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So you want to buy a nice NeoHome for your pet, but you are afraid its not worth your np? Well I have a perfect plan for building a great NeoHome without spending too much!

Get land!

Every owner wants a nice NeoHome. But… When they first build one, they build a room on a spot they regret! You must plan it out first on a blank paper! Draw squares and plan out where the living room will be, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. It may take a while if you aren’t sure where but hey! Better than messing up and wasting your np right??

Here you’ll find the way to make a neohome. It will take time and some planning, but you could make your neohome the best on the block.

Planning and Saving

Before you start to make your neohome you need to decide on many things.
1. Where is you neohome going to be located? There are many locations you can choose to have your neohome at. Choose the one that fits you. I am personally saving for FaerieLand.
2. How much is it going to cost me? It depends on where you are going to live and how many rooms you are planning to have. Estimate 50,000 or more for a decent size and nicely decorated neohome.

Designing and planning your neohome is crucial if you want your neopets to have a jolly good time and enjoy your neohome! With this guide written by a fellow neopian, you can’t go wrong!

Designing and Planning Your NeoHome

1. Sketch/draw the basic layout for your house, and figure out what materials and what furniture your going to need. I write furniture list like this:


Or something similar. Keep updating the list as SOON as you get stuff!

2. Land Why not pick an exotic location. The cheapest is Neopia at 1,000 but I’d prefer Mystery Island especially if you got a kougra 😉 but, you get to live on an Island! How bad can THAT be? If you want desert is DEFIANTLY out of the question, especially if u can only afford a FIREPLACE! Talk about HOT! Haunted Woods-Not bad, But DEFIANTLY not for a scared pet! Tyrannia-No bad but your house may smell like dung 😛 YUCK! Terror mountain-You GOT TO have a heating system in this other wise your going to FREEZE! Faerieland-Probably the MOST costly but not bad for faerie pets!

NeoHome Guide by Shoyru_Lover

Kym Huynh —  December 3, 2014 — 1 Comment

Now who wouldn’t enjoy the privacy or maybe not so private comfort of their brand new luxurious neohome! Rumored to be the all new craze in the loony planet neopia, these houses can be built from anything ranging from cardboard, chocolate, straw to expensive gold! The most intriguing thing about neohomes is that you are never done with 3 floors, you can build extensions to your home, build stairways and doors, have gardens, buy insurance, install different systems of lightings, decorate your walls and floor, buy furniture and place them in your neohome, and hold wild parties! Land for your neohome can range from neopia central to faerie land or the exclusive mysterious macarra seas.

Getting a Lot

First off you have to get your land to build on. Now u can spend 25,000 points on a fairly land, or spend 1,000 points on a Neopian Central land that will, in the long run, look the same. Your choice, but because this is to have a Great but affordable NeoHome I suggest you go with the Neopian Central land.


Ok now I know that a lot of people have hallways. But really what’s the point of them? Think about it…how much time do u spend in the hallways of your home? I’ll tell you, besides actually going to a room, none. You mostly spend your time actually in a room. Yes it might not make clear sense that you have not made a way for your pets to get to each room. But really in the long run you will save points by just leaving out the hallways which would just turn into a run-down square.