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The name’s ladymcalpine2001. I’ve been with Neopets for 21 months now, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely. But I’ve been the victim of 9 account hacks – my pet, babatasha, is the sole survivor of those 9 hacks. All my other pets were frozen/deleted.

My stupidity was the cause of the first 2 hacks – scammers if you will. The third, fourth and fifth times were through who I thought were TRUSTED Neofriends. Sixth was through someone deciding my account with 2.8 million NP would be good to share, which resulted in it being frozen. Seventh and eight times were through blatant smartasses being “cool” on Neopets. And the Ninth was only recently…

Well, first you have to know something. You’ve seen those other guides where those people give you simple advice and tell you all random information that you usually don’t even need to know, right? For example: “Don’t log in to a fake log in page!” Well, duh. We aren’t ALL vegetables you know. But I am going to tell you what scammers and hackers REALLY think about when going about doing it, because I used to scam and hack people’s accounts. I stopped since I got frozen and I realized that it really WASN’T worth losing my account over a few thousand np. So let’s start from the basics.

I have been playing neopets since early August of 2001. I never had been hacked by anybody and I was very rich. Not to brag or anything, but I had about 7 million NP from buying, selling, playing games, etc. I also had many very rare items that I just kept for no really good reason. I guess I thought that I’d do something with them someday… but I never did. Then, in the winter when I found out that two of my REALLY good friends from school played neopets, I was sooo happy! Then I actually had somebody I knew in real life to talk to on Neopets and get help from and give help to. We always were in each others accounts playing games for each other and helping each other get rich. My two friends (let’s call them.. eh.. well.. Stacy and Barb..) were always a little jelous that I had more NP and items than they did. They both had about half of a million.

I was having fun with him but I did not list their username I am minnow he is singer.

SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share accounts
SiNgEr4EvA197: but not scam
SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz if ur a scammer nvm bout the whole thing!
Minnow115: what ever

wantted to make a scammer friend

SiNgEr4EvA197: u r a scammer?!
Minnow115: i make 12000np aday
Minnow115: no
Minnow115: im
Minnow115: not
SiNgEr4EvA197: o ok

your allowed to do this

Minnow115: i have multible accounts i make 6000 aday on each account
SiNgEr4EvA197: ok
SiNgEr4EvA197: lol
SiNgEr4EvA197: how many nps do u hvae
SiNgEr4EvA197: i have a million
Minnow115: about 50000
Minnow115: a million
Minnow115: can i have some?
SiNgEr4EvA197: sry no

probly no not enough probly doesnt have enough

Minnow115: darn
SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share acocunts

Interview With a Scammer 2

Kym Huynh —  December 26, 2017 — 1 Comment

Recently, I borrowed some of your interview question to interview myself. I feel that it’s very helpful in determining some of the events that occurred during the past on such as the reasoning of what caused outside URLs to be blocked. Please read my interview.

Q. How long have you been scamming on Neopets?
About three and a half years. (Late 2001.)

Q. Why did you begin scamming on Neopets? Were you a once-victim or did you fall on it for the sheer thrill of scamming?
Just as any player, I too began playing the virtual website and began to realize how entertaining it was too me. Moreover, I began spending more and more time on the website and thus became a neopets-addict. One day, I discovered a glitch for the Fruit Machine Gamea simple refresh and youd win a prizeeasy eh? Well, this of course caught up with me, and I was frozen. Sad, but willing to still play the site, I created a new account. Just as any player might do, I began searching the wiz for any low-priced such as battle weapons, paintbrushes, –basically any catch I could get. One day, I searched the wizard for a Blue Paint Brush for an unusual price of 2 nps. Hard to believe that after entering the shop, the item was there, I clicked the item, and was led to a fake-login page. I wasnt familiar with fake-login pages, so I entered my login information and was led to Pet Central. Unusual, I figured that the staff must have logged everyone off the site. I went to my inventory only to discover that the item I attempted to purchase wasnt there, and concluded I was too little too late. I went on to say, Ill try my luck next time. Moments later, I was logged out of my account and attempted to log-in, etc. etc Eventually realized that I was scammed.