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Hello, I’m Roxi and I have a way to show you how to make over 20, 000 Neopoints in less then 1 month. Yes, it is possible, I have almost 24, 000 right now and I have only been a member in my account for 26 days. (I had other accounts but I cannot remember the passwords so i gave up on them…) Anyway. You realize, when you start off with a neopet you get neopints, well thats really good! I got 4 neopets to start off with and got (I think) 200 Neopoints. (50/Pet) That’s a good start off for now. Now I recommend getting the Neopets Toolbar, It is a bar that has all the links you would need to get freebies, and that is useful in order to get Nps. Once you get the toolbar you go to the dropdown list, there are many options but I usually go to the Omlet and Jelly first. when you get all the free food, KEEP IT. There is no use feeding your pet. Go to the soup kitchen and feed it, twice a day if you need to. everyday, if you can, go to the games and play the Featured one. Even if you HATE the game….(Like I Mostly Do…) It’s good for Nps.

Potato Counter Cheats

Kym Huynh —  March 4, 2018 — Leave a comment

Thanks to Tinkytinkerbell for the information!

Play three times in one go

You only have to play this once and it will give you the neopoints for 3 games. Just play one game, then right after it says you guessed it in something seconds and got so many neopoints, press refresh and it will say you got an amount of neopoints. It will give you the neopoints without playing. Then do that for the 3rd round and u save time playing potato counter! – John Wong

Win without counting

When you’re playing, right click on the screen a go to View Source. In View Source, scroll down until you see

Plushie Tycoon is a new game about you, as a businessman, going to make a plushie kingdom. Here are some tips on how to plat Plushie Tycoon.

1. Raw Goods – It is up to you whether you want to be a cheapskate, or you are targeting the upscale buyer. I usually target upscale buyer.
2. Store – It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. You should upgraded the store and advertise it (to the highest level) before platying. Don’t worry, you would have enough money.
3. Factory – Your workforce should only cost around 1000 per hour. Balance the amount of workers.

Neopets by dialup
Yes a large portion of Neopets users like myself are still using a dialup internet connection via a phone line and modem and slow connections through home or office networks with shared internet. How often is it that one sits in the Kadoatery for 3 hours straight constantly refreshing and waiting in the boards for refresh times to only ever see that one hungry Kadoatie wanting the unbuyable and never seeing a refresh as by the time the page loads the Kadoaties have already been fed. Or going to do a crossword with answers from a friend and only receiving 200np as it took over 15 minutes for the page to upload each of your answers. Yes it does seem that if your internet connection is slow it will take neopoints to make neopoints and a lot of obsessive stress to win trophies. But here I will tell you what to give up on, what’s worthwhile doing and what possible ways to earn neopoints even on a slow connection.

200m Peanut Dash Guide

Kym Huynh —  March 1, 2018 — 1 Comment

Playing fetch with your Puppyblew has never been so easy! You are the Puppyblew, the stick thrower is an Elephante, and the stick is really a peanut, an overgrown one at that!

This is very similar to the game fetch. You must power up the Elephante for an estimated distance throw, once the peanut is thrown you are responsible for guiding the Puppyblew to catch the peanut. Power up as much as you can because this will equal your score.

It is highly recommended that the Elephante is powered up to maximum by pressing the left and right arrows quickly. Once at full power, press up, to release the peanut. This will travel approximately 170m. With the large throw also comes a lot of logs which the Puppyblew must jump over, and with this also gives you the opportunity to gain more points by doing “fancy” jumps!