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Meriball is a relatively easy game. It may take practice, but it is very simple. The object of the game is to either break the ball, or bounce it off the wall and get it passed the opponent without him hitting it. Each time you score, you get a point, and first to 5 points wins. You can also grab an upgrade that will help you, hurt your opponent, or both.

Here’s the upgrades:

2xBall = ball becomes twice as fast

SLOWBall = ball becomes much slower (obviously)

2xMan = you become twice as fast

SLOWMan = your opponent moves much slower

Curvy Arrow = the ball goes against the laws of physics (eg.the ball left, then goes right back the same way it left!)

If you’ve been playing Neopets for quite some time now, you should be familiar with the game Alien Invasion, which was removed only to return as Math’s Nightmare. If you are a new player, or just haven’t tried out the game, then you’ll first need to know what this game is all about. Math’s Nightmare is, as the title proclaims, a math game. The object of the game is to keep the Babaas jumping over the fence by solving each math problem. There are four types of problems to choose from: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as a fifth choice that gives you random problems.

Stowaway Sting is very similar to the classic Deckswabber. Each level consists of an 8×8 grid of crates of three different heights, and the bare dock surface. Your goal is to change the tops all of the bare crates to the color designated in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the first three levels this is not a problem the crate changes blue once you step on it and stays that way. However, once you hit level four landing on a crate more than once toggles the color on and off, complicating things. You have 60 seconds to complete each level, or its game over.

Know this. If you want to ever get a high score on this game, you must receive the bonus points available at the end of each round. Roughly translated, you must not let anything drop without you catching it (minus the bad ones e.g. bomb (totally whacked chia) and piano (instant game over)). Why? The neopoint bonuses are ridiculously high! One round of bonus can amount to the equivalent of beating three rounds.

One of the hardest aspects of this game is the elastic effect. Because your character is moving along ice, your character is susceptible to sliding gracefully across ice (yeah right!). Therefore, when you move across the ice, be careful to move slowly unless you must make a dash for a fast moving item. If you are faced with two dropping items on both sides of the screen, run fast towards one side, and while you are halfway there, pres and hold the opposite direction arrow. This is because when you change direction, your character will slide towards the original direction and then change direction instantly once you catch that item!

First of all, you should try to get at least three kacheek bonuses, (By destroying 4 lines at once, you will recieve a kacheek bonus ) just in case you get in BIG trouble of course. Now, keep trying to line up four lines in a row, if the blocks won’t fit, or you just mess up, lay them somewhere, making a hole. You won’t regret messing up and leaving all of those holes in your field, because once you use a bonus, it may give you 110- 500+ points and refund you of a bonus.

Second of all, if you have shapes that don’t fit, fit them as best as you can and try to match up lines. The key of the game is to match up lines and get points, the bonuses make it much easier on you when your screen is almost full. If you have only about 3-5 lines of space left, and you have a large gap reaching down and across the playing field, land sylvester kacheek right above the gap and it should completely fill all the gaps ( If not all gaps, maybe most of them ) and you should receive a lot of points.