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When I was a newbie, I had a difficult time in the battledome. I found myself losing most of the time. I was thinking: “What am I doing wrong?”. It took me time to find out what was happening. This story will help newbies find out that they don’t do nothing wrong, it’s the newbinators that are abusing them!

What is a newbinator?

The newbinator deceives its opponent by sending pets with low stats (15 HP and less) fighting in the battledome with very powerful and expensive weapons. They fight opponents with the same STATS as theirs and they win every fight without efforts.

Ever see that title on some type of Neopian board? I know I have plenty of times and I’m sure some people think, “What the? What is an application? Why do pets need them anyway?” I’m here to tell you they can be very important, fun, and may get you a new pet!

The Basics:

An app is a little something you put together on one of your pets petpages(get it. petpage app :P) Anyway, it tells why you want their pet and why you deserve him/her most etc. First, you must know making an application is not a waste of time and don’t worry, you will be considered if you follow my guide. Don’t freak if you think you won’t have enough time because if apps are needed, others who would like the pet are making apps too! The owner will wait for you. Don’t worry 😉

Instant transportation

When dodging the ice creams, you can right click and a menu should pop up. When you do this, Adee will stay where you clicked, now click where you want Adee to be, and she’ll appear there, instantly! – Boltz Family
Hide and seek

I was playing Ice Cream Factory on Neopets and I realized that if you catch that “ball” which makes you larger you can “hide” from the ice creams by going behind the cream so you are at the cone….well in other words….. try this diagram:


The O’s are the things that shoot at you and the V’s are the cones. Once you catch the thing that makes you bigger you can go to where the V’s are and avoid getting hit. this will work in any level as long as you catch that thing that makes you big. – gorgeouskitty05

Swarm Tips

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Swarm screen shot

Bad Powerups by Joan

Swarm is a relatively easy game. It takes a little while, but you can earn a lot of neopoints! A hint is to never get the bright green or yellow things. You know when you shoot a certain bug, the big enhances come out? Well just don’t get the bright green or yellow ones because they will slow your tank down making it harder to win!

Swarm is an Easy 3,000 Neopoints a Day by yoyomybro852

Swarm is an easy 3,000 neopoints a day.

Start and go to the far right hand corner so you can shoot the little blue bug across the top and get an extra 50 points. Also if you lose a life, you lose your special ability that you got from shooting a colored bug. However this does NOT happen when you get an orange one.

Faeries, the most beautiful things in all of Neopia. There are currently 6 known species of faerie in Neopia, and 7 unique faeries. Most of these faeries give out random quests to those who deserve one. Most quests come from the common faeries (air, dark, earth, fire, light and water) but if you are lucky, you might get a quest from the Faerie Queen or the Fountain Faerie.

Ok lets start by getting to know each faerie shall we?

Air Faeries: Masters of the air and clouds. These extremely beautiful sky dancers may seem ditzy but they are one of the most graceful types of faerie in Neopia. When you get an air faerie quest she usually asks you for a beauty item of some sort (blush, eyeshadow, varnish, etc.) I guess they need this stuff to stay beautiful. If you complete one of these quests the air faerie will make your neopets faster. This can really come in handy if your neopet tends to be slow in the battledome.