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The Simplest Way to Make Neopoints by Abbie

The best way there is to make neopoints, as most of us know, is to run a successful shop. However, knowing the best methods on how to make a profit by selling things in Neopia. Thus, I have written an easy-to-follow 5-step guide on how to buy low but sell high.

1. Choose a few items for your shop to specialize in. These should be items that are in high demand, to ensure that they will sell, and they should also be one-time-use items, to ensure that people keep coming back for more. Some suggestions are codestones, faeries, and neggs.

2. Find out which section of the market you are in. This is determined by the first character of your screen name, because when the shop wizard makes a search it searches one section at a time. Find out which section you are in by searching for an item on the shop wizard and pressing refresh (and clicking yes when it asks if you want to resend the information) until some of the screen names it comes up with start with the same letter as yours. The other screen names that come up will begin with the other letters in your section. This step is necessary because prices will vary from section to section, and this way you will be able to price your items so that your shop appears first on the list when people search for your items, but are still able to price your items high enough to make profit.

3. Now you have the information you need to decide on the prices for your items. Write down the names of the items you want to sell, and begin doing searches for them on the shop wizard. Keep refreshing the search for each item until you find your section, then price the item according to the cheapest or second cheapest on the list. Write the prices down, this will make restocking much easier.

4. Now to stock your shop. In order to make a profit, of course, you’ll need to buy the items for lower than you plan to sell them. So search for the item you want to stock and place the maximum price as 1 NP less than the amount you are going to sell it for. Buy a few of this item, put them in your shop for the price you decided on, and move on to the next item. I recommend not having more than three or four of an item in your shop at one time.

5. Now sit back and relax, knowing that NP will soon be flowing into your shop till! If at first you don’t have much NP to buy items with, don’t worry, because very soon you’ll have much more. – Abbie

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