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Hello, all PPT Poogles!! Everyone is worrying and pondering about the horrible happenings on the Mysterious Isle. Well, for a few days I’ve gathered all the info I can get. We all have our own theories, and nobody really knows much, but here’s the scoop so far, along with a few things you should watch out for.

Well, it all starts at the Island Mystics hut. An acara named Mora (is it just a coincidence that “mor” is the latin word for “death?”) goes to the hut to get her fortune told by the Mystic. Instead, the whole Islands’ fortune is told-the dormant volcano on the Island is coming back to life! You will need to go to the Mystics Hut, and there you can see a picture of the Mystic drawing the cards. They say that one of the symbols on the card is that of the Har Codestone. You may have to check the source of the page to find it.

Daily Dare 2009 Guide by Daze

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Adapted by Kym Huynh and Brendon

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Since the Daily Dare challenge began in 2006, it has become a yearly celebration showcasing the best in Neopets’ games in a month-long challenge that pits your computer gaming skills against that of Aristotle A. Avinroo (for those l33t gamers) and Abigail Avinroo (for those non-gamers who still want to participate for bragging rights).

Neopets at Hamleys

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On the 24th and 25th of May 2003, Adam, Donna, a handful of Neopets artists and some of the Neopets crew made their way into London to a dinky little toy store called Hamleys for the promotional launch of the latest Neopets merchandise! Also there, fans were able to have images of Neopets drawn for them, each image unique, and signed by the artists themselves! Of course, no event is complete without its advertisements, so [Click Here for the advertisement about Hamleys] to check it out ~_^

From the general gist of things, the queue at Hamleys was enormous and waits for 3-4 hours at a time were not uncommon. However everyone reported back saying that Adam, Donna and the rest of the Neopets crew were really looking after them, listening to their suggestions, showering them with gifts and just having a good time! Below is the best report sent in and reported by Katy (tinysaiyan) about her day at the Neopets promotional launch and on the subsequent pages are another 5 reports from various other users! Most of them have images of the artist’s drawings and various other scans and they have also been included in this article. A big thank you to all who have contributed, especially Katy (tinysaiyan), Blobbi_kid, ab2002ab, Clotho, 21 and aardvark for making their way down to London and reporting back to PPT.

Lost Desert Plot Solutions

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Want up to date information on how to solve the latest Neopets plot, the Lost Desert? This place provides up-to-date information on the latest finds and discoveries, and also provides a historical archive of plot advancements for those starting out late.

Lost Desert Plot Forum Threads

These forum threads contain all the latest information. They can be accessed by everyone, but to contribute to the discussion and share information, you will need to register at the PPT Forum to become a PPT member. Only the latest forum thread can be contributed to as older threads become archived. The latest threads appear at the top (for example, the lower the number, the older the thread).

Advent Calendar 2001

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Advent Calendar 2001
December 1st

Wet Snowball & 200 Neopoints

December 2nd

Orange Negg & 100 Neopoints

December 3rd

Taco Dog & Rainbow Snow Puff & 150 Neopoints

December 4th

Blue Clockwork Grundo & 650 Neopoints


Ice Negg & 150 Neopoints

December 5th

Rainborific Slushie & Chocolate Chip cookie Slushie & 300 Neopoints

December 6th

2 Turkey & Cranberry Chia Pops & 500 Neopoints

December 7th

Chocolate Sprout & White Chocolate Sprout & 350 Neopoints