A lot of people on Neopets are rich or want to be. But are the people who are rich happy? Not all the time. This guide tells you how to rich and happy.

Step 1

If I’m not happy with it, than what’s the point? This is the rule that I go by. This is how I have made a lot of neopoints on Neopets. I may not be the richest but I am happy.

Step 2: Play Games

Many guides tell you that you should play lots of games. I have nothing against that advice but can’t you do that and be happy at the same time? I say play games you like and only send the scores when you know that you have done the best that you can do. If you haven’t, play the game again and if it is a game you enjoy and are good at it will be fun.
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I will give you like a whole walkthrough.

1st: You have to open up a Store, Factory, and Warehouse.
2nd: Hire some people. I would suggest only Journeymen and Trainees.
3rd: Go to Your Factory> Start New Job. Pick a Species.
4th: Go to the Purchase Raw Goods link and buy what you need for that species. Usually you only need the Accessories that’s special. All others is used for every other species.
5th: (Do step 3) Then there should be a button to start your job.

I recommend about 30 staff at first with 3 managers. There should be at least one manager for 10 workers. The Working hours for Plushie Tycoon is 9 AM to 5PM NST.
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The Ice Caves – Its November 1, 2002, and I just lived one of the best Halloweens ever. Now we have Thanksgiving to look forward to, where we can travel to the Mystery Island and share a Grakle-Stuffed Turkey with all of our Neofriends. But others are looking forward to an even further holiday, one where we share gifts to all our friends, and anticipating gifts in return. This time of the season is when the prices of items will be around its peak. Here are some tips to save you some Neopoints and not get overpriced for underused items.

1) Buy now. Dont wait until December 24 to buy all of your Christmas presents, because thats the EXACT day when all the prices will be at their peak. Buy in advance. If you can (too late now), you could buy items in March/April, where prices are not that high because there are no good holidays there. But, since its already November, you should buy now.
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The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth

Gain a Life After Losing One

Enter drfranksloth to get an extra life after losing one life already.

Secret Programmer by kiwi7272

TROTRODS (pronounced troh-trods) for short). Anywho, on the main screen, the secret programmer appears strapped to rockets! Simply click the teeny white speck in the eye of Dr. Sloth in the background image. (The green version of Sloth, not the black one.)

Author’s Note: There are many guides out there telling you how to get the packrat avatar, but how many truly take into account other Avatars, or an actual plan? I hope this guide can help someone on their way!

Your Safety Deposit Box- No matter what you do, it seems like you cant get the 1000 items for the elusive Packrat avatar. You could go out and randomly buy things that you see, but where is the fun in that? All you can do after you get the avatar is sell it right back out again, to another person if anyone wants it. After going through the experience ourselves, my pets and I have decided that we would like to share our plans with all of Neopia, so that they may have a fun and enjoyable time packratting too.
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