This game is just luck. There really is nothing you can do to help yourself win. But here is the amount you CAN win.

A very bad hand: Nothing! You can’t win with this, no matter what. It’s the worst hand. It’s made of just a combination of random cards.

1 pair: You win 5 Neopoints! Better than nothing, but not good. You need 2 cards, of the same number or face. The suit does not matter.

2 pair: You win 10 Neopoints! It’s 2 pairs of 2 same numbered cards. The suit doesn’t matter.

3 of a kind: 20 Np! It starts getting hard after this one. 3 cards of the same number or face. The suit does not matter.
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Jhudora User Lookup

Chaz —  March 31, 2015 — Leave a comment

Jhudora User Lookup Preview

Pretty up your Neopets User Lookup by using our pre-made Guild Layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Jhudora User Lookup

“We’ll keep stepping up and just won’t stop”… according to what song? “Bop to the Top”
According to “Stick to the Status Quo”, it is better by far to… Keep things as they are
Everyone sings, “We’re all stars… and we see that…” We’re all in this together
Gabriella says that she “never believed in” what? What I couldn’t see
Gabriella sings, “It’s like you were floating…” While I was falling
In “Bop to the Top”, Ryan sings that “to be number one, you’ve got to…” Raise the bar
In “Get’cha Head in the Game”, Coach says to fake right and then do what? Break left
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Altador Cup IV Shields

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Ever wondered what all the shields available for the Altador Cup look like? Look no further… we have them here for you in all their glory!

If youre looking for a guide to tell you to do the freebies and play games, read one of the other neopoints guide on PPT, which ALL seem to be the same. Hope you like my guide, I tried to make it as different as possible from the other guides.

Easiest Way [I Know]

There are some items that can be used more than once such as omelettes. Some items are worth more after you use them once e.g. two dubloon coin costs about 3980 np to be precise, when you spend it on something worth one dubloon at the Golden Dubloon [a restaurant located in Krawk Island] you get one dubloon coin change, and a one dubloon coin is worth about 4500np [last time I checked], see where Im going with this? Another type of item similar to this are 1/3rds of pizzas, eat one piece and they usually end up selling for quite a bit more.
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