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Happy gadgadsbogen day

Better late than never
Meercas despise red neggs
No news is impossible
Scorchios like hot places
Super Glue is forever

All roads lead to neopia
Dr Frank Sloth is green
Dung furniture stinks like dung
Keep your broken toys clean
Koi invented the robotic fish
Nimmos are very spiritual beings
Today is your lucky day

A buzz will never sting you
Be nice to Shoyrus or else
Carrots are so expensive these days
Chia bombers are mud slinging fools
Chombies are shy and eat plants
Faeries are quite fond of reading
Flotsams are no longer limited edition
Fuzios wear the coolest red shoes
Garon loves an endless challenging maze
Great neopets are not always wise
Kacheekers is a two player game
Korbats are creatures of the night


To collect all 12 McDonalds stamp imprints. Doing so will result in a 5,000 neopoints reward and a rare neopian image.

Cheeseburger Imprint

Score exactly 300 points in the Secret Image game.

Cup Stamp Imprint

Go to the McDonalds Shop and refresh By Holding DOWN the F5 Button.

Cybunny Stamp Imprint

** Note: How to get this stamp is currently unknown. The myth on how to get this is provided below, but so far, no one has been able to attain it. If anyone has more information, please contact and provide details.

To get the Cybunny stamp, you have to get all the McDonalds items (McDonalds Hamburger, McDonalds Beverage, McDonalds Happy Meal, McDonalds Apple Dippers, McDonalds Milk, McDonalds Chocolate Milk, Dollar Menu Double Cheeseburger, Dollar Menu Hot Fudge Sundae, Dollar Menu McValue Fries, Dollar Menu Side Salad) and keep them in your SDB. Go to the McDonalds Shop Page. Then Click On the Kyrii with Chicken McNuggets in hand, Usul with Fries in hand, Blumaroo with the Beverage in hand, and the Bruce or Kougra with the Burger in hand. It may not show up as a pop-up.

Defender Trainer Solutions

Kym Huynh —  February 22, 2018 — 1 Comment

Thanks to lucy5ive for the solutions!

The following is a list in alphabetical order of all the neopets, petpets and items found in the game. The numbers represent how many letters are in their names. The game requires you to identify which neopet, petpet or item corresponds to which clues, and this complete list of all the answers which appear will surely help you out!


Acara5 Aisha5
Blumaroo8 Bruce5 Buzz4
Chomby6 Cybunny7
Elephante9 Eyrie5
Gelert6 Grarrl6 Grundo6
Jetsam6 Jubjub6
Kau3 Kacheek7 Kiko4 Koi3 Korbat6 Kougra6 Krawk5
Lenny5 Lupe4
Meerca6 Moehog6 Mynci5
Peophin7 Poogle6 Pteri5

Cheeseroller Solutions

Kym Huynh —  February 21, 2018 — Leave a comment

Thanks to lclbubble, chocolatetoes, dragoneye808 and DarkS7ar for the information.

Cheese Name

Alkenore Cheese – 1200np
Angelpuss Cheese – 3600np
Big Beefy Cheese – 750np
Brain Cheese – 1050np
Brick Cheese – 1950np
Bubbling Blueberry Cheese – 1500np
Furry Chocomint Cheese – 3000np
Fragrant Ummagcheese Cheese – 2850np
Gooey Snot Cheese – 2100np
Heavy Bark Cheese – 2550np
Honey Cheese – 600np
Mummified Cheese – 3150np
Mutated Cheese – 1350np
Nimmo Tube Cheese – 3300np
Overgrown Cheese – 2400np
Peppermint Cheese – 2250np
Purple Spotted Cheese – 900np
Quadruple Fudge Cheese – 1800np
Smoked Snorkle Cheese – 300np
Space Cheese – 3450np
Spicy Juppie Cheese – 150np
Triple Mustard Cheese – 450np
Tyrannian Dung Cheese – 1650np
Warty Blue Cheese – 2700np

Make it down in a minute and you’ll also receive a free avatar.

Uber Faerie Cave Solutions

Kym Huynh —  February 12, 2018 — Leave a comment


This level must be done quickly as the cave slowly fills up with water.
5 down
3 up
1 down
1 down
2 left
1 down
1 left
1 up
2 left
1 down
3 left
3 right
4 down
5 right
2 up
2 down
8 left
2 up
1 right
1 up
1 left
3 up
2 right
1 up
3 right
1 up
3 right
3 up
1 left then
2 right quickly then 3 down quickly
when bomb has exploded, 3 up
5 left
2 down
3 left
1 up
4 left quickly
1 up
3 left
3 right
1 down
4 right
2 down
get all buckets
out through door thing
1 down
2 left
1 down then
4 up quickly
then 1 right quickly (pushing ball into hole)
1 left
1 down
3 left
get all keys
out and down, get all treasure chests
4 up
1 right
2 up
3 right