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For those who want a quick 3000nps, read this.

Do remember that the games on Neopets are supposed to be fun. But if you’re like me and the fun has been zapped coz of all the overpriced items by greedy little munchkins, then this would be considered as a helpful hint.

Yes, yes, we all know ‘The Castle of Eliv Thade’. It’s really easy to score 1000np per game. Thus being 3000np for the whole 3 games. Wooo!

1) Open game
2) Open a new browser window and search for ‘word unscrambler’ or something
3) Use the word unscrambler to free yourself from frustrating jumbled words.

Sometimes a jumbled word comes out with different answers for it. For example:

So, you wanna make 100,000 np in 10 days? Well it aint that hard! Its pretty fun making np!

First off, go to the freebies

  • Coltzans Shrine
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Fruit Machine
  • Tombola
  • Giant Omelette

You might get codestones, faerie bottles, dubloons, nps, and your pet might get stronger or get foods from these freebies!!!

Next, obviously, play games

Here are the games I usually play to earn lots of neopoints:

  • Ultimate Bullseye: When I play Ultimate Bullseye, I only send my score when I receive one which is more than 30. So, 30 score = 240 NP. 240 x 3 = 720 NP+!! Total NP so far: 720
  • Turmac Roll: I usually get a score of 300 or above. so I send my score. so u can earn 900 NP+. Total NP so far: 1,620
  • (more…)

All too often are the days where I check out the boards only to see a bunch of newer users looking to “strike it rich” the easy way. Unless you are extremely lucky and win at slots or with a random event, there is, in truth, no true easy way. HOWEVER, playing games is the next closest thing! =)

Certain games, when played correctly three times a day, can give you around 1,000 neopoints apiece or more, meaning that a meager 10 games a day (or 30, each game 3 times) can get you to 100,000 neopoints in under two weeks. Here I will list the games I recommend and why.

Here are some of the easiest ways to earn fast neopoints.

* Play the personality quizzes. Two of them are 300 pointers and the other two are 200 pointers. You do the math. That’s 3,000 neopoints if you send your score three times on each one. There are two in action and two in puzzle. To get the second one in action go to A Music Bistro. Then Aly and Aj personality quiz. If you do this and play a couple other games every day for a month you will get 100,000 neopoints if u do the math correctly.

* Play a lot of games your good at it really pays off if u get good points.

Easy Neopoints by mans001

Kym Huynh —  February 4, 2018 — 1 Comment

Easy Games

Want to know some easy games to play? Well, I’ve got a whole list of games to play that earn neopoints in minutes! Scroll down to see some.

200m Peanut Dash

I find that in this game, if you want a good score you have to hit the bar at least in red. Once you have passed this, double-jump as many logs as you can. What I do is press the left and right keys early, and at the last second press up. The first log is usually around 50m.Score 800 points and you have 600np every time!