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The Prowlers: Part III by Porygonix

The ship pulling into bay woke Lethal. It was early, and fog covered the desert. It was surprisingly warm outside. Lethal woke Hatchet with a push of the paw. The two got the gang together.
‘Soak a rag in gasoline, then throw this…’ Hatchet held up a Fire Mote.
Antsy quickly followed orders and got the rag ready with a can of gas in Hatchet’s closet. The plan was in play. Antsy crept behind the buildings. The Lupes waited for hours upon hours, but Antsy never came back.
‘FIRE!!!!!!’ a yell ran throughout the town. All the wolves turn to the ship and sure enough the crew and driver lambered off the ship.

‘Antsy?!’ Lethal called.
‘Leave him!’ Hatchet shouted.
‘We have to go NOW!’
So Lethal obeyed, and the remaining 5 Prowlers hijacked the ship.
‘Okay, this is your captain speaking…’ Hatchet started.
‘Ugh…it’s not an airplane!’ Angel interrupted.
Hatchet muffed the microphone. ‘What else am I supposed to say?’
Angel quickly took the microphone from Hatchet’s paw. ‘YARRRR, I BE A
Hatchet snatched the microphone back. ‘What….in the world….was that?’
‘I’m a pirate’ said Angel, with a smile.
‘Let’s just get the ship to the island.’ commanded Hatchet, heaving the whole amplifying system out the window, dangling by a few cords. Suddenly, something hard rocked the boat.
‘What was…’ Hatchet didn’t have time to finish. Being a native of Maraqua, Snowowl knew instantly the sounds and the feeling.
‘Oh no….’ Snowowl’s eyes were wide open. ‘WHIRLPOOL!’ He apparently knew his stuff. The boat was sent flying in a circle. Lethal reached out for the wheel, but got nothing but air, as the ship sent him sideways and out the ship’s open window.
‘AHHHH!!!!!’ Lethal made a last grab, and found a saving grace. The amplifier. ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD!’
Meanwhile, Angel manned control of the wheel.
‘Hatchet, I can’t work this thing!!!’
Hatchet didn’t have time to speak. The boat was slung from the whirlpool, falling on the side that Lethal occupied. Lethal jumped away from the amplifier, and swam from the falling boat. The amplifier landed first with a loud shock, and then the boat began to sink under the depths of the sea. Hatchet quickly grabbed on to the window above the water, and pulled his way out of the doomed ship. Nuke ran through the glass, much to his skin’s dismay, and plunged into the waters, virtually unharmed. Angel’s escape was delayed. Snowowl lost grip of his spot on the window away from the water, and plunged to the surface, the equipment of the ship blowing up in sparks all around. Angel looked back but Hatchet grabbed him from the top, and the two lept into the waters. The rest of the ship went up in infernal flames, and sank to the ocean floor below.
Angel looked down at the raging waters. The whirlpool was too far away
to suck them in, but its effects graced the water near the pack of Lupes.
‘Now how are we gonna get that crown…’ Hatchet began.
‘Snowowl was a good wolf…but we need to worry about our lives out here.
We can’t get rescued, or we’ll be in some deep Mynci doo-doo’ reminded Hatchet.
‘We can’t SWIM to Roo Island!’ Angel protested.
‘How close are we?’ asked Lethal, more mellow than the angered Angel.
‘Not very close…we’re a good hundred miles away.’ frowned Hatchet.
A sound from above caught the attention of the wolves. A rescue helicopter.
‘Uh oh…we’re in deep…’ Angel cried.
‘No, wait…let’s just see what happens.’ Hatchet reasoned.
The chopper came to the wavy surface of the water, blowing the fur of the Lupes. A ladder came down and Lethal was first to grab on. Then came Hatchet. Angel and Nuke were reluctant, but Angel eventually grabbed on to the first rung and began to climb. Nuke was last. Lethal and Hatchet got in the helicopter almost simultaneously, and Angel came close behind. The three looked back and gasped. Nuke wasn’t there.
‘Did he fall?!’ Angel exclaimed.
‘That’s what I’m guessing…NUKE!!! NUKE!!!!!’ Hatched sighed. There was no reply.
‘Is that all of em?’ the copter pilot questioned.
Angel gave a reluctant sigh. ‘Yes.’ he said.

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