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Evan, Kym, Daveand Drake return as veteran hosts to bring you episode 31 of The PPT Show. Pointing their minds to poignant questions such as whether or not Neopets support obesity, the unlikely quadruple threat explore unchartered territory in the first interstate podcast episode. Topics covered in this episode include the NC spotlight, Adam Powell and Donna William’s signing of the PPT collage, the new Neopets merchandise coming soon, Neopets new drive to release a lot of games, PPT 2.0, and Neopets plots.


In today’s episode we continue our discussion on Neostudios and what it means for us players. We also consider the NC Mall and Koko’s shocking decision in leaving Neopets and the new announcement that Neopets-related books will be hitting bookstores soon; just another example of Neopets transition into real life. Hosted by Kym, Dave, Koko and Dylan, this episode is full of hilarity and poignant discussion on what it means to be a Neopian. Stay tuned for a free preview of “Where Did My Chia Go” by “The Pink Poogle Toys”.


Spotlight on Emma

Kym Huynh —  February 1, 2017 — 1 Comment

Hi Emma! Tell us a bit about yourself! How did you get your name? What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What’s the most random thing you’ve done?

Okay, well I be 14 & live in the incredibly weather-insecure, tea-drinking place of ENGLAND! If you mean my forum name, then it was just a bunch of words that I stuck together… if you mean my real name then, err, my mum gave it to me when I was born? Dur.

Everything makes me happy, but the only thing that I guess the best thing would be after you’ve done a performance (acting-wise!) and people say that it’s good. I love that.

Ella, Helena, Kym and Lee join forces once again to bring you the second Christmas edition of 2007. Tune into episode #42 to witness all the merry making and jovial bantering for Christmas 2007 and discover some shocking revelations… such as Ella’s confessions about all the foods that she has been eating including cockroaches.