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This game is very similar to Frogger except you are in a mine shaft and you have to save petpets by running over wagons avoiding boulders and avoiding falling rocks. You can only carry one petpet at a time and you have a timer.

LEVEL 1 (req. 4): You have more than enough time to get four petpets and all the jewels. Your worst enemy this level is getting antsy and trying to force your way across the lava when the floaters just aren’t there. Take your time and only move forward when the next floater is absolutely in front of you. Don’t use your diagonal this level at all. Remember that when you get your fourth petpet back to the entrance, you move on to the next level automatically, so make sure you get all the jewels first!

"The Wand of Wishing" on PSP

Developed for Sonys handheld and scheduled for release in winter 2005, this game is centred around Petpets, or more commonly referred to as pets for your pets among Neopets users.

The plot is based around the initial story of a struggle between two neopets over a powerful artefact known as the Wand of Wishing. Unfortunately, or fortunately in our case, the fight has serious consequences and the wand opens up a portal to another dimension where the dominant species is Petpets.

The game is not surprisingly classed as a 3D, action-adventure RPG game that allows you, the player, to play as a third person. The game is heavily focused on exploration and Petpet combat.

Petpetsitter Cheats

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Pick up the mop without holding down the mouse button

You can pick up the mop and actually hold it without holding down the mouse button.

First grab the mop using left click and hold it. Then right click as you’re holding down left click. A menu should pop up. Then let go of left click and left click on the mop again. You should be able to hold it.

This is useful in the later stages when all you’re doing is cleaning up. Just place the mop on one of the spill spots, relax and let the game rake in points for ya. Just keep the volume up though so you can hear any demanding petpets. – Thang


Ever since my article on picking a PetPet, I have received many questions on this subject. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions, answered!

How do you know when you’ve picked the “right” PetPet, does something special happen?
There is no “right” PetPet for every NeoPet. But sometimes you may buy a PetPet and your NeoPet doesn’t like it, that’s what my article is for: to try to avoid picking the “wrong” PetPet.

My NeoPet doesn’t fit into any of the categories you said, what do I do?
Make some more categories! Go wild, the four I suggested were just a basic idea.

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I’m sitting on a road, a road to nowhere
All I got on me is my underwear
NeoHomes won’t let me in cause they don’t work
What’s the point of building these where are the perks?
Can’t someone reach on out and lend me a hand
I gotta live a little more, I gotta live a little more

I dont’ wanna give in to the Neopets blues
Can’t let me give in to the Neopets blues
So what if these soles are worn out and torn?
Cause NeoHomes anyway never ever kept me warm

My damn Skeith ate my petpet what is the deal?