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Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Bakery Tips

Timing is everything
When playing the game in the higher levels, when the first strudel drops, let it toast until it’s done and let it pop near where the second one is falling. If too many strudels are falling at one time, pop them as soon as they go into your toaster because you still get your points and none of them end up falling.

You cannot eat a Toaster Strudel while one is in your toaster. If you are dropping too many Toaster Strudels, and you have one about to drop and one in your toaster, just pop the on in your toaster and catch the other, then the one you just popped out.

Sometimes you’ll get points for catching the Puick Pops (as I call them), but even if you don’t, catching QP’s is better than dropping them.

Also, try to pop the Toaster Strudels in the middle of the window, so you don’t have to run as far to get the other Toaster Strudels. – Lurve The_Babs

List of tips
I thought that “Toaster Strudel” seemed naff, but when I found out I got over 1000 points (1000np) I decided I quite liked the game! Its really quite easy:

1. ALWAYS go for the ones that give you the most points! (It says how much each one gives you when you load up the page)
2. ALWAYS before you play click the button how to play because thats an extra 25np to get you started 🙂
3. If a piece of toast is coming down while you’ve got one in your toaster, even if its not on the green, LET IT GO! This will save you NP as I figured out!

And remember, always try to let the toast out of the toaster in the middle of the screen, so that you don’t have to go as far. e.g If you let it go on the left, and a piece of toast goes on your right chances are you’re get confused at which one to go for and make both drop! (NOT a very good idea!)
Well that’s about all my tips, and remember KEEP PRACTICING! – Danthecheese

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