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Dice-A-Roo Tips

Kym Huynh —  March 15, 2018 — Leave a comment

How to know what the current jackpot is

At the bottom of the screen when you’re playing Dice-A-Roo, there’s always a passing Blumaroo which says something random. When you see it saying something like “xxx is so much neopoints!” this is an indication of how big the current jackpot is. – roxxy_velveteen

Silver dice, avoid the pant devil attacks

Usually when I play, I keep another window open to my inventory, so that when I win something, I can put it away right away because the pant devil comes frequently. Hopefully this helps. I also find with this dice, the wins are very frequent. It’s a good game to play. – Lisa

Hello, I’m Roxi and I have a way to show you how to make over 20, 000 Neopoints in less then 1 month. Yes, it is possible, I have almost 24, 000 right now and I have only been a member in my account for 26 days. (I had other accounts but I cannot remember the passwords so i gave up on them…) Anyway. You realize, when you start off with a neopet you get neopints, well thats really good! I got 4 neopets to start off with and got (I think) 200 Neopoints. (50/Pet) That’s a good start off for now. Now I recommend getting the Neopets Toolbar, It is a bar that has all the links you would need to get freebies, and that is useful in order to get Nps. Once you get the toolbar you go to the dropdown list, there are many options but I usually go to the Omlet and Jelly first. when you get all the free food, KEEP IT. There is no use feeding your pet. Go to the soup kitchen and feed it, twice a day if you need to. everyday, if you can, go to the games and play the Featured one. Even if you HATE the game….(Like I Mostly Do…) It’s good for Nps.

Tip to scoring high
The trick to scoring high in Toontown: Cannon Shot is to count the running character’s steps. In the mode with Running Speed: *** and Velocity: **, count 8 of the duck’s steps (1 step = the time in the animation where his foot is at its lowest point), including the step that occurs immediately after you click to run. On the 9th step, click to aim. Let that 9th step be the first step in the countdown to shoot: between the 5th and 6th steps, click to fire the cannon. In other words, your counting should sound something like this:

Alien Invasion Tips

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Calculating Troubles

Most obvious – Have a calculator at hand for the hard calculations, I use one when the calculations become 14 X 13 and higher. Use the keyboard numbers and enter button as it’s a lot quicker than using the number pad supplied with the game. – Lesley Maughan

Pause the game

Whenever you feel it necessary to use a calculator just click up at the top of the window, where you would to move it, and the game will pause. with the mouse still clicking use the calculator. Then let go and type in the answer. – bob1124

Pterattack 2 Tips

Kym Huynh —  February 28, 2018 — Leave a comment

Best gun to use

I found that while playing Pterattack2, the best gun to continually upgrade is the Fire ball (the red one).

They are a lot less common than the other guns, so I suggest that you either upgrade the basic blue gun once, to wipe out Pteradons that are in your path much more efficiently to therefore increasing your chances to acquire the Fireball as you will stay in the game longer.

Another upgrade that will allow you to wipe out your opponents quickly enough to receive upgrades to the Fireball is the Pterboom: It’s a purple spinning powerup. Like the Tadow in the old game. It’s a boomerang that, rather than coming back, weaves across the screen so you won’t need to be directly underneath the Pteradons (of any level) to shoot them.