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Stowaway Sting Guide by Lindsay

Stowaway Sting is very similar to the classic Deckswabber. Each level consists of an 8×8 grid of crates of three different heights, and the bare dock surface. Your goal is to change the tops all of the bare crates to the color designated in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. For the first three levels this is not a problem the crate changes blue once you step on it and stays that way. However, once you hit level four landing on a crate more than once toggles the color on and off, complicating things. You have 60 seconds to complete each level, or its game over.

There are several dangers to avoid as well. Some crates contain barbed wire, which will reduce your health the longer you stand on them. Bad guys appear randomly, and move around the grid. While you can walk on the bare dock surface, be wary if you fall through a hole in the dock its game over. It is also game over to run out of time, and of health.

Move Scrap around the grid using the UP, DOWN, LEFT, and RIGHT arrows. You can only move to crates of different levels from a crate one step above or below it. For instance, you cannot jump off the tallest crate onto the shortest crate. On some of the levels you have to step on the barbed wire to get to some of the crates.

Just like in Deckswabber, items appear on the grid that can help or hinder you. They are as follows:

Bag of neopoints: 20pts
Diamond: 50pts
Heart: Restores you to full health
Green globe: erases color from adjacent crates

Typing “scrap” during the game will also restore your health.

To get the most points, try to collect as many neopoints and diamonds as you can on the first three levels without waiting around for them. Going out of your way to collect that bag of neopoints on the other side of the grid will maybe cost you 5 seconds (and 5 points off your time bonus) but you will gain 20 points from the neopoints.

Well, that’s really all the advice I can give you. Good Luck! – Lindsay

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