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Okay, face it. Paying for your Neopet’s meals is just a big pain. First of all, the Main and Health Food Stores are rarely selling anything when you click on them. And shopkeepers having prices for some items over 1000 NP for an item as simple as a Green Apple which should be 5 NP. As for the Shop Wizard, it may be handy, but some Neopetters are broke and have pride too high to go to the Soup Faerie. I say, it’s high time you save your precious NP for something more useful, like codestones, Faeries or paintbrushes. Those may seem eons away from now but you’ll get there eventually.

Tombola: The prizes are usually junk, except for bottled faeries and codestones. You can do this once everyday. The winning is totally random. This game is free.

Fruit Machine: The prizes for this vary. You can get anything from 50 NP to 15,000 NP. You can even win paintbrushes. You can also win nothing at all! This game has random winning. You can play once a day. This game is free.

Coltzan’s Shrine: This shrine can give you level ups, NPs, food, defence, attack, speed, etc. It depends on timing, really. You can play this once a day. It is free. The times are:

Do you want free stat boosts? Here are the methods to do it!

Free knowledge – Wise Old King

Visit the Wise Old King at for books and knowledge. – please_hold_beeeeep

Free knowledge – Cliffhanger

Play for occasional knowledge boosts. – kanytu

Free knowledge – Faerie Crossword

Play for occasional knowledge boosts. – ezhogwarts

There are some Neopets users who spend hours on their accounts, working hard by playing games and restocking. I am not one of them. I play 10 or so games a day, get my daily freebies, maybe do some work in my shop, and make sure my Neopets are healthy, happy, and well cared for. If I have some money to spare Ill train them. Usually I spend a month or so advancing the skills and knowledge of each pet. Here is my easy guide to earning about 10k in one hour or less.

1. Healing Springs. (Faerie Land) I go there first because you can return every half hour. This place is especially good if your pet is ill, as it may be healed for free instead of you having to purchase those overpriced medicines.

Free Neopet Level Upping

Kym Huynh —  December 31, 2014 — Leave a comment

Want to up your neopet’s level? Of course you do!

Coltzan’s Shrine

Coltzan’s Shrine is a great place to up your neopet’s level if you’re looking to increase your neopet’s level statistics. Not only does it save you from spending a dubloon for the Pirates Training Academy of a codestone for Mystery Island’s Training School, it allows you to gain access to the much coveted special faerie abilities from bottled faeries that are available around Neopia.

Coltzan’s Shrine can be accessed by visiting the Lost Desert.

Generally, the spirit of King Coltzan will only give to neopets rewards as long as their level is relatively low. If you visit it with your active neopet below the level 10, then you stand a great chance of being rewarded in some way or another.