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The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part Three by ben100100100509notice

Hello again! I am saying hello again as I assume that you have read “The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part One” and “The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part Two”? No? Well, go now and read them right away, you are missing out on the eighth and ninth wonders of the world yes, I really wonder why they got published But no, really, you are missing out on a fine piece of literature two fine pieces of literature, they are both simply exquisite works of art, the best sincewell, they are the best ever! So you havent read them, so I havent met you before? Thats funny, Im sure I recognize you as that person who read the article after that funny looking bald man with the pink hat

(Phew! That took up a bit of the 500-word word limit. Now I dont have to write as much about petpets, which I pretend I know tonnes about, but I really just have a bit of a guess!)

So, lets get started

The Flouds description says how the Floud just float around until they bump into something interesting. Hmm. So here is the action-packed, thrilling, exciting day in the life of Fred, our residential Floud.

9:00 am: Wake up.

9:01 am: Too tired to wake up. Go back to sleep again

11:00 am: All of faerie citys action is buzzing around me. Oops! Someone seems to have blown up the faerie palace. Ah, well. Just another five minutes and Ill have a bit of a float.

11:30 am: Whats this I seem to have floated into? Eh? Is he talking to me? So your job starts in five minutes. All you have to do is collect three bacon and broccoli omelettes. O.k.?

Oops! The employment agency! Hard work! One of my least favorite places in Faerieland, save Jhudoras cloud. I make a quick (0.2mph) exit.

12:00 am: It makes you tired, all this floating. I have a snooze on a nearby cloud.

5:00 am: Oops! Ive slept in! Is that the time? Bedtime already! Night!

But the Floud isnt called the Floud for no particular reason. Oh no. You will know, if you have read my ultimate guide to petpets series, that I usually include one or two How so and so got his/her/its name. The story of how the Floud got its name not only explains how it got its name, it also explains why you should never feed the Floud a carrot.

Once upon a time, young Dr. sloth went on a holiday to his favorite holiday destination Faerieland. He decided to take a small cloud home with him. At home, he experimented with the cloud, and one day he fed it a mutant carrot and the cloud turned into a Floud and the Floud flew away back to Faerieland and they all lived happily ever after.

Note: This story is fictional, and if there is an obvious reason why on the Flouds description it says that you should never feed the Floud a carrot, please tell me. If there isnt an obvious reason that isnt sticking out in front of me, right in front of my eyes, then that story is perfectly true. So there. Oh, and by the way, the Floud isnt completely non active. Occasionally it likes to play games of faerie cloud racers, but it usually just gets bored and it decides to crash into the nearest wall. Which, of course, explains why if you look on my user lookup, I havent got a faerie cloud racers trophy. Actually, I havent got any other trophies either. Unless you are reading this, in which case I will have a Neopian times 3x trophy. Oh, and by the way I know that that story doesnt explain why you should never feed a Floud a carrot but there is a reason why you should never feed a Floud a carrot. Just try feeding one a carrot and see

This jolly little fellow doesnt care what the current fashion is. He will just happily sit on your shoulder all day with his yellow Mohican all day long. Dont put him on your best suit though, as his slime will destroy it

This petpet should keep WELL AWAY from the deserted fairground, where they enjoy eating octornapie!

The Jawshells description says how the Jawshell will eat absolutely anything. And if they really like a food, they will release a loud burp of appreciation. Do not put this petpet on your shoulder like the Octorna, as by the end of the day, you may be left with only a half chewed shoulder. Do not put this ravenous petpet in your neohome together with your most valuable petpetpet, as the Jawshell will probably mistake it for some kind of food, and eat the poor petpetpet. Even if the petpetpet isnt mistaken for food, the Jawshell would probably eat it, together with all of your neohome furniture you may have.

Not a good petpet to have with a Grundo, as there would be rivalry over who could eat the most, and one or the other pet or petpet would probably get eaten by the other.

This is a big moment in the series of these articles, as this is one BIG petpet were looking at here. When I say big, I dont mean fat, I mean famous! Famous as in Slorg, Harris, Hasee, Kadoatie, Warf, Angelpuss hold on, theres more famous ones than none famous ones! But no, the Babaa is a famous petpet. Why, if I remember correctly, the first week I started playing Neopets Babaa was even the word of the day for one of the days!

