The Pyramids Game is strictly a game of luck. Not every game is possible to win, so don’t feel let down if you can’t seem to do so. You can only win if the cards that are dealt to you can be used easily.

It’s a pretty easy game to get Neopoints on, however. All you have to do is click on a card that is either higher or lower than your currently dealt card. There are a few strategies you can do if you must.

If you have a choice of either clicking on a card that will reveal one other card or a card that will reveal two other, your best bet is to pick the one that will uncover two. This way, you can increase your chances of revealing a card that will be beneficial to your game.

Neopoints just float in your dreams? Do you want to win more? Not very good at games? Selling stuff, just not cutting it anymore? Than why not a guide for more neopoints Now thats a great idea. I will not tell you how to play each game, preferably because my article would waste space considering the game guides all have pretty clear directions, but if you need help clarifying the directions neomail pep_o_mintcandy.

Action and Puzzles

Faerie Bubbles: simple game, on its page it will give you tips on which bubbles to match.
Send Score if:
Score: 300np * 3 times = 900np.

Meerca Chase II: all you have to do is make your meerca try and catch all the neggs EXCEPT the RED ones.

Win all out
I recommend using the Tart side of the game because you automatically get a point. To get the most amount of points possible I recommend that if a puck gets in your goal you start a new game (without sending in your points!) and keep doing that until you have all three goals and none against you. This game doesn’t give out a lot of points but for winning you get 240 points if you have no points against you. Good Luck!

A lot of np!
If you play the Sweet side on Medium difficulty, you get 320 NP for EACH goal you have over the comp if you win. In other words, a 3-2 score would yield a measly 320 NP, a 3-1 score would net you a sizeable 640 NP, and a 3-0 score would get you an amazing 960 NP! – James Campbell

Hi. My name is Dreamer4284, a faithful Neopian. Although you probably dont know me, I am here to tell you my story. It is long, so sit back and relax.

One fine Sunday morning, I was chatting with my friend on AIM. We were having a good time, when all of a sudden she starts laughing! She said that she was chatting with a scammer, and was having a little *fun* with them. So, I decided that I wanted to have a bit of fun myself. So I asked her for the screen name, and she told me it was FlyBabi5. Then, my friend told me that the PERSON WHO SHE WAS CHATTING WITH HAD SAID SHE WAS GUCCI_MAMA and guess what I had just read that morning: yup, that is right the article here on pinkpoogletoy about the girl who had gotten scammed by this same person. Obviously, the same scammer goes around telling people that she is gucci_mama, when she is plainly not, just so it looks like she has a lot. That REALLY made me want to have a word with this loser. So, I began to chat.