Trouble at the National Neopian

Ah, the daily life of a bank, money comes in, and (unfortunately) money goes out. It’s your job to make sure only the loyal customers pass through the doors of the NNB (National Neopian Bank).

To make your life harder there are six entry doors that you must man. Each door corresponds with a certain button. Starting from the left, door 1 is S, door 2 is D, door 3 is F, door 4 is J, door 5 is K and door 6 is L.

It is your job to watch out for pesky burglars which are:

  • The two Meerca Brothers,
  • A red Scorchio with a mask,
  • (more…)

I have to admit, even after being on Neopets for more than 14 months, I have realized that everyone needs help in surviving Neopets. Heck, TNT might be having a hard time as well.
So here, is my little mixed of version, of things that you need to know about Neopets, and how to survive.

The dailies are utterly the most easiest things to do to get yourself being filthy rich [yeah bring on the money!].

1. Coltzan Shrine- This daily place is VERY random. At times, you could get rare dubloons and lots of other goodies and at other times, you would get some cheap food or nothing at all =[ There used to be certain timings for when to get what sort of event, but sadly, TNT found out so they made it totally random.

Meriball is pretty easy, though it has a few bugs in it. Not much I can help with, but I’ll blab on anyway.

1. If your opponent is too hard for you, you may be lucky enough to use this trick as an advantage. When you are launching the ball, get somewhere next to the wall and wait for a mole to hit your opponent. It’ll take a while. Anyway, when one does, shoot the ball and hope the opponent won’t get up in time. This is hard with the last few guys.

2. It can be hard to tell who needs to hit the ball, so pay close attention.

Many thanks to Happy__K and Giggzabit for the answers!

How many children does Jim Evers have? – 2
How many ghosts haunt the mansion? – 999

The Haunted Mansion is based on a Disneyland ride. What other blockbuster movie was inspired by a Disneyland ride? – The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Back Pearl
The movie “The Haunted Mansion” is based on which of the following? – A famous Disney Theme Park Park ride in Disney Land

What character in the movie says this line: “Dark Spirits lift us…” – Madame Leota
What hour do they need to break the curse by? – The 13th hour


According to Barbie’s To Do List, Barbie thinks her power yoga teacher is: sooo cute
According to Barbie’s To Do List, she is meeting Chelsea in the East Village for: Coffee
According to Chelsea’s To Do List, she is meeting Madison in the East Village for: Yoga
According to the To Do List on her phone, what does Barbie need to shop for: CD’s

Barbie and her buds cured their early-winter blues by: Getting makeovers
Barbie went to a super fun fundraiser for charity. What was the them of the event? Beach party

Chelsea met a guy in her yoga class, and he invited her to: a play