Game Tips

Tips to Get Rich

Always remember that the aim of the game is to have fun with your pets, not to get rich but hey, getting rich is fun πŸ™‚ The tips are arranged by date of submission. The most recent tips appear at the top. Have you got your own tip? Send it in to and we’ll add it up as long as it is reasonable!

A collection of basic tips

  • Practice a few games and become good at them because they give you lots of Neopoints; especially if you play these games every day. Add games like Adver-Video and Fashion Fever.
  • Put the neopoints you earn in your bank but before you do that collect your interest. The more neopoints you have in your bank, the higher your interest will be.
  • Find a rare item for a cheap price and auction it off or rrade an item for a more expensive item; and then auction it off.
  • Always have a good shop stock with items that are reasonably priced.
    When you have a sale make sure you have a lot of items in stock.
  • In December, check your Neopets account everyday forthe advent calender to get free special prizes. When you get your christmas paint brush, don’t auction it because that’s what everybody else is going to do (which drives down the price you can sell it for). Put it in your safety deposit box for a little while and then put it in your shop for 30,000 – 35,000 neopoints when the initial sale rush has finished.
  • Put the neopoints you get from this in your bank and start saving! – Renie

How to find items and make neopoints

  • A great way to find items and make money is to open a new window or tab in your internet explorer and visit Underwater Fishing.
  • Cast your line and pull it back up straight away you may get something, you may not, Cast your line again and leave it.
  • Open another tab or window and play games and visit the money tree, every so often click back and pull up your line and cast it again. -linda

900 neopoints quick

Enter into the game Fashion Fever and simply press randomise character and send score and get 300 neopoints. You can do this 3 times. -all-bout-meee

Play Adver-Video!

Play Adver-Video! All you have to do is click three buttons and wait 30 seconds, then you get to spin a wheel for neopoints! And, you can do it 5 times a day. It’s a great game if you’re feeling lazy or watching television or maybe checking neomail and such. -Mallory

Auction your rare items

When I started playing Neopets, I found I earned most of my money at the Auction. Auctioning rare items you receive at high prices, such as from random events, easily increases your neopoints. I auctioned my Transmogrification Potion at 300,000 neopoints and saw that it easily went up to 314,000 neopoints. In a couple of days, I went from 100,000 neopoints to over 400,000 neopoints! That may not seem like a lot now, but for beginners, that’s a huge increase. Auctioning rare items is really useful, especially since Transmogrification Potions give off ghastly appearances when drunk by neopets anyway. – farzana240

Work the marketplace

Most of the Neopian shops price their items at prices that are WAY too low. Now what I do is go through and buy all the expensive items that are in high demand for as low as I can find them. Hint: Use the Shop Wizard! Next go and sell them for a lot more in the auctions site or utilizing the trading post is a really easy way to get neopoints fast! A good idea for starts is to buy codestones. Everybody wants codestones to improve their pet’s levels and stats. – Nellie Glowaski

Invest in the shares

Okay I’ll simply tell you, the only way, and the fastest way to earn large sums of money is the INVESTMENT IN SHARES. You can’t do this in days, or weeks. The main idea is just to play games and do your dailies until you have about 100,000 neopoints (easy to earn). Then buy 1000 shares everyday (maximum amount buyable everyday) of the stocks worth 15 or 16, and you keep them, keep buying when you can afford and check your portfolio everyday. Sell them when they have reached “+200%”, you earn 30k a day without much effort, it’ll be hard at first and you’ll have to wait because most starters won’t have the money to keep buying, but once you earn about 500k you can start building a MASS portfolio like mine, which consists of 8 million worth of shares! – rumrumtanneo

Game boards – 10,000 neopoints a game

Want to find an easy way that’s not always a game guide that has games that don’t even work or are of neopets? Here’s a simple way to get the neopoints you want without getting annoyed by some silly game guides that take FOREVER:

  1. Go to boards.
  2. Go to the place where it says “games” on the list.
  3. Look for a board that says 10,000, 20,000 neopoints a day; it might be a guide or it might be a game. You’re looking for a game.
  4. Now I am not the maker of this game but someone is that person was very smart and came up with this game you will probably see the rules somewhere in the first post of the board if not here are the rules:
  1. There has to be two players (it can be the person who made the board and a person who came there).
  2. One of you or both of you choose a game.
  3. Go play the game your normal 3 times ( pretty simple step).
  4. Every time you play the game once or after you’re done playing it all 3 times post your scores for each one. The person who gets the amount of points in the boards topic first wins!!
  5. If you do not see a board like this go ahead and make one of your own! Now you know a fast, simple, fun, and competitive way to make easy neopoints.

Have fun! – girly_76123

How to find good bargains

For this strategy, you don’t need much money or a really fast internet cable. You just need a bit of patience.

First take all the money in your bank (Preferably 20k+). Open up one window to the Shop Wizard so you can quickly check prices and open another page to a random shop. If you can’t find one, go to the trading post and click on “newest 20” for a username.

Just search through the stuff that they have. If you find something you like, check the price and keep refreshing. Occasionally, you might find a really good bargain. I have even found a Green Negg for 1500 (true story).

When you finish searching through one shop, click the first name that comes up on one of the Shop Wizard lists and keep searching.

Trust me, it always works. – gift-of-the-gab01

Utilize the advertisements

You can find places on Neopets where you can find free neopoints just by hovering your curser over an advertisement. You usually receive 250 neopoints and there are usually quite a lot of advertisements. these are not the advertisements at the top and side of the Neopets site! You can usually find them with links of various owners site’s. You can usually earn about 4000 neopoints a day! They may take about 10 minutes to get to you though!!! – fungostine

Duke it out

Play games until you get 10,000 neopoints. Play games like Ice Cream Machine, and other games that let you have the same score as your same neopoint price. Or go to the daily things.

Keep on playing games. What do neopet owners need the most? Cheap Low Prices FOOD! So you will invest in the food shop, buy alot of cheap or even high prices items until you spent all of that 10,000.

Keep on going to dailies and games to get your next 10,000. After you invest in the Food Shop, put all those foods inside your shop. Look up each food and see the lowest price that is there on the shop wizard. Do about 10 or 20 less then that. Then a lot of people will go to your shop.

DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR SHOP TILL!!! You will take them out after you do this about 10 times. This is a great way to get to be a neomillionaire, I got about 120,000 neopoints in my shop till. If you do this for over a month, you will be REALLY RICH! – slawsonmb

Bum the Trading Post!

Once you’ve gotten yourself a reasonable stockpile of np, you’re ready to go out and make yourself rich. You could play the stock market, but that’s boring. Or play more games. But that’s slow. The most fun, quickest way to make np is to work the trading post.

Go to the trading post, press browse, and hit the “Newest 20” button. You will get a list of the newest 20 deals put on the trading post, ready for you to offer away.

Many Neopians simply do not know what their items are worth. They will put up lots of 5 or 10 items. If you get a feeling they aren’t asking for enough, check it. Open a new window, go to the shop wiz, and price them all. Sometimes they’re asking too much, sometimes not enough. When you find a goo deal, all you have to do is offer, and the lot is yours, ready to be resold at your shop for huge profit.

You can also sometimes find deals with the wish list of “FREE” with a combination of repeated letters and exclamation points. These are often junk, but sometimes you’ll find a valuable item in them. If you do, it is usually best to offer about a quarter of the item’s price. It may be free, but everyone knows that, and they’ll be offering. Offer some np, and your offer will stand out. More often than a different bid will be accepted, but when your is, you’ll make a huge profit.

I’ve personally made hundreds of thousands of np off the trading post in just the 3 months I’ve been playing, so it seems to be the best way to go. – Ender Welch

Play a large number of easy games

You can earn a substantial amount of neopoints just by playing the games. On most of the non-commercial games on Neopets you can earn up to 1000 neopoints a game. If you pick a reasonably easy, well paying game, that’s up to 3000NP a day, PER GAME, IF you are good enough at the game.

Even if you aren’t that good at any of the games, you can still earn a lot. The key is to play a lot no matter how badly – quantity, not quality – and you will be able to earn thousands in one sitting. – Tora Shiroi

Utilize the Bag of Broken Neopoints

Did you know that if you turn up a Bag of Broken Neopoints (from Underwater Fishing), and take it to the Toy Repair shop in Terror Mountain, you will gain neopoints from that bag? I gained 1318 NP and only paid 478 NP to have the bag repaired. Plus I got a cool avatar! – Sonya

Add another 800 neopoints on top of what you earn!

When playing Neopets, you can easily get thousands A DAY!!!! All you need to do is get all of your freebies and play games. But in order for you to make another 800 neopoints on top of what you usually get, you have to compare prices from websites which have sponsored Neopets. Copy and paste this web address:

In order for this money to be placed into your account, you need to follow the instructions CAREFULLY. At first I made a mistake by just clocking compare prices but you need to do more than that. So good luck! – luv_ya_301

Baby dolls are a bargain

If you take out a lot of neopoints, such as 10k or something, you can buy lots of Baby Dolls! They are sold at the Gift Shop, and can not be used for anything, except giving and reselling. You can get them for about 1,000 – 1,200 (August 2005) and sometimes for 800-900!! Then, put them in your shop and people don’t know that they are good for nothing and think of them as toys, so they sell very fast! I use that method all the time, and have very many np! Almost a million! I don’t go on as much anymore, so that price may have changed since the last time I saw. -starlittwinkler

Play the sponsor games

To get about a thousand np in only one game, play the sponsored games. They are easy, give you at least 100 np per 100 points scored, and you can get up to 100nps for sending a challenge (3x) and 100nps for visiting the site (3x). Games like Bic: Back to School are great examples. If you complete the collection quest you get another 500nps! These really rack in the neopoints EASY. PinkPT has the collection quest solution on here too! – wiltedsorrows

Half the amount you earn into the bank

Once you have made about 2000np or so, PUT IT ALL IN THE BANK! if you do that then you will want to get enough to buy food and stuff, but once you have the least bit of np, put it in the bank! Keep doing this and your bank account will be full, but your np, is 0. So you make yourself a goal, say about 2000 np a day. 1000 np you use to save up for a paintbrush or something, and the other 1000 put in bank! By the end of the week you will have 7000 in the bank, and 70000 for yourself! But here’s the catch, you have to do these things ONLY if you are feeding your pets! Maybe when you have about 10000 np you can start giving them real meals for weekends or even VERY expensive stuff for holidays! Also get all your freebies FIRST THING you go on Neopets! – nelli_g

The Game Strategy

A total of eight days I’ve been on neopets with this account and, with no assistance from my previous account, have already earned 156k. My original use of Neopets was it’s array of games to cure my boredom and these will birth my riches. From the beginning I picked games I was good at and enjoyed (important that you have fun with them), earning between 15 and 20k a day.

My Daily Game List
Mynci Volley Ball – 3000np
Moon rock rampage – 3000np
Swamp 2 – 3000np
Fyora’s Quest – 3000np
Faerie Bubbles – 1800np +
The Castle of Eliv Thade – 2500np
Sutek’s Tomb – 2500np
Plus whatever else I feel like playing…

It’s best to find predictable games, that have constant levels you can memorize and master. This will vary with each person and their interest and skills, but it’s how I’ve found my nps and maybe it’s the way you’ll find, or add to, yours! – Orca_instructor

Bitten green apples, a perfect investment

First starve your pets. Then buy a lot of Bitten Green Apples. Then feed them all to your pets and sometimes you get Wriggling Grubs which can cost up to 2,000 NP each. I got thousands like this and I recommend it to everyone.

Update – I purchased 7 bitten apples, each costing 200nps. A total of 1400nps. And I found 1 Wriggling Grub. Which now sells for 900nps. You make the conclusion. – – GWDarkDragonMod

Sell scratch cards

What I do to make extra money is I resell scratch cards. Unless you scratch them, you can get money from all of them. Race to Riches – I resell for 550, but they can go for more

Terror Trove – 600+
Faeries Fortune – 1200+
Peak O Plenty – 8000+
Icetravaganza – 75000+

You can only buy one every 20 minutes, but if you do it often, you have a huge chance at getting some of the better scratch cards that are worth a lot! I’ve gotten 2 Icetravaganzas so far!

Update – You can now only purchase Scratchcards every six hours. If you go there every six hours and purchase a scratchcard you will make a nice little profit until you receive one of the more expensive scratchcards when you will make a bundle.

