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Meriball is a relatively easy game. It may take practice, but it is very simple. The object of the game is to either break the ball, or bounce it off the wall and get it passed the opponent without him hitting it. Each time you score, you get a point, and first to 5 points wins. You can also grab an upgrade that will help you, hurt your opponent, or both.

Here’s the upgrades:

2xBall = ball becomes twice as fast

SLOWBall = ball becomes much slower (obviously)

2xMan = you become twice as fast

SLOWMan = your opponent moves much slower

Curvy Arrow = the ball goes against the laws of physics (eg.the ball left, then goes right back the same way it left!)

Stowaway Sting is very similar to the classic Deckswabber. Each level consists of an 8×8 grid of crates of three different heights, and the bare dock surface. Your goal is to change the tops all of the bare crates to the color designated in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the first three levels this is not a problem the crate changes blue once you step on it and stays that way. However, once you hit level four landing on a crate more than once toggles the color on and off, complicating things. You have 60 seconds to complete each level, or its game over.

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Quickly, I’d like to note that unlike many other guides, I’m actually giving you a near fail proof strategy to earn a trophy. You were smart enough to get here. You know the drill. Skip this first part and head straight to the strategy if that’s the kind of thing you do.

Semi-Mandatory Opening

Space, one particular form of frontier. A barren plain of stars, planets, satellites, a bustling neopian market, and lots of empty Achyfi bottles. Okay, so it’s not so barren. But if it was, it would be. Or something.

The first game to play is called Usuki Frenzy. It is easy to play and my tip is to not travel through doors too quickly because Usuki sets are sometimes in front of them and it will cost you time if you collect a wrong set.

The second game is Rink Runner. Pretty simple- all you have to do is click a bit beyond the correct notes and avoid the sharps.

Meepit Chase 2 is easy- my tip is to keep quitting until you get a rare negg as a starter. Just avoid the red neggs!

The trick to our fourth game, Jubble Bubble, is to have patience. And also to collect the coins because they give you 25 points.

Bumper cars promotion imageA game of quick intuition, rough speed and banging, bumper cars will not only help you ease your frustration, it will also earn you neopoints on the side! and possibly, a shiny new trophy to display and bragging rights. This game is played rodeo style, four cars locked in a ring where they crash and bang each other to victory. The victor, the last one standing.

There are many hints and tips to this game. To effectively beat this game and receive a higher score, you must aim not to lose hp, even though you still gain a little bit at the start of each new level. Even though you may be at full health, the extra health at the new level will add to it. When you hit a car, immediately back away as the opponent car often charges you straight after doing major damage. A good strategy is to hit the opponent car front on, then reverse, and hit another car boot first. Most people play this game by running in circles in the center, letting other cars bang into them but hurting themselves while others dodge the other cars and finish off the last one. Any method is fine but remember that you can only score points for as many hits as you do.