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Anyone can get a gold trophy in snow wars, and earn tons of snowballs in the process!

Snow wars is a luck/chance game rated hard. To get a gold trophy and win the game it takes at least 1000np, but its more likely to take about 3000-4000np. This is because you get a gold trophy after 10 competitors and each game costs 100 to start. The 4000np will easily be earned back if you sell the snowballs you get at the end of each battle. For instance, the stone snowballs you get at the end of level 10 sell for 1200 neopoints each, and you get two of them.

Pant Devil

Mission 1: Rescue Ginny’s Bike
Location of Enemy: Wheel of Excitement (or he has to steal something from you).
Difficulty: 21

Ghost Lupe

Mission 2: Neohome Nightmare
Location of Enemy: 131 Soup Alley. You may have to refresh.
Difficulty: 32

Cave Chia

Mission 3: Kidnapped!
Location of Enemy: Go to Cave Paintings Page 2 and refresh until you get him.
Difficulty: 58


Mission 4: Meuka Attacks!
Location of Enemy: One of your pets must have the Neoflu or Sneezles then go to Quick Ref.
Difficulty: 60

The Brain Tree

Mission 5: The Brain Tree’s Bad Day
Location of Enemy: Complete one of the Brain Tree’s Quests. To do that, complete two of the Esophagors’s Quests.
Difficulty: 91

Commander Garoo


Ok this strategy is a complete variation of all the other strategies listed on this site. First off, play HIGHLY offensive, especially when the ball starts off. Take a few rounds to learn how to judge which side you are going to be able to hit the ball on. ALWAYS hit the ball off of the top side, or if it is going slow enough that Mirgle (the monkey) goes for it on the bottom you can plough right through it. Your advantage is that mirgle always goes straight for the ball, and therefore he get to the middle to hit the ball slower than you can because he chases it. Always try to hit ball off of the top side into the goal because (A) Mirgle has a harder time defending that area [game program] (B) Mirgle can defend the bottom much easier (C) The top is easier to gauge, and the distance between the bottom and the goal is smaller. If you keep spinning (holding a arrow button -right or left) you keep your speed, and that can make it easier to get around, and if you try to change directions, use the wall to bounce off of, while using the spin technique (Once you have tried these guidelines for about a week, you can on average, with only 8 accounts, and if you get a decent score (10 – i never have gotten lower) you will make 108000 in one day, without anything else. – Curtis S.

After reading the guide already on the site, I felt like contributing some more to the laws of averages. While the statistics mentioned before are all very well and good, al they work out is your chance of getting a certain amount of wins via the possibilities – this takes into account the fact that if you lose once, that’s it. This basically works out the chance of getting to a certain round, depending on how many times you play, instead of just your chance of winning.

For those of a nervous disposition, look away now.

nCr x p^r x q^n-r = Probability of when you’ll lose depending on how many rounds you want to go for

If you follow this guide it will easily get you 1k each play every time! So read up and get out there and play as much as you want; who knows you might even get a trophy!


The point of this game is to help Cylara and Gorix survive the dread planet of Kreludor. Help them gather up their ship parts without them getting killed by the evil inhabitants of Kreludor. It is either kill or be killed so kill all enemies in your way. They must complete all the levels in order for you to truly win the game, but it is still fun to just play and see how far you can go. If you beat all 20 levels then you win the game, and they are free.