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There are a number of limited pets on Neopoints and everyone wants them. Neopets has made it possible for people to get morphing potions for these pets but often this is expensive. A more recommended way to obtain this is to by transmogrification potions. these potions will make your pet into a mutant, but you can easily pet your rare pet with a paintbrush and get the pet you desire. For me I wanted a Koi and the morphing potion for a Koi is 600,000 this is really expensive, but what I did is by the mutant potion for only 200,000 used the paintbrush i got with my newbie pack and bang I got a Koi.

Well, first things first. Get familiar with the berries. Sounds stupid, I know, but wouldnt you hate it if you chose a sniddberry over an aquaberry? (To see what I mean, look at the table below.) Before you study and your brain explodes, let me just say that I personally dont have the exact numbers memorized. The only thing you really need to know is which berry is better in relation to another. Isnt that simpler than all the numbers?

Easy Medium Hard
Sniddberry 1 2 3
Loveberry 2 4 6
Chiaberry 4 8 12
Conkerberry 8 16 24
Voidberry 15 30 45
Fishberry 25 50 75
Jumbleberry 50 100 150
Juicy Berry 75 150 225
Unguberry 100 200 300
Aquaberry 200 400 600

Below is the guide for the easy berries, and pictures. Just substitute the values for the medium and hard levels.

How to Obtain a Krawk

Kym Huynh —  November 13, 2017 — 2 Comments

Neopoint saving krawk

Firstly you need to buy the Krawk Transmogrification Potion. Feed it to a pet and it’ll turn into a mutant Krawk. Now get a red/blue/green etc paintbrush and paint it. That’s a lot of neopoints you just saved! – Phillip Barbieri

So how do people always manage to get those great pets? What do people mean when they say, “I’m looking for an application that really stands out?” If you’ve come here on purpose or by accident, then keep reading.

Before anything, make sure you really want the pet. If only you want a pet because it’s L/E or painted an expensive colour or painted at all, then stop reading now, and don’t apply. There’s someone out there that is willing to do a lot for that pet and do the right thing and give them a chance. Besides that, if your heart isn’t 100% set on getting that pet, then you won’t get that pet. Each section of your application will need to be detailed and meaningful and you can’t have that if you don’t really want the pet.

You think paintbrushes are for pets only? I don’t think so! Since paintbrushes represent pets, they can also represent their owners. Paintbrushes are a great way to make your neopet unique and special.

Let’s get down to the fun part! Do you really want to know what paintbrush you are? Do you really want to know? Well I’m not telling you! Just kidding! If you do want to know, then you can find out by reading below.

There are twelve months in a year and there are 48 paintbrushes all around Neopia. Well I decided to only choose the unique paintbrushes to represent each person. That’s because each one of us and each one of our pets is unique in their own way.