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Have you ever wandered over to the Neopian Times and checked out those nifty comic strips? Ever wonder why some of the comics have REALLY bad drawings, but still get in? Ever wondered why there are no black-and-white comics published? Or why, lots of times, the comics will come in a series? All these answers and more can be found in the tips that follow.

1) If you want to get that comic of yours into the Neopian Times, actually spend TIME on it! Trust me, the Neopets Team has been around, and they can tell if you threw the comic strip together in a few minutes, or if you really took the time to do a good job.

1.- First, write something interesting and funny. But wait… that’s what everbody else does! To get into the Neopian Times, you gotta stick out! So, maybe write a story in a pet’s point of veiw. Or maybe the Earth Faerie’s point of view to make it more fun! Or maybe even have your pet tell the story. But what really works is…

2.- For an article: Has something new happened on Neopets? New item? New Paint brush? New world? Than write about it! And write about it fast! Because people don’t like to read the same things over and over and over again! That’s really boring! So if there’s something new and you gotta good idea, go for it! Even if it’s something as small as like Chia Flower. Somebody wrote an article on a little bitty item and it was GREAT! I mean why not?! Bu, if this doesn’t work for you…

We would all like to get our stories or articles published in the Neopian Times. The fame The devoted readers The happiness **sigh** Anyway, Im writing this article to give you a few pointers on how to write a great story and get it published!

Step Number 1:

The first thing you have to do when writing a story is Plan. Good planning = Good story.

The easiest way to plan is through a brainstorm. A brainstorm is a written guideline that gives you a base for your story. To do a brainstorm, you must first think of the topic of your story. What I would do in this situation is write down a list of ten topics. Then I would eliminate the least interesting three. Then I would eliminate another three. After that I would study the last four topics carefully. I would eliminate the least interesting one. I would study the last three. I would then eliminate another story. Instead of eliminating the second last topic, I would keep it.