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Ever wondered what all the shields available for the Altador Cup look like? Look no further… we have them here for you in all their glory!

The objective of this game is to serve the customers which ever slushie they ask for. They have three choices to choose from: green, pink, and blue/grey (ordered from top to bottom of screen). You move the waitress with the arrow keys and you get the slushie cups filled (also to give the cup to the customer) by using the space bar.

So when you start the game, you’ll find the that there are three, long stone counters in a row, each one has a slushie machine in at the end of it. The waitress, you, will be at the top counter, looking away from the slushie machine. Customers will pop up at the way left of the screen and you’ll find a bubble next to their heads that has an image of which slushie they wish to have. Use the up and down arrow key to stand in front of the machine and then use the right arrow key to face it pressing the space bar to get that flavor in a cup. When its filled turn around and move to stand in front of the correct counter and press space bar again for it to slide down towards the customer.

Many have asked, “Which team is the most powerful?” or maybe ,”Which are the most fastest?” The answer to this is – there is no fast or slow, powerful or weak teams. It all boils down to you and how good you play.

Though there are some what I call “illusions”. For example when you play teams like Maraqua, Darigan or Altador (there might be more others), notice you can see their legs moving?

However, when you play Lost Desert, it seems as if they ar sliding or flying or floating. You get my point.

That is why I guess people tend to compare teams.

Altador Cup Prizes 2007

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The Altador Cup Coordinating Committee’s Prize Shop Subcommittee Chairman greets you as you enter the shop. “Welcome! You’ve come to spend your Altador Cup prize points, I take it? Well, we’ve got quite a selection for you here today. Feel free to look around before you decide…”

So you’ve completed the Altador plot and want to know what prizes are available now? Well wonder no more my Neopian friend, for below is the complete list to all the plot prizes available.

Didn’t complete the Altador plot? Unfortunately you won’t be able to access these prizes, but don’t worry; there is always next time.

For those who are about to collect their prizes, a good tip is to keep the prizes in your Safety Deposit Box for a long time as they usually appreciate in value. Just make sure you choose a good prize and not one that everyone can get.

Altador Cup V Trophies

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