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Anyone can get a gold trophy in snow wars, and earn tons of snowballs in the process!

Snow wars is a luck/chance game rated hard. To get a gold trophy and win the game it takes at least 1000np, but its more likely to take about 3000-4000np. This is because you get a gold trophy after 10 competitors and each game costs 100 to start. The 4000np will easily be earned back if you sell the snowballs you get at the end of each battle. For instance, the stone snowballs you get at the end of level 10 sell for 1200 neopoints each, and you get two of them.

Pant Devil

Mission 1: Rescue Ginny’s Bike
Location of Enemy: Wheel of Excitement (or he has to steal something from you).
Difficulty: 21

Ghost Lupe

Mission 2: Neohome Nightmare
Location of Enemy: 131 Soup Alley. You may have to refresh.
Difficulty: 32

Cave Chia

Mission 3: Kidnapped!
Location of Enemy: Go to Cave Paintings Page 2 and refresh until you get him.
Difficulty: 58


Mission 4: Meuka Attacks!
Location of Enemy: One of your pets must have the Neoflu or Sneezles then go to Quick Ref.
Difficulty: 60

The Brain Tree

Mission 5: The Brain Tree’s Bad Day
Location of Enemy: Complete one of the Brain Tree’s Quests. To do that, complete two of the Esophagors’s Quests.
Difficulty: 91

Commander Garoo


This game is fairly simple, and can earn you 3,000np daily! I honestly don’t see why you don’t see it suggested more often. There object of this game is to dodge the ice cream that fly towards you. Here are some tips before you start the game.

1. Clean your mouse.
2. Close messaging programs (they can get in the way and make you loose a life simply).
3. If your computer lags, turn off the music and sound on the game to reduce lag. This game is played on the server, and thus, even if you lag, the game wont!

If you do not want to stand in front of a goal and waste time watching a ball bounce around, than it is time for you to enjoy the full experience of the game Deckball. Even though standing infront of your goal might keep your opponent from scoring on you, I find it very boring and time consuming. It’s time we get in the game.

The successfully play of Deckball is dependent of the managing of many small skills. Deckball skill comes with practice, and the key to Deckball is anticipation. One has to know how the ball moves, how your opponent moves, and what you should do to either score or avoid being scored upon.

Here I’m going to talk about some tricks that are obvious and some that are not to make you some np in Neopia.

1) Play games: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the best way and probably fastest to making np in Neopia.

2) Invest in the stock market: Some say don’t with the 15 np/share policy but if it goes below 15 its a certainty it’ll go above again, and the Pant Devil cant swipe your investments!

3) Do your daily tasks: Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine… You’ve heard it all before. Additionally, sell your omelettes which you can get for free in Tyrannia. You may ask, “How do I feed my pet?” and that’s when the rare trick comes in.