Babaas get scared easily, and whilst in the battledome, rather than coming up Doolally the Babaa bites the pant devil for 8hp damage, it is more likely to come up Simon the Babaa was about to bite the pant devil, but got scared and ran away!, or even more likely to come up No name the Babaa was about to bite the pant devil, but got scared and ran away!

The Hopso can Leap from anywhere and land on anything. Apparently. But just take a moment to look at the all petpets page. Now have a look at the Hopso. Dont worry, its on the front page, you wont have to look very far. Now look at those great big clomping size 249 feet. Hmm. So it might be able to land on anything, but is it able to land on anything without smashing it? I dont think so. The Hopso also has a rather fiery temper, so dont get in its bad books or else

Wuzzles get hotter and hotter as they get angrier and angrier, and they can sometimes be mistaken for fires do not mistake them for fires. If you pour water over them, it makes them VERY angry, and they go boiling, then they jump on youand you get frazzled! If, however, Wuzzles connect with dry wood, therefore starting a real fire! So if you are under 18, always have parental supervision before handling a Wuzzle.

Apparently, the felly floats. Well, to me it looks more like a water petpet here are the telltale signs

1) It has tentacles! I dont know any land or air neopets with tentacles! (Actually, I dont actually know any neopets with tentacles!)
2) It has eyes! Lots of water creatures have eyes too.
3) Its head isnt a neat shape! No, honestly, look at the Fellys head. Its outline is all wriggly, isnt it! Which could have been where it has bashed its head underwaterdue to its tentacles getting caught up in rocks and things like that.
4) Anderrthats about it.
5) Yep!
6) Hold on why am I writing one word space fillers on each line as if Im writing 200 reasons to prove that the felly isor is descended from an underwater neopet or petpet.
7) But that would just be silly, as that title wouldnt fit in the title box.
8) I need to stop typing in the little numbers with a bracket on the end then writing a small, rather humorous sentence after it.
9) Like that one.
10) But I dont have to actually type in the number and bracket; the computer does that for me.
11) So hah!
12) Whats that? Your computer does that as well?
13) Oh.
14) This sentence typing is rather addictive actually.
15) But it hasnt got the slightest thing to do with petpets.
16) So Id better edge myself off it then
17) NNNGH!

Phew! Thats better. Just one more

18) This sentence typing is Felly addictive!

That was rather funny, wasnt itFELLY GOOD!


The eighth petpet here is the Tenna. The Tenna is a rather comical looking petpet, with a squiggly mouth and quickly sketched eyebrows. It also looks rather like a television with the four legs and a sort of arial sticking out of top of it. Do TVs still have aerials sticking out of the top now? Or is that just in my neohome? Well, I suppose my neohome isnt really very up to date, what with us running out of hay so I couldnt get the neocar to drive my pet to neoschool. Sorry about that, back to the Tenna. The Tenna is one of the slowest petpets, so it is not uncommon to see a Tenna being carried by its owner. Anyway, after me describing everything about what the Tenna looks like, you probably want to have a look for yourself so go now and key in tenna in the neopets search box. And then come back here, of course.

The Tigermouse is so called because it looks like a cross between a tiger and aermmouse. As it says on the description, Tigermice like pulling hair, biting nails etc, so the Tigermouse is not a very ideal first petpet. Actually, it isnt a very ideal second petpet. Or a third petpet. Or a fourth, fifth, sixth I found this out the hard way when I gave my pet Jubjub, mrblobbygolly a Tigermouse and the next day my Jubjub had about eight bald patches on him where the Tigermouse had ripped hair off of him! I found him quivering in a corner (my Jubjub, not my Tigermouse); so dont laugh. Of course, he wouldnt stand for that now, not with a strength of 37! (Ahem)

But the Tigermouse is a very good battledome fighter. When it attacks the opponent of course, as the Tigermouse doesnt really mind who it attacks, as long as it attacks something, it doesnt really care.

Flightning bug
This pet is excellent in the battledome, as it can give its enemies a static shock, and the enemy wont usually notice the Flightning bug as it is so small. Just be wary that the Flightning bug doesnt give you a shock if you own one! The other danger is that the Flightning bug may be mistaken for a petpetpet and caught and sold by people estimating it to be worth a lot more than it actually is.

So thats it again. The end of article three. Coming your way soon

Corny jokes!

Petpet guides!

Rather humorous (I like to think) witty lines!


The ultimate guide to lots and lots of petpets part four! – ben100100100509notice

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