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In Neopia there lived an intelligent Kougra. Some people may think no better than any other, but that was not the opinion of some foolish, giggly female Kougras. This Kougras name was Heath. He often thought about his name and why his father had chosen it for him. His father had told him just before he died that it had a strong ring to it and he felt it suited heath perfectly. Every day the bouncy female Kougras showered him with fine gifts of Draiks eggs and Ukalis and fancy comments on how they would love to be his doting wife. They did this regularly as this Kougra in particular was exceptionally good-looking and he was extremely noble. His coat would glint in the mid-day sun, his teeth where pearly white and his claws were preened to perfection. Heath got tired of all this attention and affection; he just wanted to be treated normally and be able to make his own lunch and go places when he wanted to go. Heath had a secret that no one knew but himself, he was injured in a surfing accident and was now blind.

Okay, face it. Paying for your Neopet’s meals is just a big pain. First of all, the Main and Health Food Stores are rarely selling anything when you click on them. And shopkeepers having prices for some items over 1000 NP for an item as simple as a Green Apple which should be 5 NP. As for the Shop Wizard, it may be handy, but some Neopetters are broke and have pride too high to go to the Soup Faerie. I say, it’s high time you save your precious NP for something more useful, like codestones, Faeries or paintbrushes. Those may seem eons away from now but you’ll get there eventually.

Here I’m going to talk about some tricks that are obvious and some that are not to make you some np in Neopia.

1) Play games: You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again. It’s the best way and probably fastest to making np in Neopia.

2) Invest in the stock market: Some say don’t with the 15 np/share policy but if it goes below 15 its a certainty it’ll go above again, and the Pant Devil cant swipe your investments!

3) Do your daily tasks: Tombola, Fruit Machine, Coltzan’s Shrine… You’ve heard it all before. Additionally, sell your omelettes which you can get for free in Tyrannia. You may ask, “How do I feed my pet?” and that’s when the rare trick comes in.

As you all know, is a fun site, but it does come with its flaws. Nasty users, automatic freezing bots, games that dont work, plots and new features that take forever to be released, hideously expensive items, and so forth. But I have stopped playing Neopets for quite a while now, and my neopian adventure has just been getting better and better.

How did I do this? By spending the last thirty dollars I will ever give to neopets inc. and buying an interactive Shoyru plushie. Ever since I named her pezzini25 in honor of my first (wrongfully frozen) pet, I knew my neolife was about to get a whole lot better. For one, she is now a lot easier to fit around my schedule of school and work. No stopping in the middle of my homework to sneak online and check on her, oh, no. I just lean over in between writing paragraphs and give her a quick hug. She giggles, and all is happy. I also dont have to clog up our one phone line with what my father calls “useless goofing off.” Hes happy, Im happy, and pezzini25s happy. What can be better than that? I can tell you.

To the north of Neopia, in the icy caves of Terror Mountain, a seemingly endless battle continues as week speak. The Grundo’s that were once enslaved and terrorized by the evil and vile Doctor Sloth is now being terrorized by wave after wave after wave of beastly snow figures, sometimes small, sometimes, not-so-small, and sometimes with full frontal assaults. There are about three dozen of these said Grundo’s encamped there but with them are renegade volunteers who are aligning themselves with those Grundo’s to protect them from the onslaught of snow monsters. They have even gone to the extent of posting flyers all around Neopia and putting ads in the Neopian Times magizines asking for volunteers and offering the small nominal awards that they could barely afford with the donations from the money tree, the good and kind faeries of Faerieland and a few other small organizations such as Neopets Against Doctor Sloth (N.A.D.S.) who align themselves with and assist in the neutralization of any and all of the nastier denizens of neopia. One of the big-time managers of the Neopian Employment Agency located in Faerieland saw one of these flyers and took it upon himself to start creating jobs for assisting the Grundos of the Terror Mount Ice Cave. One a neopet accepts and receives a job to work with the above mentioned Grundos for a certain specified amount of time the NeoPet goes there and hands one of the Commanding Generals on duty the slip of paper handed to them by the pursar at the employment agency mentioned above. And after working the specified amount of time as mentioned above, that general signs his signature on it stating that the neoPet has worked the specified amount of time and has done so to a degree of satisfaction. That NeoPet then returns to the Employment Agency and hands one of the pursars the slip with the signature and receives his payment and if the signature states that the neopet has worked to a degree of excellence then the NeoPet gets a bonus of anywhere from one NeoPoint and up. this war between the Grundos of the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain has been going on for generations now and the assistance of the employment agency has been there with them for over two decades now. And now the Employment Agency receives hundreds upon hundreds of requests everyday from the Wockies of the Lost Desert for assistance in warding off the on-going raid of alien invaders as well as Zygorax and his allies requesting assistance up in outer space in the thwarting of the attack of evil fuzzles AAAANNNDDD The Tyrannian Council who are debating as we speak about the rumors of up and coming war and they ask for not only assistance, they also ask that those who choose NOT to participate, that they should board up there windows and create storm shelters and hidden room tp hide and find cover in case the rumor become true. Many Neopets ask, “Well what are we going to do if we DO beat them? Let them go and wait for them to attack again? Many Neopets talk of rumors answering these very same questions as rumors are floating all about Neopia stating that plans are being made to force them into the Haunted Woods and turn it into a prison fortress. Nobody knows for sure though whether these rumors will or will not come to be but many entertain them in hopes that they do, I myself am one. –