR INFORMATION!!! It could be the end of your precious account!!! Just go back to the shop and report it. Badda-bing Badda-boom. All done.
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