This is a guide about addiction to Neopets and when it affects your life. I would like to point out the things I’ve seen on users who play Neopets. They might not even realize what they’re doing, so here it is:

*Have you ever achieved a goal, for example, bought that paintbrush you’ve always wanted? You were so happy that you even went to the boards and told everyone about it, but what happens when this happiness goes too far?*

Trophies: A Neopets poll states that a user lookup shines more because of painted pets, NOT trophies. Trophies are nice. I mean who doesn’t want to get one because of the hard work! Trophies are nice to have, but don’t go around making people feel bad when you have about 20 trophies and they have only 2. Bragging isn’t always a good thing. Feel good about what you’ve achieved, but don’t make it part of your whole life. Trophies are just virtual pictures. Not real life. Keep in mind most people get those trophies through cheating, and the rest because of hard work, so really you might think “woah, he has 25 trophies” because you thought he earned them himself, but in reality, he might’ve only earned 10 by himself, the rest through cheating or who knows how (yes this is actually true, ever wonder why most users agree that one of the games it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to get a 20,000,000 on? Unless it’s through cheating?) But hey, some people actually ARE good at games. Don’t let the fact of having 50 trophies control your life. When you grow up or quit Neopets, those trophies won’t matter anymore and hopefully you won’t lose them through hacking.

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Tubular Kiko Racing Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 12, 2016 — 2 Comments

Hold Down Both Keys

If you hold down both the left and right arrow keys at the same time it will easily get you at least 350 points and most of the time you wont even hit a whirlpool. – Amanda D.

Hints and Tips

Tubular Kiko Racing is not that hard of a game if you concentrate. The controls are a little hard to get used to, but once you do it’s a very easy game. When you start, don’t worry about your score just try to get used to the controls. After you get used to them, when you start don’t hit the rapids that speed you up because they will speed you into a whirlpool which is obviously not good. If you tap the left and right arrow keys quickly you will speed up. If you press the up and down arrow keys you will slow down. Avoid the rocks. You can press the space bar to shoot bullets to kill the enemy Kikos. If you follow this then you will get a good score. – Alexkaz1pa

A buzz will never sting you
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tamborine
A chia who is a mocker dances without a tambourine
A journey of a million miles begins on the marketplace map
A kyrii will get very upset if its hair gets messed up
A miss is as good as a mister
A neopoint saved is a neopoint not enough
A scorchio is a good storyteller if it can make a Skeith listen
A tuskaninny named colin lives on terror mountain
All neopets can find a job at the employment agency
All roads lead to neopia
An air of mystery surrounds the acara
An idle mind is the best way to relax

Sadly, I mean the game, not an ice-cream machine that you can go and get free ice-cream for your neopets whenever you like. But it is a really fun game in my opinion.

First I am going to tell you how to play it

You play a chia called Adee (which you move by moving the mouse).

The aim is to move around and avoid touching the scoops that start at the bottom of the screen and disappear when the get to the top (you could try quickly playing the game so you know what I am talking about).

You start with three lives and lose one each time you touch a scoop. On each level there is a certain amount of scoops you have to avoid to proceed to the next level (which increases by 25 each time).