Note – all prices are equal to the lowest on the shop wiz on 29/3/02. –

Update 2 (August 2005) – There is now another scratchcard stand in the Lost Desert, but you can only buy from one of them every 4 hours. And it’s only 500 instead 600! And there are many other scratchcards now! – starlittwinkler – Lady Gemini


When There is a restock time go to the Chocolate shop a but any milk chocolate or any other chocolate in there that is shaped likes a pet then sell it. Most Chocolate is worth 1000+ np.

Update – Restocks are now random. So what I would suggest is going into a chat board and just chat there and every 20 – 30 seconds just alt tab to the chocolate factory and hit F5 (refreshes the page) then go back to the chat board and continue chatting J. As soon as you see the shop restocked purchase any of the chocolate items which look like neopets. Most of then sell for roughly 30 – 400 nps in the main shops and can be resold for 100-5000 nps in the users shops. Watch out though, some items are more profitable than others and some you will lose nps on. I feel ashia and korbat chocolate items are the best because there are always 10+ in the restocks and they sell for over 1000nps. – – Napintas

Money making for newbies

I know this may sound like common sense, but for any newbies this is a great money making scheme. First go to the news page to see which products are new to Neopia. These are usually great for HUGE profits. The key to getting these items is to do a couple of things 1. Know restock times 2. Have a program that alarms you to these times (i.e. Alarm ++ for Windows) 3. Turn off load pictures on your browser (this wastes precious seconds you’ll need to grab the new stuff) 4. Only use Ctrl-R to refresh the page 5. Use the tab button to put the cursor in the wagering box once the “Haggling for..” window opens (Internet Explorer is better for this, it allows you to overwrite the zero first found in the wagering box) 6. If you do manage to get great new stuff, undersell the competition by about 15%. It may seem like you are losing a lot of money, but you make your profit by selling in quantity while their stock rots on the shelves.

Update – as is previously mentioned restocks are now random. – – Steve

Use codestones

What I do is go to the Shop Wizard and search for codestones. I only buy the ones that are under 4,000NP, even if they’re just 1NP under. Then I put them in my shop and sell them for 4,000NP. At that price, mine sell within 10 minutes. If you’re lucky, you’ll sometimes find ones for free, or buy them for as low as 50NP. If you do this a couple times a day, you can earn thousands of NP every single day.

Update – codestones now sell for a little more. In order to make a profit with this method you will need to purchase codestones under the current selling price at the shop wizard and resell them for the average price. – – Angela SanCartier

Times when things are cheap

Go to the scratch card game every 20 min. and buy a scratch. When you collect 10 of any kind sell them at the post for way more the you bought them for I got 90k with one lot

If you have 40K or so to start with, It’s good. At around 2-4 PM Eastern Time, everything is cheaper than any other time and there are also a flood of newbies on at this time. During this period, you buy Maps. I can complete Original Treasure Maps for about 35K-40K and sometimes even less if I can get a piece for like 200 from a newbie. After you complete the Map, bring it to the Trading Post. There, I’ve gotten offers up to 65K-70K in items or NP. If NP, it’s great cause you’ve made your money back right there. If it’s items, you simply sell those in you’re shop for a low shop wizard price. This can amount up to 30K per map. If you’re making a Lab Map, try completing one under 90K. You can get up to 140K or so in trade value for those and you just follow the procedures for the other map. Later in the night, when you have the money, you can buy and sell expensive items. (about 50K-60K per item). Preferably a Lost Desert p/b, or a Fire p/b. Those sell the quickest. Normally the lowest on the wizard is a couple of thousand below any others. You buy those and sell it in your shop for more. This is how I made my all my NPs. It adds up quick and they don’t take long to do.

Update – scratchcards can only be bought every six hours now. – – mike lindsey

Space maps

A good way to make some profits is to invest in space maps!! Just make good use of the shop wizard. Keep refreshing until you see a map piece for 2799np or under. Then you can sell them for 2950np!! If you can get the whole map for 2799np a piece or less you can trade it in the trading post for even more profits! Don’t turn the complete space map into the map game, it is usually a rip off.

Update – The space map is now retired and now sells for roughly 6000nps. However, there are still people who sell it for 2799nps, so if you purchase these you can resell them for 6000nps and make a profit of 4000nps. Also, you can no longer get a space map piece from the treasure hunt game because it has been removed. – – Libby Pritchett

The hard way

You play deckswabber 3 times a day and you get 3 “Two Dubblon” coins, if you play so you get over 500 points, each coin you can sell for 3,400, that’s 10,200 Np and you get 1,500 for just playing.

Play “Kiko Match” 3 times and get 500 Np each time.
Play “Chute” and if you score over 3000 points you get 1000 Np.
Play “Ice Cream Factory” and get over 3000 points and you’ll get 1000 Np each time.
Play “Meerca Chase” and score over 600 points, and you’ll get a “Magical Meerca Plushie” and 600 Np.
Spin The “Wheel of Mediocrity” and “The Wheel of Excitement”.
Play the “Fruit Machine” and go to the “Shrine”.
Play “Tombola” and grab some “Omelette”.
Sell all your ” Items “.
Buy 1000 Stocks on the “Neopian Stockmarket”.

Do this everyday and you have at least 20,000 neopoints. I had a little luck so I won a codestone at ” Tombola ” and I have found pieces of treasure maps, codestones and faeries. I made 50K on 2 days.

Update – Deckswabber: you can no longer earn Dubloons from deckswabber L. I am not sure about the other games listed. The “Neopian Stockmarket” has been altered so that you can only purchase shares which are trading at 15 NP or above! –

Update 2 (August 2005) – You can no longer get a Magical Meerca Plushie from the game. There is no Ice Cream Factory (it was sent to the Game Graveyard. πŸ™ ) But Ice Cream Machine is basically the same thing without the levels where the Chia goes in the supply room πŸ™‚ You can also go to jelly world and get some jelly (to do this u must go to a world, not tyrannia, and up in the address bar delete the text of the land and type in jelly). There are many more wheels now then just those two. – starlittwinkler – David

Good items

  1. Look for a Nova in the battle magic store. It’s about 500 np. Then look for it in the shop wizard. It’s about 2,175 np. Hmm…
  2. Look for an Organic Red Apple in the health food store. It can be lowered to 7 np. Then look for it in the shop wizard. It’s about 50 np. Hmm…
  3. Omelettes. You get them for free and are selling from 20-200 np.

