Have you ever played Turmac Roll? Most people call this game “addicting” or “never ending”. This is the simple guide for this great game.

Berry Points, Easy, Medium, Hard
Sniddberry, 1, 2, 3
Loveberry, 2, 4, 6
Chiaberry, 4, 8, 12
Conkerberry, 8, 16, 24
Voidberry, 15, 30, 45
Fishberry, 25, 50, 75
Jumbleberry, 50, 100, 150
Juicy Berry, 75, 150, 225
Unguberry, 100, 200, 300
Aquaberry, 200, 400, 600

Rules and Tips
– Every second you go you get 1 point in easy, 2 points in medium, and 3 points in hard.
– You use the right arrow key to go faster, the left arrow key one to go slower, and the up arrow key to jump.

Ocean Grey Petpage Layout

Pretty up your Neopets petpage using our pre-made petpage layouts. All you need to do is click on the link below and copy + paste it into your edit screen.

Ocean Green Swirl Petpage Layout

In retro commander keen style comes Chester Cheetah in a scroller game, where your aim is to basically finish the level by touching the balloon at the end of the level! of course, if you want points, you will have to rescue the cheeto packs and cheetos lying around. Depending on the cheeto you rescue will determine how many points you receive!

Just using your arrow keys to navigate the levels, bonuses in point scores can be gained by:

1) Finding all the cheetos in the level
2) Finishing the level with a large time remaining, and
3) Touching the top of the balloon line, giving you more time to slide down and thus, more points!

There are a number of limited pets on Neopoints and everyone wants them. Neopets has made it possible for people to get morphing potions for these pets but often this is expensive. A more recommended way to obtain this is to by transmogrification potions. these potions will make your pet into a mutant, but you can easily pet your rare pet with a paintbrush and get the pet you desire. For me I wanted a Koi and the morphing potion for a Koi is 600,000 this is really expensive, but what I did is by the mutant potion for only 200,000 used the paintbrush i got with my newbie pack and bang I got a Koi.

He battled ferocious storms, he braved chilling odds and he ran the whole 9 yards to bring you what we know as Neopets today. But do you really know who Adam really is? In a Pink Poogle Toy exclusive, we chased after Adam, we badgered him with relentless phone calls and we dogged his every move, until he finally gave in and gave us this up-close-and-personal interview, where we dig until there is nothing left to dig for, and we uncover astounding secrets about Adam. But if you think that’s all, just wait until you see what Adam revealed about the Neopets crew and the game history! For instance, did you know that we could have been playing Varmints? Read on and find out more wicked facts!