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The prospect of a Neopets video game has intrigued me for quite a while, and I am immensely pleased with how the game looks.

First off, the graphics are thirty times more better than the ones in the original game for PS1. Sure, we may have lost the minigames, but having a cool mote magic and Petpet power up system makes it all worthwhile.

Speaking of the mote magic system, it looks simple and easy to use. I’ve seen a screenshot with Tormund’s sword having snowflakes swirling around it, so we can bet that there are going to be a lot more elements than just fire, water, air, earth, dark and light. This is good, as Neopets now avoids the confusing concept of dual-type monsters. If only they could do the same for the TCG.

Everyone knew this was going to happen, and it did! Coming to the Play Station console comes an RPG styled Neopets game from The Code Monkeys, Ltd. The unveiling of the information came as a sudden wave, taking many by surprise, and to think that Neopets was able to keep the entire production under wraps? They ought to be commended! A sampling of the game should be available to the public at the Electronic Entertainment Expo for 2003. The following information was taken from

Title – NEOPETS The Darkest Faerie
Publisher – SCEA
Developer – The Code Monkeys, Ltd.

The PlayStation website for The Darkest Faerie ( has hidden desktop goodies for you to download if you’re able to unlock them. Provided here are instructions as to how to access them.

Desktop Backgrounds

Tormund Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Illusen’s Glade.
3) Click on the box near one of the bridges.

Roberta v. Werelupe Desktop
1) Go to the Maps section.
2) Visit Brightvale.
3) Click on the bush located at the edge of the cliff on the left portion of the map.

Roberta & Tor Desktop
1) Visit the Characters section.
2) Browse around the section until you see a red Juppie. When it appears, click it.

Directed by: Douglas Carrigan
Writing credits: Scott Campbell
Produced by: Jeff Jirsa
Sound Department: Jaimie Siedow
Animator: Eli Enigenburg
Production Companies: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Genre: Adventure
Cast: Piera Coppola (The Darkest Faerie), Adrienne Wilkinson (the voice of Malice)

Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 Production Information