Update – Some omelettes sell for over 2000nps so before you price anything in your shop check the shop wiz to see what they are selling for. Make sure you refresh it at least 5 times to get the real value of the item. – – arctic_wolf

Quest items

A good tip is to see what quest items are needed by the snow faerie, kitchen and brain tree. Try to buy these items, then sell them for way more then they are worth πŸ™‚

Update – Try and find those items which are needed to complete the faerie quests (exluding the snow faerie quest) because these are by far the most popular quests on Neopia. In my experience it is never a good idea to actually do any of the quests other than the Faerie quests. The other quests are normally a waste of time and nps. – – Jiggagirl8396

Timing is everything

I have a lot of luck finding very cheap items between 1 A.M. and 4 A.M. CST. It seems that is when Asia is most busy with neopets. Also, if you can shop then you beat out the people getting up for school and feeding their neopets first πŸ™‚ Mostly cheap food is even cheaper. I often search for churros, tomatoes and donuts. Many times if you hold them they will sell for a lot more later in the day. – Karen Capps

Effective use of the bank

Whenever you come into possesion of a sum of Neopoints, that is to say, 4,000 NP or more, deposit at least half of it in your Neopian Bank account. As you go along doing this keep upgrading your account as well. Leave the money in there for a while to earn extra NP on interest. Soon you will have a handy sum of NP in your account. That way if you want an expensive item you shall be able to afford it. WARNING: ALWAYS KEEP NP IN YOUR ACCOUNT NO MATTER WHAT. This is because in case you go broke and need some quick cash.

Update – It is not worth keeping nps in the bank simply to collect interest. I have about 1,000,000nps in the bank and don’t get much more than 200nps a day from interest. I store my nps in the bank only so that the monsters which lurk around Neopets cannot steal them. –

Update – In your Interesting Tips section, there’s a part called ‘Effective use of the bank’, and someone put an update under it, stating that the only reason they put np in the bank was to keep ghosts from getting to it. Actually, this isn’t true, as ghosts can steal np from you when you have none, leaving you with a negative amount! I speak from experience, it happened to me today, and has happened before. I just wanted to say this, because people may think their np is safe in the bank, but really, it’s not, because when you go to take some np out of your account, you don’t get however much was stolen from you. (Hope you understood that, for example, today, 40 np was stolen from me, so I had -40 np. I went to the bank and withdrew 100 np, but then I only had 60, so in reality, the ghosts were stealing from my bank account.) Hope you got that, and I just wanted to mention it! Thanks πŸ™‚ – Ldfrostbite – Daniel Jewell

Buy and sell books

My roommate told me that a way to get rich, is to buy and sell books. At first I was doubtful, but then I put it into work, and, let me tell you it does work. But you must be careful not to buy books that people are selling cheaper then the store. You can buy books 400/less and sell them for 600/+.

Buying and selling books works because people want to make their pets smarter. Also because of faerie quests and jobs.

Update – Any item which has a good use, and is sold in the main shops, is good to resell. If an item is useful then people will want to pay good nps for it. However, if an item has no use, like clothing, then no one will be willing to pay for it. – – Wanda

Lower dubloon denominations

I’ve got an idea for np making. You have to have at least 13,000np for this one, but you’ll make about 5000 or 6000 np in profit. What you’ve got to do is buy a big domination dubloon coin such as a ten dubloon coin which last time I checked cost about 12500np, then go to the golden dubloon, you’ve got to be patient as many other people crowd it up, go to the first menu and buy something that only costs one dubloon then go to the eat section and eat the item. You will then have all those leftover one dubloon coins to sell, and as one dubloon coins cost about 2500np, you’ll make a hefty profit! Enjoy!

Update – This trick does not work. For example, if you obtain a 10 dubloon coin and purchase an item of food at the Golden dubloon for 1 dubloon you will get back a 5 dubloon and two x 2 dubloon coins. This method is not very effective. – – butterflygurl_14

50k the easy way

Once you get to something near 50k, it’s just gets easier and easier to make neopoints. One trick that I have (oh so original)~ is buying and selling; but there is much more to it than that. Often people talk of making 100 nps, but big whoop right?! Once you have a lot of nps, buy big ticket items like Frost Healing and Grand Lightning Beam, and make sure you are buying the cheapest ones on the wizard. Then sell them for a closer price to the lowest one on the wizard. For example, if you bought Frost Healing for 35k, and most sell for 40k, then sell the Frost Healing in your shop for 39k, making 4k nps. Often you can get even better deals than that~ the trick is that more expensive items get you more profit! – Indiangirl2010

Save save save!

I’ve been on Neopets for only 5 months, and yet I have over 80,000,000NP. How? Well, it’s easy. I was walking around the Catacombs when I stumbled upon an Electric Blue Paint Brush. I looked on the Shop Wizard and saw it was only worth 4,000NP. None of my pets could be painted with it, so I put it in my Safety Deposit Box. 3 months later it was announced retired. The prices on the Shop Wizard were outrageous, ranging from 160,000 to 300,000, so I sold it for 80,000NP.One day later it was sold. Seeing the effect of supply and demand, I quickly lowered all of my prices to half the price of those on the Shop Wizard. Soon enough, all 270 of my items were sold. Feeding my pets with omelet and any winnings from Tombola or The Fruit Machine, I shot up through the top 10 shops. Playing games and collecting interest also helped. I had 1 green, 2 yellows, 1 stone and a Christmas paintbrush. Selling them all for 900-4000NP. I sold all of my Battledome things, seeing as I don’t battle. Those went for about 5000 each. Playing for under 1 hour a day, the bottom line is: Save things of no use, you never know πŸ™‚ – Amber O’donnel

Lower dubloons and keeping your pet fed

Go to the Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island with a stack of two dubloon coins. Buy a starter which costs one dubloon (like the caesar salad) and you’ll get one dubloon back in change. Result – a happy pet with a full belly AND a one dubloon coin (worth 2800np) which is actually worth MORE than your two dubloon coin (2600np) It also helps solve that little problem with the dubloonomatic thingy only giving out larger denomination coins Just be sure to put your change away before your pets eat their next meal! – fletch

Half Price Day

1.First of all you have to know that on the 3rd of every month it is half-price day.

