Feature Game: 625 points for 1000np
Difficulty: Easy
NP Gain: 1250 points = 1000 np
Game Code: frumball (type into screen before starting game, gives 1 extra life)
Game Code: kougra (type into screen during game to skip a level)

The Game

Use the paddle to hit the ball up into the Frumballs and break them. Some Frumballs take more than one hit to pop. You move to a more difficult level each time you clear the screen of Frumballs. Beat all 40+ levels and you might win a trophy!


There are many powerups which fall from popped Frumballs, most of which you want to avoid. In the heat of the game, sometimes reaching for a powerup could mean you risk losing the ball (in which case its best to let the powerup go).

KRELUDOR – Home of mines, orange Grundos, blue gems, and…more orange Grundos. You may think that Kreludor’s just a big, dark, scary planet in the sky. Well, you’d be wrong, it’s actually a big, dark, scary moon in the sky…

After my last article, “Kreludan Mining Corporation – The Guide, back in issue 143 of the Neopian Times, there have been a couple of notable changes in the game.
People have also asked me to do a follow-up guide for the later levels, so here it is.

NOTE: This is an advanced guide! If you are just looking for a guide to get used to the controls, look at my beginner’s article in issue 143 of the Neopian Times!

The Lab Ray Explained

Kym Huynh —  November 20, 2017 — Leave a comment

What is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray is a machine invented by a mad scientist. Upon using it, your chosen neopet is experimented on which results in unforeseen circumstances.

Where is the Lab Ray?

The Lab Ray can only be accessed through completing of the ‘Secret Laboratory Map’. Once you have collected all nine pieces, simply head over to the games room, choose the puzzles group, and then scroll down to the last game option and choose ‘Treasure Map’. Once there, click on the laboratory link and it should take you to a page which states that you have completed the map. You are now able to proceed to the secret lab.

Hi there! Im akemiakiko and Im going to tell you a quick and easy way of making lots of neopoints. I know some of those guides say that but sometimes they dont really help much or are nearly impossible. But Im going to tell you my way, which I know works. Lets get started.

Usually when I log onto Neopets, the first game I play is Meerca Chase. I dont know why I usually start with that one, but I just do. So lets start with that also.

1. Meerca Chase is a fairly simple game and is a great way to get neopoints. You may recognize it as Snake. You can either play at low, medium, or high level. When I first started Neopets I played it at low, but as I got better at it I moved to medium, then to high, which I play at every day now. I try to aim for at least 350 points, so I will get 350 np each time I send the score, and dont send my score unless I get that or higher. If you arent the best at this game you may want to have a lower standard at first but as you get better, youll want to increase that.

For those that have played minesweeper (a game that comes with the Microsoft system) this is going to be a cinch; but I will cover every aspect of the game anyways…

First of all, read the rules:

To begin a game, choose which difficulty level you wish to play. The harder the level, the more the payoff will be for winning!

To play, you simply have to click on any of the neggs on the board. If you click on a negg that does not have any bad neggs surrounding it, it will clear all of the surrounding neggs as well, up until it reaches a negg that does have a trap next to it. You may even get a bonus if you clear multiple neggs with one click!