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Money For me, Money For You by cheeseman188

I have seen too many “neopoints quick” guides that are super long and involve time and effort like all day! (plus there long to read) so I have come up with my guide for people who want money and want it now, also called lazy people. This guide involves things that quick and easy also can be done in about 1/2 hour at most if you’re slow.

Now to the guide!

First things first, to be fast and lazy, bookmark the pages that you use like bank, your shop, guild, the games you play, stock market, the shop you like to restock at (if you do that) etc. After you are done reading the guide and test what you want BOOKMARK the links you are going to use or this guides link that way you can go fast.

1. Here are two personally tests which you can put any thing you want and get 200 per time 3 times a day

Note: Click as fast as you can on Q’s , you can click them even when there moving and remember it doesn’t matter what one you click.

NP: 1200
Running total = 1200
Time: 2 min (if you’re fast)
Running time = 2 min

2. Here are some weird games which can be fast

Note: After awhile you will get good and remember which is which Pokemon. Note that the Pokemon one is on the “type” nothing else so, Pokemon one may be a new subject to you so find some Pokemon website and find which type beat each other and be able to remember fast to get good NP (Pokemon: about 400+ so I will say 400 – Disney I get 550 without sound so you should get that at least with sound).

NP: 1200 (Pokemon) + 1650 (Disney) = 2850
Running total = 1200 + 2850 = 4050
Time: 2 (if you’re good – Pokemon) + 6 min (Disney – Remember I don’t have sound) = 8
Running time: 2 + 8 = 10

3. Here are some trivia tests which you can get 300 per time 3 times a day (the first couple times you might not get it but, its petty easy) but also time consuming

Note: These have about 10-15 Q’s so after the first few times you will know the answers. Also these take 13.5 min about or more sometimes (so if you are super lazy, or don’t have time, these are the ones to skip) friendship day.

Note: For the Friendship Day, don’t read the stories, just read the Q’s and try and guess, it not that hard.

Disney Note: For Disney after you click your answer, click again (fast) and it will go faster (this might work for the others, I am not sure).

NP: 3600
Running total = 4050 + 4500 = 8550
Time: 13.5 (1.5 min each time about(1.5*15=22.5)
Running time: 10 + 18 = 28

4. Racing Stripes – I saw this one while making the guide so that why it is by itself!

295 in one guess! Easy 300 neopoints. Note that this game is very fast one guess does give you 300 but there’s only one Q so if you get it wrong try again.

NP: 900
Running total = 7650 + 900 = 9450
Time: 1 min
Running time: 28 + 1 = 29

5. Here are four more games like trivia but they are a LITTLE longer

400 + per game so 400 * 3 * 4 = 4800

NP: 4800
Time: 16
Runing total: 9450 + 4800 = 14250
Runing time: 29 + 16 = 45

End main guide!

From here you could add this to another guide or read my other things to get money might include not being lazy completely.

1. This can give you a lot but … but, you can get nothing, or in between. It’s hard to explain so just try it!

Note: I don’t like this anymore because you got to get lucky or have some timing skill, and I am lazy.

2. Stock market – If you don’t know how, maybe read another guide?

3. Your shop – Sell stuff – Need help? Find another guide!

You should also try to get money by playing games! I am going to list some I play you should bookmark the ones you play you should play games that you are good at (on average you can get from 250 – 400 on most games per round) or games that go by really fast.

Meerca Chase
Meerca Chase 2
Extreme Herder
Limited Too: Mix & Match
Note: This one is a little weird
Fruit Twistables
Volcano Run
Note: Type “lava” for a free shield in the game. Can only be used once.

There more games that are good for money, but play one your good at too and remember to BOOKMARK them so you don’t lose them. You might use other guides too they might know one me or you forgot well if you feel like it you can neomail me cheeseman188. – cheeseman188

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