2.You have to have at least 15,000np (you’ll be haggling for some pretty expensive items)

3.When it’s half-price day, go to the magic shop and buy a morphing potion. If you can’t find one keep refreshing the page every 5 seconds or so until you find one.

4.Use advanced haggling to haggle for the item so you get it really cheap, let’s say we’re haggling for an 8,000 np red chia morphing potion. If you don’t know what “advanced haggling” is than go to: (it’s the first two tips)

5.After advanced haggling we got the potion for 6,000.

6.After 5 days have past, so the people are used to the normal morphing potion prices, sell it in your shop at the normal price but cheaper, let’s say we sold the red chia morphing potion for 10,000np.

7.Most likely in a couple of days someone would buy your potion. Which means you make 4,000 np!

After you have a lot of np, try going for the more expensive morphing potions, you’ll make tons more np , but it may take awhile to sell, maybe in a week. Hope these tips worked, and get haggling! I mean ADVANCED haggling!


The best way to make loads of nps is purchasing items from the main shops and reselling them in your shop for a great profit. When doing this make sure that you do a little research first to see what items sell for the most profit in users shops. Also see which items sell out the fastest and do not go for them because you most likely won’t get them. Chocolate is by far the best item because not many people try and buy it from the main shops and it sells for a great profit in Users shops. Also, when the shops are restocked there are loads of chocolate items in the Chocolate factory. If you have Broadband internet you will get a lot more items than if you are on dial up. When you have say 50,000nps upgrade your shop. A shop size of say 100 is good. Anymore is a waste of nps. When you have over 100,000nps from buying and selling chocolate look to the stock market. On the stock market you can easily triple your nps with little risk. At the moment there is no comprehensive stock market guide. However, I am currently working on a guide which will take the risk out of the Neopian Stock Market and inform you on how to best manipulate it for your our Financial Benefit. Unfortunately I am still in the research phase of it and it will not be read for some time πŸ™‚ – – Eric

Treasure Map

This game has two parts to it. Theres Treasure Hunt and Treasure Map. You play Treasure Hunt to get the pieces for Treasure Map. So this is strictly for Treasure Map. All you have to do is collect 9 pieces of each map, just like a puzzle. Ive gotta admit that the pieces are worth some serious dough in the shop wizard, but you can get them totally free in the Treasure Hunt game. It takes just 10 minutes, and youre on your way to a very rich future. Now, there are nine pieces to each map. Say you collect all nine pieces of a map. Turn them in or sell as a full set? You make the choice.

Last time I collected all nine, I turned them in. I got 6,500 np and two items worth 1,500 each. If you can do the math, thats 9,500 in total for 10 minutes a day. Of course you can always sell them. Original map pieces cost about 4,000 each. 4,ooo times 9 is? Anybody? Thats right. 36,000. Now you can buy that paintbrush youve always wanted. Of course, if you turn them in, youre liable to get that paintbrush without paying.

Now if you do decide to sell them, do it wisely. First, try to collect the full set. People will be more willing to buy if youve got all nine. Now if youve got all nine, you can sell them for a slightly higher price. Say 4,500. Now youre even richer. Of course, this will take you nine days to complete since you can only play Treasure Hunt once a day.

This helps if you have multiple accounts. This way, you can play Treasure Hunt not once but twice, thrice, and so on, depending on how much accounts you have. Imagine what you can do with 3 accounts? That means 3 map pieces a day and a full set in three days. That means up to 40,000 every three days! Now thats a very cool deal. Also, Treasure Hunt mostly gives out space maps, but if you manage a lab map, theyre worth about 9,000 each. Thats 81,000 every 3 days! Why you can by a millionaire by the end of this month. – lisi15

Quick Neopoints

Youll never believe this but the best way to being rich is being poor. I know, I know. I sound crazy. But Ive tested it myself, and got over 7,000 in a few minutes. See, You can have as much neopoints as you want in the bank. But only carry a single digit about with you, and youll see the random events popping up. Codestones, potions, why I even got a lottery ticket one (not that I won)! I got a codestone(3,400), a fire potion (600), and a fire faerie (3,400) and approximately 5 minutes. And I was half- broke, carrying around 6 neopoints. – lisi15

Buy Cheap Paintbrushes

Since there is many paintbrushes that aren’t retired and sell for good prices, buying lots of them and putting them into your SDB is a big tip. After a while, at least one will go retired and you can sell it for a big amount that somebody will be willing to pay for! This may take a while, so remember, patience is everything! – ScrapbooknDiary

One persons opinions

A simple way to be rich is just to follow what I did.
I’ve been on neopets for about 3 and 1 half months and I already have 270,000. What you need to do is this:
1. Open up your own shop and sell everything that you get except for items that will be worth more in the future.
2. Play free games or cheap games such as tombola, coltzans shrine, fruit machine, wheel of mediocrity, and the wheel of excitement.
3. Buy a scratch card as much as you can, and if you get a faeries fortune or better than that sell it in your shop. If you got lower than that scratch card, then just scratch it, good outcomes are possible. Here is the order: race to riches, terror trove, faeries fortune, icetravaganza, and etc..
4. Check every shop in the marketplace for rare items such as neggs in the food shops, they are always sold chaeaper than in the shop wizard.
5. If there is an item that is cheap such as lipstick look in the shop wizard and not in the marketplace. The marketplace sells for about 118 for a lipstick while the wizard is 10 neopoints.
6. Don’t be fooled by people who have so much stock they sell their items overpriced to confuse you. Make sure you find the cheapest price in the shop wizard, and keep refreshing until you find the cheapest.
7. Since neopets is the only website that I get on daily I recommend that if you like Neopets good enough that focus on it than other websites that waste your time.
8. Anytime that a rare item is released at Limited Too GO GET IT a.s.a.p. They have rare item codes on them and you get some much np. I got a code for a magical glowing carrot and sold it for 99,999.
9. Become friends with people who have been on Neopets long that are rich and are friendly to you.Be kind to those who arent as good as you, they might become successful and help you in return.
10. Check the chat area or trading post for good deals made by newbies such as rare items for just some neopoints and then make an offer.
I hope that these instructions have helped you become wealthier and happier on neopets and enjoy your time! – Taylor Haney

Negg wise

If you get a pink negg, don’t give it to the negg faerie! SELL IT! It is worth 5 negg points that means that you can only get a happiness negg which sells for 900np when the pink negg sells for 4500np and the happiness negg only makes your pet happy when you can let play with a fuzzle (usually 40-150np). – Jfromlbi

Game wise

There are many guids but there are only a few things how you can keep getting rich very fast. The secret is intems! No don’t stop playing the games! But i figured out that you get more for rare items and paintbrushes then for npz. What should you do? I typed two guides one for the newbies and one for people who have their account 2 days or longer.

