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This game is fairly simple, and can earn you 3,000np daily! I honestly don’t see why you don’t see it suggested more often. There object of this game is to dodge the ice cream that fly towards you. Here are some tips before you start the game.

1. Clean your mouse.
2. Close messaging programs (they can get in the way and make you loose a life simply).
3. If your computer lags, turn off the music and sound on the game to reduce lag. This game is played on the server, and thus, even if you lag, the game wont!


If you’ve ever played Bejeweled, you will know how this game works. You must interchange two pieces on the board that are adjacent to create a vertical or horizontal line of at least 3 identical symbols. Once these lines are made, they disappear, and more pieces fall from above.

It is possible to start chain reactions from that one move! The first combo is 1X, the second combo is 2X, the third combo is 3X, and so on. (It is a linear multiplier.)

GAME PIECES (symbols)

(Color pieces)
Magenta Gem
Dark Orange Sunburst
Light Orange Geb (pyramid)
Yellow Pillar
Yogreen Palm Tree
Blue Anubis Head
Black Ccarab
(Non-color pieces)
Red Bomb
Wild Card: Lucky Coin

It is said that all Meepit require their daily Juppie Juice fix to function properly, and in this game where the path to feeding each Meepit with juice is congested with an assortment of pipes, you have to find a way to arrange the pipes, so that when you pour the juice down a selected pipe, it will find it’s way to the hungry Meepit’s mouth.

What you see in the picture above is what is referred to as the Juice-O-Matic. This machine is comprised of many white pipes located in the center of the screen, which you will have to manipulate so that a direct pipe line can be made from the juice source (left of the screen) to the Meepit sitting in the tree (right of the screen). Clicking on a white pipe will rotate it clockwise and there is no limit on how many times the pipes may be clicked. However be warned that there is a time limit on how long the hungry Meepit will essentially wait for you to feed it. These times can be seen by the number which appears above the Meepits head, however I will discuss these strategies later on in this guide.

The day started like any other would, except there was one difference. It was my birthday. I was going to the beach that day, but because it was only about an hour away I did not have to get up at the crack of dawn. So I decided to go on Neopets. I thought best do the daily things and then I can get some np and then I can put it in the bank later.

The first thing I planned to do was my fruit machine free spin, I could not believe my luck when it had said that I had won 10,000 np and a water muffin worth about 12,000 np. I decide to sell my water muffin, to my surprise it sold within seconds. So I go to the beach with a smile on my face knowing I was 22,000 np richer.

Pyramids is based on luck. To win, all you need is time. To get a high score when you can’t win, you need to be smart; this is how the scoring system works:

You get points for the row the card you played is in;
– 1 point for the bottom row (7th row)
– 2 points for the 6th row
– 5 points for the 5th row
– 12 points for the 4th row
– 15 points for the 3rd row
– 25 points for the 2nd row
– 498 points for the 1st row

Additionally, you get points for the “consecutive play” (the number in a chain):

2 * the consecutive play.