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Plushie Tycoon is a new game about you, as a businessman, going to make a plushie kingdom. Here are some tips on how to plat Plushie Tycoon.

1. Raw Goods – It is up to you whether you want to be a cheapskate, or you are targeting the upscale buyer. I usually target upscale buyer.
2. Store – It is open from 9 am to 5 pm. You should upgraded the store and advertise it (to the highest level) before platying. Don’t worry, you would have enough money.
3. Factory – Your workforce should only cost around 1000 per hour. Balance the amount of workers.

Species Cloth Complexity Accessories
Acara 300 5 None
Aisha 100 6 Trinket
Blumaroo 200 2 None
Bruce 300 4 Bow Beak
Buzz 300 9 Fins Wings
Chia 300 3 Hair
Chomby 200 3 Fins
Cybunny 300 5 Collar
Elephante 300 7 Trinket
Eyrie 200 7 Fur Beak
Flotsam 200 4 None
Gelert 200 5 None
Grarrl 300 5 Teeth
Grundo 100 3 None
Jetsam 300 5 None
Jub Jub 200 5 None
Kacheek 300 2 None
Kau 300 7 Horns
Kiko 300 5 Bandaid Hair
Koi 300 7 Fins
Korbat 400 7 None
Kougra 300 5 Moustache

Plushie Tycoon Guide

Plushi Tycoon is a fierce game in which you have to survive in the plushie industry. You start out with 50,000 NP. Its not real np that you get, its just in the game. You make plushies from scratch, and sell them in a store. Here is a guide on the successful way I did it.

Here is what you need to make 100 plushies.
1 of the 100 sq ft pieces of cloth
1 of the 10 gal bags of stuffing
1 lb of the accessories
1 of the 100 count containers of packing.

So basically, buy 1 of each of the four things needed to make 100 plushies. Buy more if you want to do it my way. This is how I did it and my game is going very well.

NOTE: This strategy was written during the beta testing of Plushie Tycoon; the game has been altered since then and this strategy may not be entirely accurate.

First, rent your factory and warehouse. Then you should go buy 1 of every color cloth, 4 stuffings (NeoFoam or TreeFloss, your choice), 4 Shoyru accessories, and 4 cardboard boxes.

Before you start your jobs, hire 60 trainees and 2 managers. Start each job (you will have to upgrade your factory once), and here’s the important part: SIT BACK AND DON’T DO ANYTHING ELSE. It is essential that you not spend any more money until all 400 plushies are made and loaded.

Plushie Tycoon Tips

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Always Accessorize Plushies

Always accessorize plushies. It should also be noted that the colour red does not mean that they sell faster or they are better. Try different colours on the same plushie to find the one that sales out really fast as there are a few that sell really, really fast. Good luck in the hunt.

Editor’s Note: All the Plushie Tycoon tips below this note are to be considered outdated and no longer applicable to the new changes in Plushie Tycoon. – noneya_7_7

Simple is Better

Buy all necessary supplies and place ONE order at a time. If you buy too much at once, you may not be able to collect all the different types of materials you need (i.e. cloth, packaging, accessories, etc.) and you will be stuck. You will not be allowed to buy any more supplies, and yet you will not be allowed to place an order in the factory until all the necessary items are bought. Also, there’s no real need to waste money on rent for a shop until you have at least one order of plushies ready to go, which could take a few days. Save yourself the expenses! – Erica aka Felicity1085