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Crisis Courier Guide by Anonymous

More than practice, getting high scores in Crisis Courier relies largely on previous knowledge of levels. For example level seven is a maze, and one wrong step will lead you into a dead-end. No skill involved there. So play a lot, know the levels and you’ll get far.

Here Are Some Guidelines to Follow

At the start of level one type in ‘kingaltador’ to get that extra life. If you forget, type it at the beginning or end of any level, when you have a few seconds of free flying.

You don’t need to grab everything. If it looks hard, impossible or you just don’t feel like it, don’t get it. Gold bags are only worth 5 points and Mintheuses 10, so missing a handful won’t lose you a high score.

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Neopoints Guides

How to Make 55,000 Neopoints a Day by Neverwiinter

I know this is like a lot of the other Neopets get rich quick guides out there but I am completely serious and this is very easy to do.

I have a couple of games that I play daily to get around 50,000 neopoints a day. Be warned, this takes hours to make (around 3 – 6-ish), so I suggest you take breaks in between, or go do something else in between hours.

If you were REALLY persistent, then you could probably make 100,000 neopoints in a day, plus with all the freebies.

Easy games to play that will make you around 20k in under an hour:

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Game Cheats

Crisis Courier Cheats

Secret Level

If you click the bottom left-hand corner of the title screen window, you’ll load a level with structures spelling out, “weepit was here”. – Grace Nicolas

Gain an Extra Life

In Crisis Courier type “KINGALTADOR” for an extra life. – KeAiMatty

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