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Hey there, so you wanna get NP quick ay? Well gaining NP takes TIME and PATIENCE, so please do not think this is a “1 Million NP in 10 Days” guide. That said… let’s move on to the nitty-gritty.

Do you really need it???

So one day on Neopets you find the most glorious paint brush or item you have ever wanted. You’re so desperate to get it but there goes almost all of your NP in one go. Think to yourself first of all, is this a MUST have item, or do you want it to impress people, e.g. showing off a painted pet. Don’t forget this fact as most people tend to buy paint-brushes as an indication they want there pets to be noticed. Now, lets get to the NP Making.

Making NP:

1. First of, its a particularly good idea to visit the daily freebies such as:

* The Tombola (Mystery Island)
* Coltzans Shrine (Lost Desert)
* Wheel of Excitement (Faerieland)
* Wheel of Mediocrity (Tyrannia)
* Wheel of Monotony (Tyrannia) (NOTE: This 1 will take A LOT of time)
* Wheel of Misfortune (Haunted Woods > Deserted Fairground)
* Fruit Machine (Lost Desert)
* Scratchcards (Lost Desert, Deserted Fairground, Terror Mountain) (NOTE: For scratchcards, you may only purchase from “1” of the stores)
* Free Omelette (Tyrannia)
* Giant Jelly (Jellyland)
* Visit Healing Springs (She might give away items for you to sell)
* Visit Snowager (Terror Mountain) NOTE: (Timed Event) (May get injured)
* Visit Igloo Garage Sale (Terror Mountain)

2. Next, the games:

NOTE: You may have more or less but these are the games I find most easy to gain NP.

* Meerca Chase 2
* Dubloon Disaster
* Ultimate Bullseye
* Whack-A-Staff-Member
* Ice Cream Machine
* Hannah and the Ice Caves
* Hannah and the Pirate Caves
* Extreme Herder
* Kacheek Seek
* Volcano Run

The list can go on… you make a choice.

3. Open up a Bank Account:

Open up a Bank Account if not done so and store NP in there. Every day you will collect interest/NP from it which is a good thing, it might not be much but a little goes a long way. Also this is a VERY safe way to avoid getting your NP stolen from thieves, mainly speaking the “Tax Beast”.

4. Open up a Shop:

Open up a shop if not done so and sell your items which you don’t really need e.g. items from the Tombola which are worth very little. Remember to sell items for a reasonable price , not too high but not too little either, you need to make NP!

5. Restocking:

Now your most and probably best way to get items in your shop is to restock. Restocking is practically buying items from the Neopets’ shops, not users shops and selling them for a higher if possible price. You might need a fast internet connection for this step as rare items tend to go in a flash. However even if you don’t have a fast connection you can still get something worthwhile. Good Restock Shops are the Chocolate Factory, the Toy Shop, the Bakery and the Book and Magic Shop. However this MAY be different for you. See which one suits your worthy.

6. Scratchcards:

As stated earlier in the Daily Freebies guide buying scratchcards and scratching them is a good way to make NP. However, if you come across the very rare Icetravangza Scratchcard, I advise you to sell it to make a lot more NP than to find you scratched it, and you didn’t get nothing for it. This is your decision however and I’m just stating my view of the scratchcards.

***NP Saver Tip***

When feeding your neopets, remember omelettes are your best friend.. They each have 3 bites and they are a lot cheaper than buying a very “good” meal for your pet when you get 1 of these for free and feed your pet 3 times.

7. Trading Post & Auction:

The Trading Post is a place where users can trade items or NP to other people and get something in return. Its also a very good place to find bargains , like restocking and selling them for a teeny bit higher price. Remember however, the Trading Post is usually a good place for scammers to reside, so be wary of what you bid and don’t accidentally “accept” something worth nothing for your item.

The Auction is the part of Neopets where users can bid higher and higher for your item, you may also bid on another users item unless they have NF (Neofriends Only) listed next to there name or lot. Remember if you’re the highest bidder and you change your mind after the auction lot is finalized, you can NOT cancel the auction and you get that item.

8. Faerie Quests:

If you are lucky enough to obtain a randomized faerie quest, DO IT. Unless the item is unbelievably high, which is known too happen you should think about doing it. The Faerie Queen is very rare and so is the Rainbow Faerie. They are the two rarest and if you obtain what they require you will be rewarded greatly.

9. Snow Faerie Quest:

The Snow Faerie’s quest’s range from low items to very high items. Basically like the normal faeries quest’s you get rewarded with NP , a Snowball and a random item, ranging from as low as 500 np to a whopping 90,000 NP +. This is your choice on deciding to do it , as it depends on the items she asks for. She is located in Terror Mountain.

10. Brain Tree/ Esophogar’s Quests:

The Brain Tree (Haunted Woods ) shall ask you to gather certain information about somebody: When they died and where they died. To complete his
missions and find the information you must feed The Esophogar (Haunted Woods) . Once you feed him the item he wants, he well tell you the year he died, then you must feed him again to find the place. After all the information is gathered return to the Brain Tree for your reward. This ranges in rewards from low priced items to high priced items.

11. Stock Market:

The Stock Market is part of Neopets where users buy “shares” at a low price and then sell them for a higher price to make a profit. However the question you are probably thinking is “How do I know which item will make rich”? Well, that depends on a few things such as how long has it been up for? Speaking on how long its been up for, my advice to those who try the Stock Market is that the longer the item or stock has been there, the lower the price will be. That’s just my advice and yours will most likely differ.

12. Employment Agency:

So you have always wanted or dreamed of working? Well here’s the place to do jobs!. Every 10 minutes the Employment Agency (Located in Faerieland) will release a new set of jobs. You must be quick in selecting a job otherwise other players will get in before you. Try to do a job worth doing. I tend to go for the Apples or such worth very little, but the rewards can sometimes be great. Also the faster you finish the job , the more NP you get. Jobs go very fast so don’t sit there waiting, find a cheap job as fast as possible and click it! Good Luck

13. Set A Goal:

No not a soccer goal.. An NP making goal! You can be surprised how often you succeed when you are planned ahead. Make a goal for how many NP to make in a day and stick to it! Don’t make something outrageous like 30k per day unless your a good NP-Maker or Restocker. This helps quite a lot of people to earn NP a lot faster but also could be more time consuming. Your Choice!


Remember the main rule : Making NP takes time and patience!! Try NOT to waste all your hard- earned NP in one go, and do NOT I repeat DO NOT give your personal information out to people claiming to want your password. These are scammers who are trying to steal all your hard earned NP!

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Guide written by Wonderlux on 14/02/2005.
Updated 08/03/2005. Fixed Minor Errors & Added New Information.
This guide is copyright Wonderlux 2005 – Wonderlux

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