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At what age did Dickie Roberts stop being famous? 6.

Dickie deals with some bullies at school by: Verbally destroying them.
Dickie gets his new Mom to push him around in what? A baby stroller.
Dickie hires a family so that he can do what? Relive his childhood.
Dickie now works as what? A parking valet.
Dickies new brothers name is: Sam.
Dickies new sisters name is: Sally.

Sam and his friends teach Dickie to do what? Ride a bike.

The family dogs name is: Popeye.


“We’ll have to make it across the ocean completely undetected, they know who we are” Hatchet smiled, revealing the scar under his bottom lip.
“But they’ll persecute us if we come back with the crown!” Lethal remarked.
“No, I think that will likely make us common heroes…that’s another goal of this. We are not criminals, we are prowlers. We survive by what we can find.” Hatchet replied. “You have no choice, once you cross the line, there’s no turning back, my little Lupe friend.”
Lethal knew he was right. He wouldn’t turn back to the hut if it was his only hope, he’d rather die trying just to keep away from it. “So…what’s the plan?”

A lot of people on Neopets are rich or want to be. But are the people who are rich happy? Not all the time. This guide tells you how to rich and happy.

Step 1

If I’m not happy with it, than what’s the point? This is the rule that I go by. This is how I have made a lot of neopoints on Neopets. I may not be the richest but I am happy.

Step 2: Play Games

Many guides tell you that you should play lots of games. I have nothing against that advice but can’t you do that and be happy at the same time? I say play games you like and only send the scores when you know that you have done the best that you can do. If you haven’t, play the game again and if it is a game you enjoy and are good at it will be fun.

Today’s episode of The PPT Show brings together Kym, Evan, Helena, Meepitman and Jonny to discuss topics ranging from the Neopets magazine to future Neopets plots and the Neopets games including the ones made for the consoles.