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Surf’s Up: Find Cody Guide by catgirl8694

You can make a decent amount of neopoints pretty quickly (500-600np in about a minute). The payoff is 1np for 1 point scored.

As the chicken character, you just run through the jungle trail and pick up food, (corn and squid), until you find Cody.

Only two things kill you, the bottom of the screen and the point of the guarding penguin’s spear.

To avoid the bottom of the screen try to play in the middle, one so that you are not too close to the bottom and get pulled down
by a snag, two so that you’re not too high up and unable to see the dead-end traps they set for you. You often have to go past

penguin guards, just wait for the spear to pass by and then run, you can run over their tail without damage. Also the plant edges
are easy to catch on so sometimes it is better to let a small trail with food go by in favor of a more wide-open trail with no food,
as you get more points for finding Cody than for eating food. A decent game and 50 times faster than Korbat’s Lab. – catgirl8694

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