Snowball Fight Guide by Pendragon13

Fist thing’s first, read the instructions! But if you’re too lazy to click the button, here’s a quick summary:

1) Each game, you have 50 snowballs
2) To aim, put you mouse on or near the target, to throw a snowball simply click
3) Do not hit a faerie, you will loose 10 snowballs
4) If you hit Dieter the Polarchuck, you gain 10 snowballs

All of the pets earn you 10 points in the middle and 5 points slightly outside except the Meepit. This earns you double. (20 points, and 10 points.)

There are two ways of getting more snowballs. One of them was said above, hit the Polarchuck. Another is to type snowghettiandmeatball (when there is enough space). Each gets you 10 more snowballs.

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Bakery Tips

Timing is everything
When playing the game in the higher levels, when the first strudel drops, let it toast until it’s done and let it pop near where the second one is falling. If too many strudels are falling at one time, pop them as soon as they go into your toaster because you still get your points and none of them end up falling.

You cannot eat a Toaster Strudel while one is in your toaster. If you are dropping too many Toaster Strudels, and you have one about to drop and one in your toaster, just pop the on in your toaster and catch the other, then the one you just popped out.

Shop Guide For Newbies by Patrick Gower

This guide is directed largely at newbies who want to learn the basics of starting a shop. The reason it won’t be of much help to advanced owners is because I am not an advanced owner at all! Anyway here goes, but bear in mind that there isn’t a set way to running a shop, much is down to your own imagination and preferences.

1. Getting your shop up and running is cheap, it’s only 150 np at the time of writing this article (May 2004). To start with, your shop can only hold 5 items.

2. You should upgrade your shop size a few times to start with. Each upgrade costs more than the last but their isn’t any need to go any higher than size 3 to begin with.

Meepit vs. Feepit Guide by unice66

Edited by Kym Huynh

This guide is a simple strategy I’ve devised to maximize points or just make your way through all five levels undefeated, whichever you feel like. I should warn you that you shouldn’t play this game just for the neopoints, as even the top scorers every month don’t have enough points to make 1000 NP per game according to the current ratio. However, by playing according to my strategy, you should get about 3000 points, which will give you the Grand Master title and the Meepit vs. Feepit avatar, if you care about that stuff. You can also use the strategy to defeat someone handily in 2-player mode.

The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part Three by ben100100100509notice

Hello again! I am saying hello again as I assume that you have read “The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part One” and “The Ultimate Guide to Lots and Lots of Petpets – Part Two”? No? Well, go now and read them right away, you are missing out on the eighth and ninth wonders of the world yes, I really wonder why they got published But no, really, you are missing out on a fine piece of literature two fine pieces of literature, they are both simply exquisite works of art, the best sincewell, they are the best ever! So you havent read them, so I havent met you before? Thats funny, Im sure I recognize you as that person who read the article after that funny looking bald man with the pink hat