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A grand game of key hitting action! 🙂 Can you get all the petpets safely away before Balthazar comes and gobbles them up? Use Samrin the Kacheek to guide them into the paddock at one of the four gates (these keep disappearing the further you go on until there is just one left) So far this has become one of my top fav’ games, and I hope with the help from this guide, it will become your favourite too

Snowflakes- Freezes Balthazar so he can’t move
Orange speed orb- Makes you go faster

When you first start out the game, your character will be in the bottom right-hand corner. Use the arrow keys to run over to pick up petpets and drop them safely in the paddock (by touching one of the gates) Hurry and get them all in before Balthazar comes and gets them, or maybe even you. If you have to, use the space bar to drop petpets

A new game was recently released by Neopets that just might be one of the best neopoint making games around. Even a novice player can usually manage a cool 400 neopoints from this game every sitting. While the pros can make 800+ neopoints a game. This guide is made to try and help you get the highest score possible.

Now to clear something up I am not an expert player at the game but I am an above average player. Now then as a summary the point of the game is to simply get all of your PetPets into a enclosed fence area. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! Unfortunately Balthazar the Faerie Bounty Hunter has had a tough day and is feeling a bit hungry! What does this mean for you? Balthazar if you get close enough will eat YOU or any PetPet that gets in it’s way. When this happens you lose a life. After three lives your game ends.

It’s a new game, and a fun one at that! Extreme Herder. In this game, you are running around trying to get your flock of pet pet’s into a coral before Balthazar the bounty hunter eats them. You have three lives, and every time Balthazar eats one of your pet pets (or you) you lose a life. When you’ve lost all three lives, the game is over.


You only need to use the arrow keys on your keyboard for this. To pick up a pet pet, all you have to do is walk into it. Then walk up to a gate in the coral, and press the up key. The pet pet will drop in, and will be safe from Balthazar. You can’t carry more than one pet at once. If you want to drop a pet pet, you can press the space bar, although I don’t know why you’d want to drop a pet pet.

All too often are the days where I check out the boards only to see a bunch of newer users looking to “strike it rich” the easy way. Unless you are extremely lucky and win at slots or with a random event, there is, in truth, no true easy way. HOWEVER, playing games is the next closest thing! =)

Certain games, when played correctly three times a day, can give you around 1,000 neopoints apiece or more, meaning that a meager 10 games a day (or 30, each game 3 times) can get you to 100,000 neopoints in under two weeks. Here I will list the games I recommend and why.

Hello! Below is a guide for Extreme Herder! The game doesn’t seem so easy but here’s a guide to help you! By the way, when you send your score in Extreme Herder, they multiply your points by 4! So, if you got 101 points, you’d get 404 neopoints! Good luck!

1. At the beginning, note where the openings of the pen are. This information will be very useful to you in the next levels. Then, check where the petpets are. The opening with the most petpets near it should be used. Bring all of the petpets surrounding that area to the nearest opening. If one of your pets has wandered off, drop your current pet by pressing SPACE BAR and rush to the pet because Balthazar might eat it!