General Neopian Life

Surviving Newbinators by dlebel

When I was a newbie, I had a difficult time in the battledome. I found myself losing most of the time. I was thinking: “What am I doing wrong?”. It took me time to find out what was happening. This story will help newbies find out that they don’t do nothing wrong, it’s the newbinators that are abusing them!

What is a newbinator?

The newbinator deceives its opponent by sending pets with low stats (15 HP and less) fighting in the battledome with very powerful and expensive weapons. They fight opponents with the same STATS as theirs and they win every fight without efforts.

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Game Guides

The Prowlers: Part IV by Porygonix

‘So, are you guys okay?’ the pilot questioned.
‘Sure, thank you for rescuing us.’ said Lethal, politely.
‘Yeah, no problem. Say, you guys heard of that Lupe group called the Prowlers?’
‘Uh….w-what about em?’ stammered Lethal.
‘I dunno, just thought I should warn you. They’re on Roo Island supposedly, you know?’
‘A-and you know what they look like?’
Lethal grinned. No one would notice them!
‘Alright, here’s Roo Island, you guys’ the pilot said, looking back. Suddenly, his face went pale. ‘YOU!’
‘Uh…oh…’ Lethal backed off, but Hatchet charged at the man. The pilot tried to dodge, but Hatchet was too quick. He tore at the man’s skin with his claws, and the man who got us here fell down in a puddle of blood.

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Game Tips

Hannah and the Ice Caves Tips

How to destroy those pesky ghosts!

You can destroy those flowing ghosts if they are at the same level at Hannah’s head by pressing down and pushing a boulder towards them when they approach you. – lawrencemewtwolo

How to move quickly on a stretch of icy ground

To move more quickly along a stretch of icy ground, rapidly press the direction key instead of holding down on it. Your character will move more
quickly since they slide when they stop. Be careful around enemies however. – evilishies

Make 3k in 2 minutes

The very last level on Hannah and the Ice Caves is called ‘Muahaha.’ It’s a great initiative to beat the game since it is one of the shortest and easiest of the levels, and it gives you 50 treasure chests, which translate into 1000 NP! You can make 3k a day in about 2 minutes! – evilishies

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Game Guides

Dubloon Disaster Guide by deeped

First off Im assuming you know the rules and are comfortable with the controls.

Take notice of how the mines act. Theyll follow you anywhere and move more quickly the closer they get to you. Also new ones appear in random places, which includes right on top of you (yeah, sucks…).

But there’s one simple trick that once perfected gets endless points! Yay.

Ok here we go. (There’s really not much to it but Ive got screen shots to make this look more like a real guide.)

Step 1: Open game.

Step 2: Snag two coins. A mine should appear for each. (Thats 2 mines now kids.)

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Faeries in a Neopian World by diva_brat

Let us reflect upon faeries. I shall take an in-depth look at them, after all faeries tend to be highly looked upon in the Neopian world today, so I don’t think they’ll mind my staring. Simply put, faeries control the quests, special abilities, clouds and glens, heck, even their own land. And on top of this they also have their own scratch card, toys and dolls, and highest of all a paintbrush! But how much do we really know about these winged, well mostly winged, beings? Let us dive right in.

First lets reflect upon just how useful they are, starting with the quests. You go track down a faerie from some where on the far reaches of Neopian and they ask you to help them on a quest. So you say, Sure Ill do it! you rub youre hand gleefully together and think Hotdog Im gonna get a ton of np and some really cool items out of this! So you go trotting off to track down some dumb chocolate, if you’re lucky that’s all it’ll be, pay between 400-9000np for it and get all the way back to the faerie and give it to her. (Notice how theyre all hers? Whats wrong, cant there be male faeries? Its not sissified is it? Is there some un/written rule about it? Anyways moving on.) So you finally find your way back to this faerie who sent you on this long quest in the first place and she either thanks you or says what took you so long and you were only gone 5 minutes After all they do put you on such a short time limit. Lets just pretend its Taelia who sent you on this quest, so you go to get your reward after making sure you have all the expensive, yes expensive, I dont care if it was just 2000np for the chocolate, items with you and hit “I have your ingredients!”, (Ingredients? just what are they doing?). So she thanks you and gives you the reward. Wow!!! I so totally wanted a yellow snowball, (yellow? Yeah let me think on that one for a sec Um Better yet maybe I wont), somewhere around 60-1000np, anything above 500np and youre really lucky, and sometimes you even get an item like a piece of food or a toy, or something of that sort, (its been a while since Ive actually done a quest). And so you run down to the shop wizard and type in the item hoping just hoping its something incredible valuable, just to find out you could have bought it yourself for 25-500np from anybody on neopets. But you know what? Thats okay because now youre in good favor with the “O so Special Faeries above!” Who cares if you just blew thousands of np? You helped a faerie out!

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