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Snow Wars Guide by agriff1

Anyone can get a gold trophy in snow wars, and earn tons of snowballs in the process!

Snow wars is a luck/chance game rated hard. To get a gold trophy and win the game it takes at least 1000np, but its more likely to take about 3000-4000np. This is because you get a gold trophy after 10 competitors and each game costs 100 to start. The 4000np will easily be earned back if you sell the snowballs you get at the end of each battle. For instance, the stone snowballs you get at the end of level 10 sell for 1200 neopoints each, and you get two of them.

There are 7 different things you need to bomb in each level. The cannon and the snow piles are two blocks stacked on top of each other, the big snowman and the castle are 2×2 squares. There are also two one block snowmen and one snowball launcher that consists of 3 blocks lined horizontally.

Although this is a luck/chance game, there are some fundamental strategies that you should use for finding the 7 items.

When you find an item that’s more than one square, fill in the rest of the image by bombing the squares next to it. You can find out where to bomb to fill in the image by looking at your images. By filling in the images, it will help you visualize the open spaces and prevent looking for extra items when you’ve already found all 7.

Start with the snowball launcher. This is the easiest and you should always find it first. To scan for the launcher, first bomb all of the “3” line. Then if you haven’t found it yet, bomb all of the “8” line. By bombing down the 3 line you will be able to tell if the launcher is in lines 1-5, because the launcher has a length of 3.

Next, find the 2×2 squares. Do this by finding a 3X3 square of “?”s and bombing in the middle of it, until there are none left. Then bomb corners of 2×2 squares until there are none left.

After that, start looking for the cannon and the snow piles. Do this by looking for 3 “?”s stacked on top of each other in a vertical line. Bomb the middle “?” in them. If you haven’t found them by the time all 3 stacks are gone, start bombing 2 stacks.

Lastly, look for the two individual snowmen. These are the hardest to find because there isn’t any way to scan for them, you just have to guess. This is where most of the luck comes in, and its where you will lose most of your games when you do lose.

If you win a game on to the next competitor, the game will get harder. The computer starts to “cheat” and will hit your squares more often, so using the strategies will become vital. You can always stop and come back later if you need to earn the 100np needed to start a game. – agriff1

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