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Neopian Short Stories by RuaCracker

KroniKK666 sits down with you and begins to talk, “AbiahCodestone sure has been acting awfully funny lately. Ever since she learned the black arts of Life Drain all she eats are gross foods that have bugs in them, as well as her being more and more conceited and vain with each passing day, and even more-so cruel and mean. Her entire eyes as well as her eye sockets, have turned blacker than the blackest of souls. Once she loved to hang at Coltzan’s Shrine with all of her friends, now, she hangs around the battledomes, draining victim after victim of their life seemingly non-stop. And when she is hurt, its best to watch out, cuz that is when she kicks her life draining into over-drive, so much so that she has all the frequent battlers shivering when she appears on the scene. It has even caused some to stop battling, which is everybody’s best bet. One day me and Sour_Puss_28304 and 238472961 sat down with her to have a crisis intervention about the way she was starting to act and her new changes. Well she just flew off the handle and instead of draining the life out of us, she sucked the cuteness out of us, disfiguring us and turning us into freakish mutants. I WAS a Christmas Nimmo… but now I am a Mutant Moehog who has no energy to do anything including fight back. 238472961 WAS a cute little red Acara, now, she is a Mutant Techo. At least Sour_Puss_28304 got to keep his species but he became a Mutant as well, a Mutant Chia. I am scared though, for with the physical changes of 238472961 and Sour_Puss_28304 came the mental changes as well for they both seem to enjoy their new freakish bodies and have even sided with AbiahCodestone and joined her on her crusade of chaos and terror and destruction.”

One day KroniKK666, Abiahneo, NeoAngelForce, and NeoDedHed were strolling around Neopia basking in the own vanity, praising themselves and laughing at their memories that they are discussing when a Cybunny jumps out of nowhere and pounces on Abiahneo and says to her, “Hi there, what’s your name?” Abiahneo rudely replies, “Abiahneo, why?” Enthusiastically, AbiahCodestone replies, “Want to play?” And still rude, Abiahneo replies,” No thank you.” As she pushes AbiahCodestone off of her and dusts herself off. Out of nowhere NeoAngelForce tugs on AbiahCodestone’s leg. AbiahCodestone looks down and sees NeoAngelForce and with a shocked smile says, “Hello, how r u?” NeoAngelForce replies, “I annaw yalp! Stahw ruoy eman?” AbiahCodestone looks up at the Christmas Nimmo whom she suddenly notices is standing behind NeoAngelForce and says to him, “Huh?” The Christmas Nimmo smiles and says, “My little friend here wants to play with you and asked what your name is.” “Whats my name?? Well its uhh, its uhh,” She looks at Abiahneo whom she thinks is very pretty and shouts, “ABIAH! Abiah uhh, Abiah uhh,” Looking around for help as though there would be any she hears, “Where’s my codestone? I lost my codestone!?” And AbiahCodestone spurts out, “Codestone! Yeah that’s it, AbiahCodestone, I’m AbiahCodestone!” And Abiahneo mutters to herself, “Quite.” AbiahCodestone looks down to the Grundo and says, “Whats YOUR name little one?” The Christmas Nimmo chimes in saying, “His name is NeoAngelForce, I am KroniKK666, and the Meerca over there banging his head on the ground is NeoDedHed, and you have already met Abiahneo over there.” AbiahCodestone looks around to them all and says, “Nice to meet you all.” And once again Abiahneo mutters to herself, “Quite.” NeoDedHed stops his head banging just long enough to look to AbiahCodestone and say” Hello hehehe.” So AbiahCodestone, NeoAngelForce, and KroniKK666 begin a conversation and started annoying it. As a nervous tick, AbiahCodestone sits on her tail, grabs her feet, and begins rocking back and forth and she laughs and holds the conversation with NeoAngelForce, and KroniKK666. Abiahneo sitting at a distance, starts becoming jealous so she says to herself, “There isn’t enough room for the two of us around here Abiah!” As she sneaks up and pushes AbiahCodestone who falls into KroniKK666’s arms who falls into the rainbow pool. AbiahCodestone shoots back up quickly all the while looking down at her fur coat to check it out to find out that it has been painted a different color. NeoDedHed looks at AbiahCodestone and KroniKK666 in the rainbow pool and Abiahneo standing at the edge over them and NeoDedHed says, “oopsie!” Mortified, AbiahCodestone shoots away from the group holding her weeping eyes in her hands but once again runs into KroniKK666 who intentionally catches her in his arms this time and holds her as her looks to Abiahneo disappointedly and says, “Abiahneo! Explain yourself! Why did you do that to her? Speak now Abiahneo!” Angry and very upset Abiahneo shouts back as she begins to cry, “I don’t have to explain myself to you, I don’t have to explain myself to anybody!!” as she turns and dashes off. NeoAngelForce shouts out, “Abiahneo! Please, wait! Come back…please?” NeoAngelForce and NeoDedHed sympathetically look to AbiahCodestone as she has calmed down some but is still snuggled in KroniKK666’s arms and latched on still sniffling” NeoAngelForce walks over to NeoDedHed and NeoDedHed’s face lights up as he silently says, “Ohhhh.” They walk up to KroniKK666 and taps him on his shoulder and persuades him to go back into the rainbow pool. AbiahCodestone is unaware of what is happening due to her self-pitty. KroniKK666 clears his throat to get her attention and it works as she turns around to see KroniKK666, NeoAngelForce, and NeoDedHed all painted with Christmas colors. Pleasantly surprised, she dashes into their arms for a group hug and that is how the Christmas group came to be. And in the shadows stood Abiahneo sniffling as she sees that they are happier than ever, and she slips into the night, never to be seen again by anyone.

