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Krawk User Lookup

bubbly-chaz —  March 19, 2018 — Leave a comment

 Krawk User Lookup preview

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Krawk User Lookup

Pant Devil

Mission 1: Rescue Ginny’s Bike
Location of Enemy: Wheel of Excitement (or he has to steal something from you).
Difficulty: 21

Ghost Lupe

Mission 2: Neohome Nightmare
Location of Enemy: 131 Soup Alley. You may have to refresh.
Difficulty: 32

Cave Chia

Mission 3: Kidnapped!
Location of Enemy: Go to Cave Paintings Page 2 and refresh until you get him.
Difficulty: 58


Mission 4: Meuka Attacks!
Location of Enemy: One of your pets must have the Neoflu or Sneezles then go to Quick Ref.
Difficulty: 60

The Brain Tree

Mission 5: The Brain Tree’s Bad Day
Location of Enemy: Complete one of the Brain Tree’s Quests. To do that, complete two of the Esophagors’s Quests.
Difficulty: 91

Commander Garoo


The name’s ladymcalpine2001. I’ve been with Neopets for 21 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But I’ve been the victim of 9 account hacks – my pet, babatasha, is the sole survivor of those 9 hacks. All my other pets were frozen/deleted.

My stupidity was the cause of the first 2 hacks – scammers if you will. The third, fourth and fifth times were through who I thought were TRUSTED Neofriends. Sixth was through someone deciding my account with 2.8 million NP would be good to share, which resulted in it being frozen. Seventh and eight times were through blatant smartasses being “cool” on Neopets. And the Ninth was only recently…

Neopets by dialup
Yes a large portion of Neopets users like myself are still using a dialup internet connection via a phone line and modem and slow connections through home or office networks with shared internet. How often is it that one sits in the Kadoatery for 3 hours straight constantly refreshing and waiting in the boards for refresh times to only ever see that one hungry Kadoatie wanting the unbuyable and never seeing a refresh as by the time the page loads the Kadoaties have already been fed. Or going to do a crossword with answers from a friend and only receiving 200np as it took over 15 minutes for the page to upload each of your answers. Yes it does seem that if your internet connection is slow it will take neopoints to make neopoints and a lot of obsessive stress to win trophies. But here I will tell you what to give up on, what’s worthwhile doing and what possible ways to earn neopoints even on a slow connection.

Introducing the new The PPT Show hosting formula, we’re bringing in four (or four plus one) hosts Kym Huynh, Dave Moyer, Jonny Blackler, Lee and Helena to the mix to bring you an episode of hilarity, mischief and mayhem. From topics such as a wrap of Neopets Halloween to the new Neopets game “Ready to Roll” and discussion of the latest news on Neopets, in no way or form do we discuss nor endorse illegal activities on Neopets… ever. You’ll just have to listen to find out what we mean.