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One of the more enjoyable aspects of Neopets is the involvement of the community in Neopets-specific events. These events often come in the form of wars and plots ranging in complexity and depth of storyline. Despite controversy regarding how well planned they are (such as the lateness in delivering plot and war prizes), it is certain that the coming of a plot or war heralds much excitement among the Neopets populace and is often accompanied by a surge in activity in message boards such as the PPT Forum.

What is the difference between a Neopets plot and a Neopets war?

Both Neopets plots and Neopets wars involve story lines that revolve around Neopia. However, recent plots at Neopets have had a common theme of being shorter in length and making way for the release of a new feature on Neopets.

This will be the third war I’ve participated in and have a good idea of what will happen based on the previous wars I’ve been in. I attend a message board that has asked for some information about wars and I figured that this would be helpful to people:

1. You do not need to sign up for the war, you are automatically entered into it that is if you wish to fight

2. The war will take place in the battledome like any other battle

3. During the war all the current 1 player battledome opponents will likely be disabled till the end of the war or possibly longer