A good way to earn neopoints is to scout out the games that give you the most neopoints. You can also try to do the Wheel of Excitement, the Wheel of Knowledge and the Wheel of Mediocrity.

You also have a chance of winning big in the stock market under board games in the games room. If your pet is really really hungry and you have less than 3,000 neopoints you can get food at the soup kitchen.

Exploring the Neopian world is also a good way to get knew things and earn neopoints. On Terror Mountain there is a game called snow wars that is like battleship and you can earn trophies and medals.

Flotsam Guild Layout

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 Flotsam Guild Layout preview

Pretty up your Neopets Guild using our pre-made Guild layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Flotsam Guild Layout

Lesson 1: The First Turn Freeze

The first turn freeze is a strategy employed by Battledomers early on in their careers, and takes them well into the high end game. At the lowest levels, this is attempted with unreliable freezing, but inexpensive, abilities and weapons such as: fiery gaze, snowglobe staff, and the frost cannons, to name a few options.

The purpose of the first turn freeze is to render an opponent helpless for the second round of combat, allowing the attacking player to get their damage through completely unblocked. Typically this attack will consist of the highest damage weapons in that person’s arsenal with fierce or berserk attack. Honey potions are probably the favorite item to use unblocked, but are expensive. Other weapons in this family include Jhudora’s Potion, Battle Potate, Cake Bomb, Ummagine Battle Muffin, and Ummagine Bomb; there is a long list of once-per-battle high damage weapons. Also in this situation, attackers will typically use very high damage multiple use weapons that are easily blocked, such as the Attack Pea.

Disco Kacheek Petpage Layout

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Compact Neopets guide

Can someone help me read this guide?


It is important that you don’t spend all your NP on usuki dolls, toys and things you really don’t use. Of course you can buy things to your pets, but don’t spend thousands of nps on junk.

Free and cheap food

Sponsor games

I bet you have heard about sponsor games. And they are hard to find, right? So I will put up a link where you can find ALL the sponsor games on neopets!

This is the link to a petpage, Neo__bori’s petpage: http://neopets.com/~neo__bori

Dailies (and hourlies)