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Bilge Dice Guide by kaboom42963

General Tips:

1. Read the directions before playing.
2. You are only allowed to earn 5,000 NP per day, but if your last hand wins more, you still get credit. So, try to win as close to 4,990 NP as you can, then on the last hand, bet the maximum.
3. Your winnings consist of all the antes, so the actual amount you win is 3 times the amount you bet.
4. The most consecutive wins I ever had was 8, and usually they don’t go over 4 or 5. So, if you have won 3 or 4 hands in a row and don’t feel lucky, just bet 10 NP.

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Game Tips

Potato Counter Tips

Count potatoes using a calculator

Whenever I play this game I always use a calculator to count the potatoes. I found that if I count them myself, I tended to lose count a lot. All you need to do is press ” 1 +” on your calculator every time you see a potato.

Say at the end there were 4 potatoes altogether, you would have pressed “1 + 1 + 1 + 1”. Then just press “=” at the end and you have your total number of potatoes. You don’t even have to count the potatoes in your head, the calculator does it for you.

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All About Neopets

Common Scams by toranize

Having been on Neopets for less than a month, I have seen all manner of shop-type scams. (Due to my style of fund-raising, I come across all sorts of scams in all types of shops.)

Login Page:

The first one has been covered quite a bit. You look in the shop wiz for an item and you find it for an unbelievably low price. You go to that shop and click on the item (thank goodness it’s still there!) and find yourself at the “Oops! You’re not logged in” page (The Aisha page). Check the address on the Aisha page, if it is not, don’t put in your name and password. You go back to the shop in question and report him (or her) if they haven’t already been frozen.

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Game Guides

Sophie’s Stew Guide by Hyuugarin

The Sophie’s Stew is a great game : from my point of view is super easy and gives you 200 NP per 100 pts. I know what you’re thinking : if it is that easy for you, why don’t you have the trophy? Lool… I’m a very lazy girl, so… I give up the game right on the midle… Aham, well lets get to work:

“Sophie is hard at work, brewing up one of her powerful potions. She isn’t the most careful witch in Neopia, however, so it’s up to you to help her get every ingredient safely into her cauldron. When Sophie throws one of her ingredients into the air, use her wand to bounce the item across the room and into the bubbling pot. Keep the ingredients away from her hungry Meowclops, though, and make sure that nothing hits the floor. If you happen to drop five ingredients on the floor, her potion is ruined and the game is over!”

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Scamming Guides

Scammed: Sharing Accounts by Anonymous

I was having fun with him but I did not list their username I am minnow he is singer.

SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share accounts
SiNgEr4EvA197: but not scam
SiNgEr4EvA197: cuz if ur a scammer nvm bout the whole thing!
Minnow115: what ever

wantted to make a scammer friend

SiNgEr4EvA197: u r a scammer?!
Minnow115: i make 12000np aday
Minnow115: no
Minnow115: im
Minnow115: not
SiNgEr4EvA197: o ok

your allowed to do this

Minnow115: i have multible accounts i make 6000 aday on each account
SiNgEr4EvA197: ok
SiNgEr4EvA197: lol
SiNgEr4EvA197: how many nps do u hvae
SiNgEr4EvA197: i have a million
Minnow115: about 50000
Minnow115: a million
Minnow115: can i have some?
SiNgEr4EvA197: sry no

probly no not enough probly doesnt have enough

Minnow115: darn
SiNgEr4EvA197: we can share acocunts

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