If you have a new account
1. You start of with account. 200np
2. Create pets 1-4 50-100np
3. You can’t play the wheel in faerie land, tombola, trading post and chat board now. You have to be signed up for 3 hours to trade and chat, you have to be signed up for 2 days to play the wheel and play tombola.
4. Go play games: meerca chase, destruct o match, carnival of terror.
5. Then go look for cheap auctions or cheap codestones in the shop wiz.
6. Sell them for more and have profit!
7. Buy from your profit cheap paintbrushes, electric (not blue, yellow, christmas etc.)
8. Make trades some people give more then they are worth!

If you already started for 2+ days
1. Play almost all the games everyday
2. Play tombola, both wheels, fruit machine and shrine.
3. Go sell your items (if you have those) that aren’t worth much.
4. Buy cheap rare items from them like pbs and stuff
5. Trade them on the trading post

I hope this helps it made me 20k in 3 days and a lot of paintbrushes and other rare items! – hidinlinz

More game wise

First of all you need to pick a few games your good at here’s a list of game I play and the money I get from them.

(Per Day)
Ice Cream Factory 3,000NP
Pterattack 3,000NP
Meerca Chase 650NP
Korbat’s Lab 850np
Ice Cream Factory 1,000NP
Bumper Cars 700NP
Cliffhanger 1,250NP
Mummy Maze 750NP
Poogle Solitare 750NP (Can’t play everyday)
That already 10,000NP

Take jobs that pay over 4500NP although can give you a profit of 12,000 with the time bonus keep in mind you can only have four or five I make about 20,000

Finally I play Slots and diceroo which can give you items for a shop. Slots can pay up to 100,000NP but you have to do it everyday. Dice-a-roo is good for items to put in your shop which will help make money. – Edward Ovadia

The esophogor

Maybe most of u guys know this but I’m sharing this to those that really dunno and I think that these things should be share to all playing neopets. As u know that the key to solving the brain tree’s quest is to help the esophagor find his foods twice but what happened if u didn’t accept the brain tree’s quest.. u r most likely to be rewarded a junk by the esophagor. Junks worth 10-600nps, so most people didnt really cared about the esophagor but I recently discovered that the junk he gave out turned out to be GOLD.. Not really gold but useful, expensive items. I tested it & in 20 times you helped him, 2-3 times he gave u good items.. I have earned 2 codestones in a row, a white chocolate elephante, expensive furniture & others. Although it’s neither profitable nor sure win, it’s just a game of luck. Just 1 last reminder, consider his help if it’s less than 1k/1000nps. – Kiaoz


I have found that a lot of combinations can make you a lot of money… for example, you can usually buy a Rainbow Negg for 5000-6000 (sometimes people even sell it for 1000 if you get really lucky) and people sell Vanilla Shakes for a lot less than that. (I cant check right now… neopets is downed…) But when you combine the two, you get Rainbow Vanilla Negg (or something like that…) which sells for around 7500… you gain money slowly, but its easy and efficient. Try to find other combos that work even better! I am! – CatchSome Air

Here’s a great way to raise your NPs!

First, you have to join a guild, the more members, the better.

Second, get a few cheap, but good items from the main shops. Be sure they’re not useless! Get cheap food, maybe a book or two. (The best times to do this are around 11:00 PM – 4:00 AM NST. Or on the third of every month, which is half price day.)

Third, go the the trading post and look through the 20 newest trades. Make offers on the trades with over about 8 items that the owner has no wish list on, or the wish list is ‘anything’. Do this until you are out of the items you bought for this.

Fourth, play some games to get cash and spend it ALL on making your shop as big as you can. Put the leftovers in the bank, both to collect interest, and to keep it from getting stolen by ghosts.

Fifth, put all the items you don’t want to keep for yourself in the shop, and everything you want to keep in your safety deposit box. This will keep your items from getting stolen.

Sixth, go to the shop wizard and look up EVERY item in your shop at least 3 times. Price your items 1NP below the lowest price you find.

Lastly, go to the guild message board and announce that you are having a sale at your shop! This will bring in a LOT more than you think! I gained about 6k from this on my first try.

Another tip for this is to go to the auctions really late and bid on plushies, chocolate, etc. that is about to go off bidding. I usually bit on the 40-60 items, because then I have just enough time to get the last bid. Then, sell them in your shop as well during the sales. Also, you might want to switch guilds every so often to get fresh customers and such. Good luck! – Talia Maxwell

Specific tips for shop owners

Meh.. just thought id add my own specific tips for shop owners, use the shop wizard to your advantage and keep refreshing for cheap prices (newbies are cute like that) and especially buy up as many faeries as you can at cheap prices.

Buy light faeries up to 2850np and sell for 2890ish
Air faeries up 2800np and sell for 2876
Dark ” up to 2900np and sell for around 2999
Water ” up to 2900 and sell for 2999
Fire ” up to 2950 and sell for around 3020

Also battle items are very popular, esp. sword of domar, buy it at 600 or less and sell it at 650+ buy in bulk and a huge profit can be made

Buy most of the battle potions on shop wizard, and again find the cheapest prices and increase them in your shop (not too much or they wont sell…compare to the average prices in other shops)

You don’t always have to use the shop wizard, sometimes things are increased in price too much, you can also sometimes get faeries, swords, good battle equipment at very cheap prices. its better to have a fast connection though as they go quickly.

That may not seem like a huge profit gain, but there are some very cheap faeries and you can sell them for a lot more…after awhile you can start making up to 10K profit a day if you buy them in bulk.

