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To start, the point of this game is to answer the math problems the Babaas give you before they touch down on land. If they do, you get one strike. Three strikes and you lose! Use the arrow keys to select a question and use the number keys to input your answer. If it’s right, that Babaa will be gone. Clear out all the Babaas and you’ll go to the next round.

Now that I’ve done the basics, let us get started! When you click Start Game, you will have a choice between 5 difficulties. If you are weak at any of the 4 operations, do the one you are best at. If you are very good at all the operations (Like I am!), then do random. In the game, there are 4 operations. + means addition, – means Subtraction, * means multiplication, and / means division. Get the problem wrong and you have to try it again, also wasting precious time!

Fist thing’s first, read the instructions! But if you’re too lazy to click the button, here’s a quick summary:

1) Each game, you have 50 snowballs
2) To aim, put you mouse on or near the target, to throw a snowball simply click
3) Do not hit a faerie, you will loose 10 snowballs
4) If you hit Dieter the Polarchuck, you gain 10 snowballs

All of the pets earn you 10 points in the middle and 5 points slightly outside except the Meepit. This earns you double. (20 points, and 10 points.)

There are two ways of getting more snowballs. One of them was said above, hit the Polarchuck. Another is to type snowghettiandmeatball (when there is enough space). Each gets you 10 more snowballs.