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Crisis Courier Guide by Anonymous

More than practice, getting high scores in Crisis Courier relies largely on previous knowledge of levels. For example level seven is a maze, and one wrong step will lead you into a dead-end. No skill involved there. So play a lot, know the levels and you’ll get far.

Here Are Some Guidelines to Follow

At the start of level one type in ‘kingaltador’ to get that extra life. If you forget, type it at the beginning or end of any level, when you have a few seconds of free flying.

You don’t need to grab everything. If it looks hard, impossible or you just don’t feel like it, don’t get it. Gold bags are only worth 5 points and Mintheuses 10, so missing a handful won’t lose you a high score.

When you’re a fairy Yooyu, gold bags (basically the only thing they can touch without losing a life) are worth 20. Blue bags are worth 10 and can only be grabbed by the ice Yooyu. Red bags are worth 10 also and only the fire Yooyu can get them. If the wrong color touches it, you lose a life. Mutant Yooyu’s can kill any Mintheuse, but you don’t get extra points for it, they’re still only worth 10.

Both fairy and mutant Yooyu only last a few seconds, once they start blinking it means they’re about to turn back. When they do transform back they are always, no matter what you were to start with, the Ice Yooyu.

The Mintheuse holding the little spinny things won’t kill you. When I first played the game I thought if you hit them from up top the fan would kill you. In case you thought the same, don’t worry.

Don’t just grab it because it’s there! Those fairy apples that turn you into a fairy Yooyu are often tricks! Hang back a little before grabbing them, see if there are gold bags coming up. Remember that the fairy transformation only lasts a few seconds, so if there are no gold bags in sight, it won’t do you any good. In fact, it’ll probably kill you, since fairy Yooyu’s cannot kill Mintheuses or touch blue and red bags. Gold bags are often shaped in trails or arrows that will lead you to disaster, so if looks overly suggestive, be suspicious!

Finally, this may seem obvious, but don’t fly to close to the right of the screen. Stay at the left or in the middle so you can have time to see and avoid traps.

If you’re looking for a quick 1,000 NP, look no further than Crisis Courier. All you need is about 1,500 points, which you can get by the end of level 2. Just get the points, end the game and there you have it! Piece of cake, takes less than five minutes.

And that’s all you need to know! – Anonymous

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