Neopoints Guides

The Simplest Way to Make Neopoints by Abbie

The best way there is to make neopoints, as most of us know, is to run a successful shop. However, knowing the best methods on how to make a profit by selling things in Neopia. Thus, I have written an easy-to-follow 5-step guide on how to buy low but sell high. 1. Choose a few […]

Game Tips

Poke Match Tips

PokeMatch Mini Guide PokeMatch isn’t exactly a very hard game. Or at least not until you get into the higher levels, then it becomes a problem. But there is a trick to the game! To win (the easy way), click on the Pokemon 3 Movie Cases as fast as you can. While doing this, remember […]

Scamming Guides

Scammer: Real Conversation by xo_melon_ox

I have an actual conversation with a scammer on AIM (Aol Instant Messanger). This conversation is by xo_melon_ox and sherty675 (both neopet usernames) xo_melon_ox is KaTmEtS4 and sherty675 is HamtaroSugarpie K a T m E t S4: hi its xo_cookies_ox on neopets. so you know wher i can get NP? HamtaroSugarpie: yea HamtaroSugarpie: i have […]

Game Guides

Petpetsitter Guide by shygirl79uk

PREPARATION: Coffee (lots of it), unplug the phone and allow yourself a few hours to spend on this game. ABOUT: This game is extremely annoying and can get very tedious at times, but it is very simple to play and as long as you have the patience (and time) you can easily earn yourself a […]

All About Neopets

Random Events Listing

A big thanks to hangman and waking_reality for her huge contribution to this list! Note that these random events are all alphabetically sorted. _____ says ‘Fancy spinning the Wheel of Mediocrity?’ A dragon flies past overhead, he is headed to the Mystery Island. A ghost comes out of the ground and stares evilly at you… […]