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From the desks of Kym, Dave, Evan, Jonny, Demon and Siobhan come this full-rostered episode which breaks the record for longest running episode ever. Full of hilarity and fun (make sure you check out the bloopers reel afterwards), this episode talks about scams on Neopets and how to avoid them, some background history of famous Neopets hacking, the concept of petpetpets and petpets, PPT’s upcoming changes, previous episode comments, an interview with the creator of Subeta Keith Kurson, and the free preview of The Pink Poogle Toys’ new song called Trollin’.


All your 404 are belong to us! – Classic from zero wing, famous for bad grammar.
But why is the page gone? – Pirates of the Caribbean.
I find your lack of page disturbing… – Star Wars (A New Hope).
I see dead pages! – The Sixth Sense.
I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t let you view this… – 2001: A Space Odessy.
My mother said there are no such things as 404s, but there are, aren’t there? – Aliens.
Neopia… we have a problem… – as in Houston, we have a problem.
No more pages, Dr. Jones! No more pages! – Indiana Jones.
Of all the broken links on all the websites in all the world, You had to walk into this one… – Casablanca.

Swarm is a game of speed and intelligence where you have to defend your tank and shoot at the same time. It sounds difficult, but it is not. You will see at the end of the guide. For right now, let us break it down into details that will make you king or queen of the game. Or at least, make you understand it better.

The setting is the desert. When we think of the desert we think of snakes. Ever stopped and wondered about other animals who share space there, too? Maybe not, but this game will ultimately prove that bugs indeed live in the desert, too. In fact, this game is FULL of them. Unfortunately, for some inexplicable reason, these bugs seem to be hi-tech and equipped with guns. And guess what? They shoot at you! All you have is a tank and a few walls that protect you.

Adex, Kym, Emma and The Wonder Weezel bring you this action packed podcast with well… just with anything and EVERYTHING you could imagine a podcast to be! A year after the podcast began, this podcast is going to knock your socks off and make you wet your undies with laughter.