Check the auctions regularly as there are people clearing their accounts out and have cheap items.

And also check the price change list, keeping up to date with what people want to buy and what’s no longer being sold.

ta da.. hehe.. .hoped it helped πŸ˜› – dead assassin guy

Adoption agency

This is how I get all my petpets. Go to the adoption center look at the petpets copy and paste the name then click on the name to look at don’t click on picture because that’s to buy then scroll down and check if there is a petpet. Every 5 pets I find a petpet then I look in the wiz to see how much they sell for and I buy then and you can make around 5000np per petpet get four and that’s around 20,000nps minus how much u paid to get rid of and to get the pets. – elitebattledomeforce

Paintbrush is the way to go

This is what I do, and I have made up to 200k in a day this way. Depending on what you buy, you will need above 30k or so. Not a totally original idea, but it works- Buying & Reselling Paint Brushes. πŸ™‚ First, go to the Shop Wizard and type in “Paint brush.” This way, it will look for every paint brush. Then, keep refreshing until you find a good deal. One time I got a Starry P/b for 8500nps (later sold for 77,000) and a Tyrannian P/b for 55,000 (later traded for a lost desert p/b, which sold for 113,500nps). Now that you’ve got all that np, put all but 100k or so if you are continuing looking for Deals, but leave at least 20k with you at all times so that you can still buy items. Then at the end of the day, put all your np in the bank and write down somewhere your total NP to see how much you make in a day. Tomorrow morning, collect interest BEFORE you withdraw 20k or so, and repeat the process (if you want, of course)! – Brianna Roux

Lot’s of points with little

Ok to start this off all you really need is around 20k as a good starter and a good connection to further help your cause as well as some patience. First off, this is mainly done by the auctions which is why you need the patience. What you have to do is go to your bank and withdraw all your neopoints or if you have some more then 20 or 30k will do just fine. Then go to the auctions and search for Secret Laboratory Map. When you get there, check out the prices and you will see a lot of low prices for the maps. the trick is the bid on the ones with like 1 hour or less left to bid and like under 2000np starting price. When you bid once, dont worry about matching someone else’s price until like the final 5 or 10 seconds and make sure your the last bidder. See, when you bid for something like that, it goes a lot less than what the actual price is on shop wiz so you sell it off there and you make a bundle of neopoints for really not doing that much! u can grab pieces for as little as 4000 neopoints and sell it for as much as like 11.5k it’s that simple! The reason why Secret Lab map is chosen is because it has such a huge price range that people start it off too low and it never climbs high enough to match the shop wiz price so you make a good profit off of it. Also, to further help your cause I suggest going at late hours so that most Americans aren’t on which will really help u achieve your goal. I have not tested it with other items but I’m sure it can work for others so you try your own and see what happens. – Knickfan3456

Neggery insurance?

Recently, my NP was dwindling (because I had made a very bad move in playing Treasure Hunt and getting almost nothing out of it). I was down to my last dollars. I was considered legally poor (having under 2000 NP)! Well, what’s someone to do when you are broke, a war is coming up, and you have no money to invest in codestones, weapons, etc?

Well, about 3 months ago, I had gone on a shopping spree for Pink Neggs. Yes, Pink Neggs. I took an awful lot of them into the Neggery, exchanged them for tokens, and along the line, I forgot I had those tokens in there. When I remembered that I had them, and came back to look, it turned out that I had 77 tokens in there! I bought the most expensive Negg from their store w/ the tokens (and a few others with the change), put it up for sale in my store, and the next day, I went to take the NP out of the till, and BOOM! 61,000 NP overnight!

If you want to be smart, and save up just in case of a Neopian Depression, War, etc, Negg tokens are the way to go! They stay in the Neggery, therefore the tokens can not be stolen from the Pant Devil, and you don’t have to click a picture of one in your Safety Deposit Box 77 times to get them all out! It’s like no-fail insurance! So, if you can spare it, invest in Negg Tokens! – Sabri10224

Buying low, Selling high

Make yourself a shop (doesn’t have to be big), and use the Shop Wizard to find bargains that you can resell. Instead of looking for a specific item, use a keyword that applies to lots of different things (for example, ‘cake’, ‘negg’, ‘chocolate’ or ‘faerie’). Under Search Items, choose ‘containing my phrase’. When you hit the Search Shops button, it will randomly find an item with that keyword in it.

What you’re looking for is an item whose cheapest price is far below all others listed. If you don’t see it on the first try, hit ‘back’ on your browser and push the Search button again. It’ll find a different random item. You won’t always find something, but when you do, it can pay off. I got a Mynci Surprise Ice Cream for 1000 NP when all the others on the list were 10,000 NP or more! I put it in my shop and sold it for 9000 NP very quickly.

This plan relies on the fact that people will get an item and sell it without checking to see how much it’s worth. You can often find items sold so cheaply that you can list it lower than any other price on the Wizard and still make a profit. That’s the method I’ve always used to stock my shop. You can make money slowly by selling low-end items (in the 200-500 NP range) but if you find valuable stuff you can hit the jackpot. – Entropy42

Games which are worth playing

Play these games 3 times a day and you’ll be a richy!

1. The wheels [faerie and tyrannia]
2. Tombola
3. The shrine
4. The snowager [timezone +1]
5. The garage sale – The game [earn up to 3000np a day if you are good]
6. Extreme herder [Ca. 500np a day]
7. Ice cream factory [ca. 1500np a day]

Now you should have at least 5000np

8. Kiko Match II [ca. 1000np a day]
9. Potato Counter [150np a day]
10. Pyramids [up to 5000np a day]
You get over 10000np every day!!! Now so hard, huh? – _emaholic

200np a day

I have gained an easy 1k per week without doing anything. All you have to do is, at the end of the day put all of your np in your bank account so you have 0 np. The next day when you come on you will have 200 np on hand! repeat this every day and you can total as much as 73k per year! – fusionmoo

Save the np!

