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A big thanks to last_famous_words for the solutions!

Night at the Museum Trivia is one of those easy games which you can get 1400np each day. The game has two parts, first there are the questions which (if all answered correctly) you can get 300np from each game, then there is a stamp collecting game, if all 6 stamps are found you get 500np, you can also get 100np each from sending challenge cards, but you can only send 3 times a day.


– How are Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals related? Two Different Species
– The name Tyrannosaurus Rex is latin for what? Tyrant Lizard King

Well, on a whim, I wanted to write you a guide to thank you for all the little tips and guides you’ve got on there, they’ve already helped me and I’ve only been a visitor for about a week. So without further ado, your NeoWardrobe guide. Within a week, I’ll try to get the missing part to you.

Neowardrobe Guide

– By the illustrious yet unknown Amalthiea167 (on neopets anyway…)

Admit it. Like me, you also love to unlock the animations. And though most of them are pretty darn obvious, you may just feel a little lazy. That’s where I come in, dearest friends. You’ll have to use a little deductive thinking to know what I’m talking about since I don’t have access to a web space with enough bandwidth to take screenshots (and I don’t have enough knowledge to take a screenshot in flash anyway) and post them, so just be smart about it and LOOK before you panic. Warning for modemers like myself: The game itself and the pets take forever to load, and you get no NP, but this is good clean fun.

First you will want to know that the max NP you can get from this game is 1000. So once you get over 1000 points in game you can quit unless your going for a high score. If you use my tips getting 1000 isnt a problem at all. So this game will give you an easy free 3000pts a day a tidy sum if I say so myself

Tip #1: ALWAYS keep your mouse at the top of the screen this will help you stay right under the target your trying to bubble. Often you will over or under shoot a target when the mouse is by the turtle.

Get an extra life

Type “foreverandeverandever” to get an extra life in Neverending Boss Battle. – knd1994123

First defuse the boulder counting down from 15 seconds.

Next click on the boulder that are the same color as the boulder that destroys all the boulders of that color.

Then if there is a boulders x3 do not destroy any of the color.

After that start clicking any colored boulders going from top to bottom, but make sure your move doesn’t stop you from destroying the blocks above.

Finally click the question mark. Destroy all the boulders you can then click the black boulder with fire on it.

Also if you type destroyboulders all of one random color will disappear but you don’t get points for them unless you have no boulders left and type it then you get 100 points for that.