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Meerca Chase II Guide by Anonymous

Meerca Chase II is, in my opinion, one of the most lucrative games on Neopets. I always play on Hard in the Classic Mode and average 400-450np a game, but it is very easy to get higher scores- with practice! The Maze and Freestyle modes were added to spice things up and to replace the secret levels that the original Meerca Chase enjoyed. Although they are fun and help you work on essential skills, they are too difficult for serious earning.

When you have chosen your mode and difficulty, you can choose your background colour. I personally stick with the grey, both because it was in the original and because it’s easiest on the eyes. Different colours make different Neggs stand out; experiment to see which is best for you.


Set some kind of Neopoint goal for yourself when you play. For example, I only send my scores in Meerca Chase II when I get above 250 points. Make your goal something that you need to strive for, but not something that will only frustrate you. If you send the score for your first three games, chances are that you aren’t making all the Neopoints you could be.

Practice an economy of motion; you’ll need this skill later. Try to avoid rapid keystrokes that result in a stairlike pattern. Not only does it confuse and distract you, it can waste space and clutter up your path, resulting in collisions. On Hard, the Meerca moves too fast to allow for unnecessary movements. If you aren’t confident in your direction choices, you are going to crash.

Be careful how you turn around. If you make a U-turn too quickly, you can bump into your own tail. This becomes more common as the game progresses, because a lengthening tail slows you down!

To deal with a really long tail, come up with some kind of pattern that is orderly and easy to get out of. Some people advocate circles around the box, but this has its own problems. When your tail gets incredibly long, you can end up trapping yourself. I prefer to do lines that double back on themselves, like switchbacks up a mountain. Don’t get so fixed on tying up your tail that you crash into something!

Be aware of the space around your Meerca. It doesn’t need to hit Neggs head-on, but can lightly graze them. This goes for good Neggs as well as bad ones. It also becomes a problem when playing the Maze variation.

Secret levels

While in the beginning screen (that offers you different modes and difficulties), you can unlock two secret levels. To alternate between these, refresh the page and then type in your code.

If you type in “ferociousneggsareontheloose”, you will unlock a Ferocious mode. It is interesting, but quickly becomes difficult. The ordinary point-scoring Neggs stay still, but the Red Neggs have teeth and travel around the box. They move in straight lines so it’s not hard to avoid them initially, but they quickly cloud the playing area. I find that there are more coloured Neggs on this level. The Yellow Negg is worth 10 points on Hard with this mode, and all other Neggs are valued accordingly.

If you type in “superextrahypergravitymode”, you will unlock a Gravity mode. The playing area becomes circular and the controls are wildly different. It’s similar to Freestyle, but with the added force sucking your Meerca down the well. You need to hold the “up” key and use the left and right to steer. I find this level extremely difficult and have never caught more than a few Neggs. As a point of interest, your tail is blue, rather than the usual cream. The Yellow Negg is worth 18 points with this mode, and all other Neggs are valued accordingly.

Good Luck! – Anonymous

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