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Skip a level

Type quaglor to skip a level. – knd1994123

Move through things without touching them

If you enter CTRL when you are moving, you can go thought some stuff without touching them. – natula09

Explode the gem

If you click on the gem on the top of her crown, a guy will appear with a torch and dynamite and will blow it up! – Guinealover3

If a user does what she asks, the fountain faerie shall bless them with the ability to change into any color they want of their species! However, the fountain faerie quests are elusive, due to the fact that the fountain faerie rarely requires an item. If you are asked by her, I would advise against turning her down. The following is an example of what occurs during a fountain faerie quest.

Going to the faerie quests page.

After giving her the item.
At this point, I was able to change my active pet to the one I wanted to paint. I believe it needs to be done before going to the rainbow springs in Faerieland.

Faerie Bubbles Tips

Kym Huynh —  January 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

Light combos, fire combos and positioning of random bubbles

Here are a few tips that I’ve found helpful when playing Faerie Bubbles:

1. Light combos are your friend! Sometimes light combos seem like they’re bad because they change the surrounding bubbles to unpredictable colors. But they’re actually very useful. If you can make a light combo right next to a huge chunk of Earth, Air, or Dark bubbles, you’ll get rid of them and you won’t have to deal with the combos that ARE bad.

2. Same thing goes for fire combos. If you start out with a big chunk of “bad” bubbles, making a fire combo next to them can get rid of some of them so you won’t have to get a bad combo. Be on the lookout for opportunities!

From here go right 3, left 3, then down to the very bottom, collect the key two right. Go 2 left then go up 3 and all the way right to the crumble wall above you (one right of the diamond). Go through that and push the boulder to your right, over the edge. Go one right and two down.

Push the bottom bolder all the way left so it is one right of the sense pad (don’t push it over the edge) go back to the other boulder (go right to the hole in the roof, go up 2, go right 3, down 1, right1, down 2) then push this one 6 to the right exactly, that’s one before the TNT above you, but one after a crumble wall beneath you. Now go one right and down the crumble wall, then left to the balloon. Push the balloon, then go back 1, then push that boulder to the very left as shown in the 3rd picture.

The prospect of a Neopets video game has intrigued me for quite a while, and I am immensely pleased with how the game looks.

First off, the graphics are thirty times more better than the ones in the original game for PS1. Sure, we may have lost the minigames, but having a cool mote magic and Petpet power up system makes it all worthwhile.

Speaking of the mote magic system, it looks simple and easy to use. I’ve seen a screenshot with Tormund’s sword having snowflakes swirling around it, so we can bet that there are going to be a lot more elements than just fire, water, air, earth, dark and light. This is good, as Neopets now avoids the confusing concept of dual-type monsters. If only they could do the same for the TCG.