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So youre new to the stock market, and have NO idea whats going on? That was what I felt like a while ago. I started off buy shares at about 30np a piece, just to see my money slowly slip down the drain. That is a very bad feeling, my hard earned neopoints being forced out of me. But, there were several things I didnt know when I started that I think I should share with you.

First of all: Lets get acquainted with The Stock Market. For those of you who dont know, the point of the stock market is to buy shares at a low price and then sell them at a high price in order to make a profit. Easy enough, right? Ok, now I bet you wonder, How do I know what stock will make me the biggest profit? That is a hard question to answer, but if you read the rest of my guide Im sure it will help.

Who should play this stock market?

I advise those who had amassed some NPs (about 300k) to start playing. This is because this is a game of patience, not risk venturing. As long as you keep the stock, 1 day it will rise. To have patience, you should have enough NPs to faithfully buy the 1000 shares (capped at 1k) every day. If you are a person who are not that rich yet, most probably you can earn more $ using the NPs you have, in other areas such as shops or trading posts.

When to sell the stocks?

When I start playing the stock market, I buy at 15 and sell at 20. As time goes by, I amass more NPs, I start to wait longer for the price to rise. Right now, I buy at 15 and sell at 50 and above. My point is when you are richer; your risk tolerance will get higher. Thus as to when to sell it – will have to depend on your riches and liquidity needs.

I see many people asking, How many neopoints should I put into the Stock Market? Well that is a fairly easy question to answer. The more you invest, the more the profit. So try to buy 1,000 shares every day. Of course then I hear people complaining, I dont have enough neopoints to buy that many! There is an easy solution to this, work hard every day. In the next 2 paragraphs Ill explain how to raise your portfolio.

Ok, first off. As I said before, always buy 1,000 shares a day. The hard part is getting the money. Go to the shop wizard and (just as in the stock market) buy low and sell high in order to make a profit. Look for things people want like dubloons, codestones, ect. If you find one cheap, rush, rush, rush to buy it before someone else gets to it. Once you have the item, put it in your shop at a higher price so you make a profit. The second way to make neopoints is to play games. I personally make about 4,000 a day off of games alone. Find some youre good at (for me its Volcano Run, Meerca Chase, and Gadgadsgame) and play until you hit the max amount of times you can play a day.

Most people are rich, but why? The main reason is restocking, and one favorite spot for their restocking is… the chocolate factory!!! =0

Items deflate when they are not rare and not needed, and rises when there is a demand for them (in quests, training schools) and that they are rare.

Therefore, in the chocolate factory, you should refresh every 3 seconds for consequently 30 minutes or more. When there is a restock, do not panic and refer to the points below.

Do not buy items priced at 2500np, they are scamming items as they are not famous for quests and deflate quickly and are what you call hts (hard to sell) items.

Neopets Stock Market

Kym Huynh —  January 6, 2016 — Leave a comment

The Neopian Stock Market is undoubtedly one of the best ways to gain neopoints in Neopets. Personally, I’ve amassed over 20 million neopoints using the stock market alone, and you can too.

The beginning
The Stock Market upon its advent, get this, had no restrictions on how many stocks you could buy daily! You could easily make 60 bajillion neopoints if you had the dosh ready in literally one hour. Now, Neopians are limited to 1,000 stock purchases a day. Poo!

They had no bankruptcy
Bankruptcy was unheard of in the beginning. Therefore, as long as you had the patience to wait things out, you were guaranteed to make millions of neopoints. Now-a-days, companies occasionally go bankrupt. Looks like Neopets wised up after awhile.