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Maximum140’s Msg Board Title: Answer this Life Changing Question Question And Win! Only Accepting First Ten Ppl! Neo-Mail Me!

The e-mail I sent to her:

Lolz. Ok, what is this “life changing question”?

Maximum140’s Response:

What colour is tigger of winnie the pooh?
a) Black n White
b) Black n Orange
c) Yellow n Grey?

~Some life-changing question!~

My Response:


Her Response:

Well Done!!!!!!!! You are 1 of 10 ppl! you are the first to win so… i will get the nps to u first! All you need to do is… Reply inclosing your username and p_word to the account you would like the neopoints to be placed. then i will proseed in installing the nps to the account choosen, this may take an hour or so to complete.

Well, on a whim, I wanted to write you a guide to thank you for all the little tips and guides you’ve got on there, they’ve already helped me and I’ve only been a visitor for about a week. So without further ado, your NeoWardrobe guide. Within a week, I’ll try to get the missing part to you.

Neowardrobe Guide

– By the illustrious yet unknown Amalthiea167 (on neopets anyway…)

Admit it. Like me, you also love to unlock the animations. And though most of them are pretty darn obvious, you may just feel a little lazy. That’s where I come in, dearest friends. You’ll have to use a little deductive thinking to know what I’m talking about since I don’t have access to a web space with enough bandwidth to take screenshots (and I don’t have enough knowledge to take a screenshot in flash anyway) and post them, so just be smart about it and LOOK before you panic. Warning for modemers like myself: The game itself and the pets take forever to load, and you get no NP, but this is good clean fun.

Attack of the Slorgs is a game based in Meridell. You play a Yurble farmer who is trying to protect his crops from the invading Slorgs. You must destroy the Slorgs by firing from your Slorgerizer. To play, you fire a color from your Slorgerizer at Slorgs of the same color. This causes them to die. You must keep the Slorgs away from your crops for a certain amount of time to move to the next level.

Basics: The fundamental of the game is precision aiming. If you cant aim at the right color Slorg, you wont go far. The laser in the game is designed to help you. In later levels, the laser will die out and you have to try to aim as well as you can. To prevent this, you can use the cheat chargex4 to recharge your laser. This cheat can be used as many times as you want and is very helpful.

1. Aisha:
use the ski goggles, snowboard, scarf and woolly ski cap

use the crisp freshly ironed shirt, the apron and the cheese market employee cap

use the robotic tail with sattelite dish, the ears with advanced sound filtering capabilities, (the result of years of careful research)ai.303,and the cyborg aisha head

use the stylish eyewear with uv protection, the peach hat, the latest in designer knitwear and the trousers hot off the catwalk

use the pirates hat with traditional skull and crossbones, the cutlass, eyepatch and gold earrings

use the hypno eys (the red swirly things), lab coat with various chemical stains and the hair that looks like it hasn’t been brushed recently

I know that a lot of you out there have been subject to many types of scams. Some are easy to spot, whilst others not so. In this article, I will be explaining some of the ways you can be scammed and how to avoid them, also recognizing common scams, and the things to look for in not-so-common ones.


Many scams are distinguishable because of what people will ask you to do, or telling you impossible things. Scams occur in many different forms, as I will explain later. Important note: Any non-Neopets site asking for your username & password is a SCAM! Also, players who ask you for your username & password are SCAMMERS! If you report these people to Neopets Staff, they will freeze that person.