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Don’t focus too hard on the potatoes

I have found that if you practice just enough, you can focus yours eyes on one spot and use your peripheral vision to catch most all the potatoes. – cnunger

Potato counts in the first two levels

In the first level, the potato count is NEVER greater then 10. In the second level, the potato count is NEVER greater then 20 (although, I never get more then 15). Hope it helps! – vmpyrbg1

Now, I dont make a lot of neopoints. Thats because flash games dont work on my computer. But I still have about 1000np a day by playing non-flash games. So if you do every thing I do, plus flash games, youll become rich in no time. You might think, were going to have a lot to do, but I have very little to do on Neopets. Anyway, to get on the subject, this article should hopefully point in in the right direction of DO’s and your DONTs.

1 NEVER EVER FEED YOUR PETS ROTTEN OMELETTES! If your pets eat rotten omelettes, they get Ugga-ugga. The cure for Ugga-ugga is Sporkle Syrup. Sporkle Syrup (at the time of writing) costs 100,000 neopoints on the shop wizard. When you are a newbie, that is a lot. When I was a newbie, two of my pets had Ugga-ugga. That is because I fed them Rotten Omelettes. I had to disown them.

Castle Battles Tips

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Move the cannon ball when it is in the air

I discovered just yesterday that there is slightly more than just moving your cannonball once it hits the ground on the enemy side. In fact, instead of moving the ball while it’s on the ground, you can move it as it flies through the air! This is helpful because it’s very hard to use the red crosshairs to aim properly at the castle, and steering the ball in mid air helps to be way more accurate. – therianwolf

Moving the cannon ball

Once your cannon ball lands on the ground onto the enemy’s side, you can move it a little with the arrow keys. This is useful for moving the cannonball over to the treasure and knocking it down – knd1994123

Mini guide

1) If you are a newbie to this game, or you do not do jigsaw puzzles much, start out on the easy level, just to get used to where things are. However, as soon as you get good at it, go to the hard level. The most I ever got on easy was around 300 points. There is an upper limit of 1000 points on hard, and I go over that every time I play.

2) For hard level 1, the pieces are set up really well. The puzzle is a rectangle, with 5 columns of 3 pieces each. Going from right to left, each of the columns are right where they should be, just the rows are wrong, and all you have to do is fix them. Almost no moving around of any piece you don’t want to place is needed.

Let It Slide Tips

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Watch the Remaining Time to Earn More Points

Submitted by Katie

At the end of each level in the game “Let it slide”, your points will be totalled for your score. If you know you can finish the game with seconds left, then you should follow this guide.

Every second at the end of the game is worth 1 point. Every gem is worth 10 points. Every point counts if your trying to get a higher score. If you know, in a particular place, that you have trouble getting a gem, taking more than 10 seconds, my advice to you is to simply skip that gem.