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Become a Rich Neopian by Doing Quests by dilberrys

So your wanting to do some quests and make something out of it
well here’ how you can do it!

If you have at least 10k neopoints try doing a snow faerie quest first check to see the items she is wanting. Go to shop wizard and check all of the prices for the items if it is below 9k do the quest. Buy the items and give her the items before time runs out. Most likely you will receive about 2k neopoints a snowball and an item worth a lil bit more than what you paid. So just now you made a reasonable profit.

Edna’s quest don’t cost much. I would recommend only spending a maximum of 4k on her quests. Do the same with Snow faerie check the items in shop wizard and see how much they are then buy them if they are totaled below 4k.Then give to Edna. She will give you cheap neopoints maybe 200 or 300 and she will give you an item maybe real good or real cheap. When it comes to Edna you don’t know the outcome but by spending only 4k you wont lose to much neopoints if she doesn’t give you enough neopoints.

Now the Esophagor is also good he sometimes asks for really cheap items and gives your really good items its completely random. He gives out good prizes just don’t spend more than 7k on him or you might be sorry. Also make sure your NOT on a brain tree quest or he will give you redundant information.

Now food quests are great, it will help increase your pets stats so if your a battledomer try going to the food quests on mystery island. Most of his quests are expensive but I would suggest only spending around 11k on the quests. As for all of the quests check the price of the items they are asking in shop wizard and look for the cheapest.

Follow these rules and you make become a neomillionaire! – dilberrys

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