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Everyday when I go onto Neopets, I go on the Help board to see if there is anyone I might be able to help. Almost everyday I see a board that says ‘Is this a scam?’ Now, if I go on that board, I am almost certain to find that no one at all has offered help to the poor person who started the board. No, instead, they are only saying things like: ‘Oh you are so gullible’, ‘You are scamming’ and ‘What a n00b’.

None of those comments are helping the person who started the board, and the reason they started the board was, like it or not, to get help. Maybe it is a bit gullible, falling for a scam, but we all make mistakes, and anyway, being gullible is no ones fault.

Evan, Kym, Daveand Drake return as veteran hosts to bring you episode 31 of The PPT Show. Pointing their minds to poignant questions such as whether or not Neopets support obesity, the unlikely quadruple threat explore unchartered territory in the first interstate podcast episode. Topics covered in this episode include the NC spotlight, Adam Powell and Donna William’s signing of the PPT collage, the new Neopets merchandise coming soon, Neopets new drive to release a lot of games, PPT 2.0, and Neopets plots.


The following is a list in alphabetical order of all the neopets, petpets and items found in the game. The numbers represent how many letters are in their names. The game requires you to identify which neopet, petpet or item corresponds to which clues, and this complete list of all the answers which appear will surely help you out!

Acara5 Aisha5
Blumaroo8 Bruce5 Buzz4
Chomby6 Cybunny7
Elephante9 Eyrie5
Gelert6 Grarrl6 Grundo6
Jetsam6 Jubjub6
Kau3 Kacheek7 Kiko4 Koi3 Korbat6 Kougra6 Krawk5
Lenny5 Lupe4
Meerca6 Moehog6 Mynci5
Peophin7 Poogle6 Pteri5
Scorchio8 Shoyru6 Skeith6

A lot of people have made these guides; hopefully this will be the one you use. Lets get started, ok?

First: Decide how much money you want to make each day; it is ok to be under or over this amount.
Second: Decide how much money you want to make in a week; it is ok to be under or over this amount.
Third: Decide how much money you want to make in a month, it is ok to be over or under this amount.

I decided that I wanted to make at least 5,000 np a day, 35,000 np a week, and 140,000 np a month. How did I come up with these numbers? First I decided on a daily goal, the amount I wanted to make each day. Then I timed that amount by 7, to get the amount I wanted to make in a week. Finally I timed that amount by 4, to get the amount I wanted to make in a month. Please note that these are the numbers I chose, you can choose any number your heart desires.

Never Pay For Food Again

Kym Huynh —  February 8, 2017 — Leave a comment

Okay, face it. Paying for your Neopet’s meals is just a big pain. First of all, the Main and Health Food Stores are rarely selling anything when you click on them. And shopkeepers having prices for some items over 1000 NP for an item as simple as a Green Apple which should be 5 NP. As for the Shop Wizard, it may be handy, but some Neopetters are broke and have pride too high to go to the Soup Faerie. I say, it’s high time you save your precious NP for something more useful, like codestones, Faeries or paintbrushes. Those may seem eons away from now but you’ll get there eventually.