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Report of the Day

Day 1

  • The Neopets team arrive in London, it is not raining so that’s a good start! After a long flight we are all pretty tired so after a few hours seeing the sights we head off to bed.
  • We all go to the Capital FM studios, home of Disney Radio for an interview and a tour of the radio station. If you want to hear Donna and Anthony it is due to go out on Friday during the 4pm-7pm show 🙂

The Basics

When the game first begins, the little players will come out on the field and line up. Then the game will actually start, and you’ll see them in formation.

There are different formations, some of which are preferred by different teams. All of the teams have a default formation, and when you are playing against them, that’s the one they’ll use. (The default is different depending on what team you’re playing against; for example, Maraqua uses the 1+3 formation, whereas Roo Island uses the 2+2). The team you play for, that is, the one that you control, will use whatever formation you tell them to use. I personally have played for Maraqua, and found it easiest to use the 1+3, but you should experiment and find out which one you like the best. You can also play from left to right or from right to left; this is also a matter of personal preference.

Hello, all PPT Poogles!! Everyone is worrying and pondering about the horrible happenings on the Mysterious Isle. Well, for a few days I’ve gathered all the info I can get. We all have our own theories, and nobody really knows much, but here’s the scoop so far, along with a few things you should watch out for.

Well, it all starts at the Island Mystics hut. An acara named Mora (is it just a coincidence that “mor” is the latin word for “death?”) goes to the hut to get her fortune told by the Mystic. Instead, the whole Islands’ fortune is told-the dormant volcano on the Island is coming back to life! You will need to go to the Mystics Hut, and there you can see a picture of the Mystic drawing the cards. They say that one of the symbols on the card is that of the Har Codestone. You may have to check the source of the page to find it.

Daily Dare 2009 Guide by Daze

Shoyru_Lover —  February 13, 2018 — 6 Comments

Adapted by Kym Huynh and Brendon

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Since the Daily Dare challenge began in 2006, it has become a yearly celebration showcasing the best in Neopets’ games in a month-long challenge that pits your computer gaming skills against that of Aristotle A. Avinroo (for those l33t gamers) and Abigail Avinroo (for those non-gamers who still want to participate for bragging rights).