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Meepit vs. Feepit Guide by unice66

Edited by Kym Huynh

This guide is a simple strategy I’ve devised to maximize points or just make your way through all five levels undefeated, whichever you feel like. I should warn you that you shouldn’t play this game just for the neopoints, as even the top scorers every month don’t have enough points to make 1000 NP per game according to the current ratio. However, by playing according to my strategy, you should get about 3000 points, which will give you the Grand Master title and the Meepit vs. Feepit avatar, if you care about that stuff. You can also use the strategy to defeat someone handily in 2-player mode.

Starting the Game

When you first start the game, you can choose 1-player or 2-player mode. Unfortunately for you if you like Feepits, you can only be the Meepit if you choose 1-player. I usually turn off the sound as it distracts me, but the strategy does not require much concentration, so it’s up to you.


The very, very simple concept to maximizing points is you get points for doing damage as well as a 100 point bonus for passing each of the five stages. Therefore, in order to get more points, you have to do more damage. In order to do more damage, you will have to intentionally lose 2 rounds per stage. Combined with the three rounds that you win, that give you 5 rounds per stage rather than 3 if you won three in a row. Keep in mind that you have to do enough damage to almost win before you let the Feepit win or else you don’t get the points from damaging it.


Very simple. The arrow keys are used to move around, jump and duck, Z and X are used to punch and kick, and C is used to block. Now forget everything except the left and right arrow keys and Z and X.

The key to doing damage is to do combos. This is done by pressing Z and X in order. The biggest mistake you can make is to press them too quickly, in which case they don’t register, and usually mess up the combo. So just stand next to the Feepit (if you’re too far away, the attack won’t hit it) and press, Z, X, Z, X, about one a second throughout the fight, and you’ll win unless you intentionally lose. You press the next key after you see your Meepit finish the move that it’s doing. After pressing Z, X, Z, X, you will see the Meepit do a roll that sends the Feepit flying and a good chunk of its health go down. Do some experimenting to see how many times you can do it before the Feepit loses all its health.


  • I recommend letting the Feepit win the first two rounds, then winning three in a row. It’s a lot easier to accidentally kill it than to accidentally lose, so this way, if you accidentally win, you still have more rounds to fix the balance.
  • What’s really annoying is accidentally letting the Feepit win three rounds, which means Game Over. Be very careful not to get lulled into doing this, or you’ll have to start over.
  • You don’t really get any points for hitting the Feepit with something other than a combo, so try not to do that to maximize points. However, this is not really important as regular attacks do barely any damage.

You get approximately 100 points per round if you get the health down to or close to 0.

100 points x 5 rounds = 500 points

500 points x 5 stages = 2500 points

2500 points + 5×100 stage = 3000 points.

Have fun! – unice66

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You play as the feepit, not the meepit.

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