I have a good tip for gaining money without spending cash like crazy. In fact, you don’t have to spend a dime. It’s all in time and patience. Start out by setting a goal of money to get to that is 1k or less than what you have currently. Once you reach that goal, deposit as much as you earned into the bank. Try to reach your goal at least 3 times. Before you quit neopets for the day, reach your goal one last time (it can be hard but you will reach it!) and don’t deposit it. The next day, you will have a new goal to get to since at the beginning you will deposit as much as you withdrew and will reach that goal another 3 or so times, and this goes on. You will be surprised at how fast your bank account fills up! – Sam

Igloo Garage sales

A beginners guide to Igloo garage sale. Im going to tell you a little secret to making TONS of neopoints! Is it playing games? No way. Is it BEGGING other players for stuff? Think again. My secret to making tens of thousands of neopoints a day is simple. The Igloo Garage Sale. What is the Igloo garage? Well, it rests on top of terror mountain. Mika and Carassa, two Chias who are sick of the frigid cold decide they want to move to warmer weather, Mystery Isle. The only problem is, they have so much junk, they need to have a garage sale to get rid of it. They stock most EVERYTHING in neopia. From Cards, to Gifts, to Plushies, to Petpets, to rare candy, you never know what awaits you. Mika and Carassa sell 95% of their ‘junk’ EXTREMELY cheap. They restock every 8 minutes, like other stores. Reload the page until they get more stuff. When they get more stuff, BE QUICK! Theres almost zero time to look at items and prices when they get a shipment. If theres something that catches your eye, buy it! The downside of igloo garage sale is that you can only buy 1 item per restock, so you must choose carefully. Ive included some items to watch out for at the Igloo Garage Sale- Baby Plushies. You can buy these babies (no pun intended) at around 700 nps and sell them for around 20,000 np. Also, watch out for rare types of candies. They stock many super rare jelly beans, sweet tarts, marshmallow items etc. For 200-500 np. Many of these items can be sold for 7000-15000 np. Nice, eh? Another thing to watch out for are Petpets. They sell a wide variety of petpets from Drackonacks (Which you can buy for 500 np and sell for 9000 np) to Lost desert petpets. Yes, those are some great deals. In my opinion, Igloo garage sale is the best secret off all neopia. Happy Hunting! – Nate106

Increase your bank interest rates **Warning, use with caution

A good thing about having a lot of money is you get the really high interest rates from the bank, which stay with you even after you withdraw the minimum amount of money. But why not do it the other way around? Get together with any number of your friends on Neopets and draw up an agreement: first, friend A, friend B and friend C send all their Neopoints to friend D. (KEEP A RECORD OF HOW MUCH YOU SEND EACH OTHER!) Friend D puts it all in the bank and chooses the highest interest rate he can with everyone else’s money. Once he has the high interest rates, he takes it all out of the bank and gives it to friend C. Friend C does the same and gives it to B. Then B does the same and gives it to A, who does the same and gives the original amounts back to everyone else. This means that each user’s bank accounts are permanently set to the highest interest possible! – Terahnee

Snow Faerie quests

Here is how I made 22,000 neopoints in a day. I played a few games and made a 6,000 or so neopoints. Well then I went to the Snow Faerie. These are the best quests that you can take in my opinion. Anyways, accept her quest. She only wants a few items at a time. Check to make sure those items combined don’t go over 5,000 neopoints. If they do, just wait between 1-2 hours to get a new quest. If they don’t go over 5,000 neopoints, buy the items she needs and bring them back to her. She rewards you with a hefty amount of neopoints, and a prize that can be worth 10,000 neopoints.

Example: Today, I got the items she needed. They only costed around 3,300 neopoints. In return, she gave me about 1,700 neopoints and a Pink Negg, which I sold for 9,400 neopoints. For all you people out there who hate math, I made a profit of 7,800 neopoints! Be wary however, this method does not guarantee a profit every attempt. There are occasions when she can reward you with less neopoints than you have spent. Overall, you should be making a profit. – Tyonnia

Every little bit helps

This may not get you rich in a hurry, but it’ll definitely help. Aside from playing games (I like to play Warf Rescue Team, Meerca Chase, Destruct-o-Match, Dubloon Disaster, Whack-a-Staffmember, Ultimate Bullseye and whatever the featured game of the day is), something I’ve noticed is that partially eaten omelettes (either 2/3 or 1/3) generally sell for more than a whole omelette. Therefore, what I do is get my daily omelette from Tyrannia, and feed it twice to your pets, until I have a 1/3 omelette, and then either sell it in my shop, or auction it.

You can also usually auction half-eaten berries from anywhere from 4 to 14 np (start bid=2 np, bid increment = 2np). A good investment, considering you can get them for 1np!

The same generally goes for junk you can get off the Money Tree. If you don’t want it, try auctioning it at a fairly low price, because if its junk its more likely to sell in auctions than in your shop. Just don’t put the price too high, otherwise no one will bid on it. – Lindsay

Snowball supply and demand

About once a year, Neopets has a major war. One thing I have noticed is during wars, the price of snowballs skyrocket because everyone is using them in 1 player BD. A nice way to make money is to buy lots of snowballs, cheap (when there is no war – I usually go for sticky and exploding snowballs) and resell during the war when they shoot up 200 or up to 1000 each! Just goes to show that the rule of supply and demand is your friend! War = demand goes up. Supply stays same, prices go up. – ss_evil_kane

Save the items that are no use to you

My get rich tip is to save things that are of no use to you. Since you can put unlimited amount of objects in your Safety Deposit Box, put anything you don’t need in it. I recently “cleaned out” my SDB. I had a Neopian Encyclopedia K-O that I had gotten in my newbie pack. I checked its price on the shop wizard… the lowest price was over 1000 neopoints!!! I also received a tiara from playing a game a while back. I had no use for it so I put it in my SDB. While cleaning it out I found it again and checked the price on the shop wizard… over 50,000 neopoints!!! Also a while back, I found a glass paintbrush in Happy Valley. I didn’t want to paint my pets so I just put it in my SDB. Now it’s retired and goes for almost 50,000 on the shop wizard. This just proves that you can make money by saving useless items. – Marissa

Use the auctions

One of the easiest ways to get rich once you have over 100k is through auctions. Look up and memorize the prices for codestones and map pieces on the shop wizard and then keep refreshing the auction page until you find an item that is less than the wizard value. Bid quickly and always a bid higher than the minimum bid and you can make a lot of money very quickly. In one hour I bought 5 codestones and 2 map pieces and made a profit of 7k off the codestones and 40k off the map pieces alone! – Sk8ingroolz

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