Neopets at Hamleys

On the 24th and 25th of May 2003, Adam, Donna, a handful of Neopets artists and some of the Neopets crew made their way into London to a dinky little toy store called Hamleys for the promotional launch of the latest Neopets merchandise! Also there, fans were able to have images of Neopets drawn for […]


Neopets: The Darkest Faerie: Good Game or Not? – A Long Rant by Jake

Beginning Statement Everyone knew it would happen someday. Neopets, the popular website would come out with a console game. I had big expectations about the game, but now I’m not sure what to think anymore. That’s why I’ve assembled this rant so I can get my points across. Neopets has indeed told there users about […]

The Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie PS2 Production Information

Directed by: Douglas Carrigan Writing credits: Scott Campbell Produced by: Jeff Jirsa Sound Department: Jaimie Siedow Animator: Eli Enigenburg Production Companies: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Genre: Adventure Cast: Piera Coppola (The Darkest Faerie), Adrienne Wilkinson (the voice of Malice) Neopets: The Darkest Faerie PS2 Production Information

Game Guides

Digimon: The Neopets Version by youngking

If you go to, you’ll notice that they have a very similar version that belongs to them that is like this game on, and its interesting to see how they vary. First, the main characters in the site are Tai and Agumon, and his latter, and in Neopets there is only Terriormon, […]


Guilds and Their Members by Faith

Many people on Neopets belong to a guild. Weather it’s being a member or actually running one with councils assistance. No matter what the genre of the guild the main goal is to bring people of similar likes together. Rather like building a online community. While the notion of a guild and it’s members being […]