So far, the only use I found for them was as a quest item for the fire faerie. But honestly what do we do with them instead of quests?

Things you can’t do:

-Sell them for a lot of np
-WEAR them
-Play with them
-Eat them

Things you can do:
-Use them for quests
-Make a gallery
-Maybe, one day the neopets will get to wear them or they’ll magically become real and come out of out computers and we can wear them!

And that’s pretty much for clothes.

So you decide:

Waste of np


Something useful

Moral: Suzii thinks clothes on neopets is pointless – Suzii

Coconut Shy Tips

Kym Huynh —  September 29, 2016 — 2 Comments

The best coconuts to hit

The best coconuts to hit are the dark brown circular ones. They’re medium sized, you can’t miss ’em. And you’re probably thinking, “But I can’t aim!” No problem! Before aiming, click the outside part of the playing screen somewhere on the white space, hold the mouse button and move your mouse to the desired place. It’s best to aim it in the middle of the brown ones, or line the knuckle of the pointer finger with the pole. The hand doesn’t move with the mouse as your aiming, but it will zip right to the cursor when you release the button. Once it’s aimed, simply click as you usually would. Note: The brown ones almost always almost fall. – kermittyluver2

This game is pretty typical. Four neopets are having a race; the first one to get from Qasala to Sakhment is the winner!

The four characters you may choose from are Tomos, Osiri, Nabile, and Brucey B. There is NO difference between them. None of them are stronger than each other, get higher or lower numbers than each other, etc.

1 PLAYER – If you’re playing by yourself, you can pick from two of the characters.
2 PLAYERS – Yay! You’re playing with a friend now! You can both choose two of the characters.
3 PLAYERS – Two friends now! The three of you may each control 1 character as the computer controls the last one.

So your wanting to do some quests and make something out of it
well here’ how you can do it!

If you have at least 10k neopoints try doing a snow faerie quest first check to see the items she is wanting. Go to shop wizard and check all of the prices for the items if it is below 9k do the quest. Buy the items and give her the items before time runs out. Most likely you will receive about 2k neopoints a snowball and an item worth a lil bit more than what you paid. So just now you made a reasonable profit.

Building a NeoHome by LJ

Kym Huynh —  September 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

The first thing you need to know about owning a NeoHome is that it can be extremely expensive. It depends on all the factors, location, materials, extensions, furniture, gardens and the like, and while it is possible to integrate all this into a cheap NeoHome, it generally doesnt turn out so well. People tend to stop half way through with only a couple of rooms with maybe and item or two, because they didnt realize how costly it can be.

So if youre thinking about owning a NeoHome for yourself, I would suggest concentrating on working up your neopoints first. There are plenty of guides out there that help and its really not that hard once you get stuck into it. The lowest amount of cash it would take to get a simple, but fairly well furnished home, is about 40,000/50,000. Mine was around 150,000, and I dont even have mine in an expensive location with highest extension options. But hey, I might be wrong. If you think you can manage it was less than 40k, then go for it.