Grundome, a small little pleasant town in Neopia. Its just another normal little day as people hustle through the crowded streets of the market place there…till a mutant grundo wearing a fire mask, fire walking boots, fire rock torso, forest cloak, and a fire utility belt appears at the scene with a trumpet of deafening in his hands and a fire whip wrapped up and hanging on his side. He grabs everybody’s attention by blasting them of their feet and when the crowd’s whispering settles down, he steps aside and there stands a cute little christmas bunny, or so it appeared. She smiled at the crowd and when she did she exposed her large, sharp teeth and says, ” My name is AbiahCodestone and I do not want to cause any injuries so if you all will just hand me all the weapons in the town I shall be off and nobody shall get hurt. You have 16 minutes to comply, then you shall regret waking up on this fine mourn.” Suddenly a little grundo farmer runs out from the crowd with a rake and prepares to attack Abiah till he gets tossed back to the crowd by the crack of the large grundo’s fire whip. “Well I WAS gonna be nice to you all but since you all want to have it that way, its your funeral.” says Abiah Codestone. She once again exposes her gruesome teeth as she lets out an unholy roar sending the most foulest demon breathe towards the crowd causing them all to gag and choke and vomit. And when the smoke clears there stands Abiah Codestone, 30 times her original size, wearing a Cybunny Helmet, a Cybunny Collar, and holding a Cybunny Sword in a batting position.

AbiahCodestone sees only growing resentment of other neopets towards their owners and hears only cries of agony and fear for multiple reasons. Many traumatized by the diseases of the wheel of excitement which they do not find very exciting, and the pterodactyl swooping down and biting them at the wheel of mediocrity, and on top of that, their owners forcing them against their will to return sometimes traumatizing them even further. Their is those owners that would force their pets to go into the battle dome and fight against their wills, or go into the Snowager’s lair against their will. Their are those owners that force their neopets to go to the lab to get shot by the ray, not to mention those owners that would paint a neopet baby despite their neopet’s opposition towards it. Now their is the talk about the discovery of the new lands. Many neopets fear what might be lurking there and fear that the Defenders of Neopia might call upon them to go there and face whatever horror might lay there awaiting them. While their owners excitingly debate what new land will be discovered next, their neopets are debating what horrors might be awaiting them there, something there owners never stop to think about.

“Poor babies,” AbiahCodestone says as she falls on her rear slightly sobbing, “The other Neopets pick on them SO much. Just because a super hero want to-be Moehog says to go beat up The Pant Devil or The Ghost Lupe. Him and his little friends get in together on pranks on them and tell others lies about them to get people beat them up. And besides, hasn’t The Ghost Lupe had enough stress as is? I mean, he loses the love of his life, he loses his life and now roams Neopia as a Ghost because his soul can not rest….just to be beaten up by a bunch of rude, inconsiderate, and down-right immature neopets?” Still sobbing slightly, “And the poor Mummy, Punchbag Bob, and Chia Clown. Everybody beats Them up too because they are not as strong,” She jumps to her feet, a couple tears streaming down front a lowered brow and towards a stiff upper lip. She balls up one of her fists and raises it proclaiming sternly, “Well NO MORE!! No more shall The Pant Devil, and The Ghost Lupe, and Punchbag Bob, and The Chia Clown, and The Mummy be picked on by all the others!! From now on, me and my two friends, Sour_Puss_28304 and 238472961 shall side with THEM and join FORCES with THEM and declare war on The Defenders of Neopia and all others that dare threaten me and my friends!!”

Later that day I sat down and had an interview with none other than Abiah Codestone herself. “What do you think when you think of yourself?” I asked. AbiahCodestone Replies, “I see myself as powerful as I am, I see how I can heal and tend to many with all my vast knowledge and save others from peril with my heightened speed, strength, agility, and toughness… And then I remember back when I first met my owner and the other neopets, I was such a weak and naive lil’ neopet I was. I would look at some of the other Neopet Veterans, those with stats the same or better than the stats I now have, I would see how the walked with a noble stride, I could see the wisdom that was won through battle….and now, they see me and treat me as one of them….and I just can not believe it. It seems like yesterday when that all happened and I have gotten my wish all too fast and all too soon, know? Talk about bitter sweet, know? And now it has left me a bitter not so sweet soul, know? So I asked, “SO have you any idea when and/or where this all started?” “No, not exactly,” she replied, “but strangely I found my pet rock the same day I met my owner and his other neopets…let me tell you about it!” she said enthusiastically. – RuaCracker

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